erotic feminization and lingerie discipline

Explore the powerful effect that women's underwear can have on a man with our books about erotic feminization and lingerie discipline:

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If you love stories about men being emasculated by what their wives and girlfriends make them wear, you'll find even more in our other sections. Be sure to check out our stories about male chastity and feminization to read about submissive husbands and boyfriends having to abandon their pride and accept lingerie in the hope of relieving their sexual frustration!


brassièred: a complete guide to brassière discipline

Think that bras are just for women? Think again! This thought-provoking book demonstrates how a garment that most women take for granted can revolutionise your relationship, simply by having your man wear it! You'll discover how strapping him into a bra is all it takes to turn your man's attitude around, not only making him more attentive to your needs and desires but helping to put a stop to his bad habits too! Whether you want to give your man a greater respect for all things female or bring out his softer, gentler side, the unique power of a bra is perfect for putting him right where you want him.

Doing exactly what its title suggests, brassièred: a complete guide to brassière discipline explores every aspect of this exciting new approach to women's underwear. From how to get him into his first bra right through to ensuring he can wear one without anyone ever knowing, this book will tell you everything you need to know about the hows and whys of bras for men!

put him in panties: everything you need to know about erotic feminization and lingerie discipline

There's no denying the power of lingerie when a woman wears sexy underwear to seduce her man, but what happens when the tables are turned and he wears such intimate attire for her? You'll look at lingerie in a new light after reading this book, discovering just how much feminine frillies can do for you and your man - when he's the one wearing them!

From the fun that can be had with women's underwear in the bedroom to the benefits of having him wear it more regularly, put him in panties explores every aspect of lingerie for men, showing how a little satin and lace can not only liven up your love life, but strengthen your relationship and even improve your man's attitude and behaviour too! Containing everything you need to know about erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, it's packed with advice about the practicalities of particular garments for men as well as including more general tips and tricks to help keep him on his toes - for you!

shorter articles

how to make a locking bra: simple sewing to ensure he can't escape its embrace

Some men only want to wear a bra while it remains exciting, whereas others don't want to wear one at all! That's understandable when such womanly garments can be uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing, but many of the benefits of brassière discipline come from him having to wear one whether he likes it or not! You don't want him slipping out of his bra as soon as your back is turned, but nor should you have to be there to ensure he stays brassièred - after all, women often don't have the luxury of being able to go braless, so why should he?

Whether you want your husband to wear a bra as a means of him making amends or simply to encourage his submission, it's essential that he stays fastened in its feminine embrace. Our guide about how to make a locking bra shows how some simple sewing is all it takes to stop your man from being tempted to take his bra off, providing illustrated instructions about adapting any bra to ensure that your husband wears it when and where he should.

a brief guide to girdles for men: encouraging male submission with women's shapewear

If you're searching for a way to assert complete control over your husband's crotch, look no further than a girdle! These fabulous foundation garments are just the ticket when it comes to shaping both a man's body and his behaviour, simultaneously frustrating and feminizing the male wearer. There are good reasons why girls of bygone days used to think of their girdles as chastity belts, with shapewear that modern women have mostly consigned to the past remaining supremely capable of ensuring that a man doesn't do anything he shouldn't!

a brief guide to girdles for men explores every aspect of these old-fashioned undergarments, discussing the practicalities of employing various styles of shapewear for punishment, discipline and more! As well as explaining how to choose the right size of girdle for your husband, it also shows how to make his foundations lockable, resulting in a provocative predicament that'll make him putty in your hands!

stories about men wearing lingerie

a love of lingerie: for these couples, women's underwear isn't just for the girls!

Do you love lingerie? These couples certainly do - so much so that the men wear it too! Whether it's a boyfriend finding himself dressed in women's underwear for the very first time, a man taken shopping in frilly pink panties or a husband who has to wear a bra to work, you'll find it all here in this exciting collection of erotic feminization stories. There's nothing like having a man don a little satin and lace to spice things up, with women's underwear keeping him on his toes wherever he wears it - as these men are about to discover!

Far from just the wives and girlfriends who dress up in these stories about men wearing lingerie, with bras and panties proving just as powerful when he wears them for her pleasure! Each of these exciting tales distils the very essence of erotic feminization into a scenario that's as plausible as it is passionate, featuring loving couples whose respect and affection for one another becomes ever stronger as a result of sharing a love of lingerie.

tales from his lingerie drawer: in these stories, it's the men who wear the panties

What happens when a woman takes charge of what her man wears underneath? That's what tales from his lingerie drawer sets out to explore, following four couples for whom lingerie is not just for the ladies - both in the bedroom and beyond! Whether the men in question like it or not, they can't help but be affected by the feminine frillies they find themselves in, wearing women's underwear at the whim of their wives for both punishment and pleasure. From panties and bras to stockings and suspenders, the garments may vary but the effects are the same, reminding them of their place in a loving relationship led by their woman.

As these boyfriends don bras and husbands put on hosiery, they soon discover a different side to women's underwear - one that's just as sexy, but far more submissive! These stories show that there's nothing like a little lingerie to keep a man on his toes, helping him become the perfect partner that every woman deserves as well as being a whole lot of fun to boot!

firmly feminine foundations: men learning to wear lingerie like a lady

Lingerie is powerful stuff, no matter who's wearing it! When a man finds himself fastened in firmly feminine foundations to please the love of his life, you can be sure he's in for a rollercoaster ride of sexual submission. There's no doubt who's in charge when a husband wears panties and a boyfriend wears bras, as the heroes of these stories about male feminization discover when they learn just what it means to wear lingerie like a lady - with all that entails!

Regardless of whether the garments in question are everyday women's underwear or more old-fashioned corsetry, there's nothing more submissive for a man than feeling feminized from the skin up. From forming a deliciously naughty means of courtship to wearing it as often as any woman, lingerie has its place for these men both in and out of the bedroom. Indeed, such sexy underwear is so seductive that it ensures they remain right where they ought to be - in loving relationships made stronger by silky satin and luscious lace.

let's get lacy!: his first bra makes for some very moist panties!

A man never forgets his first time wearing women's underwear, no matter why he ends up in garments better suited for a girl. Whether he's pantied as a punishment, has to wear a bra as a forfeit for losing a bet or simply dons lacy lovelies while fooling around in the bedroom, such feminine attire is sure to bring out his submissive side - much to the delight of the woman dressing him up! It won't just be her underwear that'll be wet with excitement by the end of the night - when a man's spent the day all dolled up in dainty delicates for his wife's pleasure, his panties will definitely be damp too!

Luscious lingerie certainly works its magic as far as these couples are concerned, with each of these stories about men wearing frillies for the very first time showing just how much fun feminization can be. When these wives and girlfriends say “let's get lacy!”, they won't be the only ones dressing to please, sharing the secret of sexy underwear with their men in a very special way.

penance in panties: misbehaving men finding forgiveness in feminine frillies

Being made to wear uncomfortable women's underwear is the perfect punishment for a man who misbehaves, however much he might otherwise love sexy lingerie. Whether it's the physical discomfort of being trapped in a tight thong all day or simply the psychological stress of knowing he's wearing knickers in public, there's nothing like being stuck in a little satin and lace to teach naughty boys a new respect for all things feminine.

When a wife expects more from her man, panty punishment is only the start of having him apologise with intimate attire! From making him wear a bra for bad behaviour to using a corset to correct his carelessness, the ladies in these stories have more than a few tricks up their sleeves to have their husbands show they're sorry. Whether made helpless by hosiery or powerless in panties, submission comes naturally to men forced to make amends in frillies, having no choice but to learn their lesson in lingerie as they pay a penance in panties.

peeing his panties and other predicaments: humiliated husbands wetting themselves in women's underwear

Having to wear women's underwear can be humiliating enough for a man, but that's only the start of the shame for the husbands in these stories, who soon regret being punished when their wives deny them a basic bodily need! Not allowed to use the toilet, their desperation is matched only by their disgrace when they finally succumb to the inevitable, having no choice but to endure the most embarrassing of fates as they soak the lingerie they're locked inside.

Whether frantically trying to finish chores before disaster strikes or forced to watch the seconds tick by while stuck in the most dreadful of dilemmas, there's only so long a man can hold back a bursting bladder - especially when he's being mocked by his wife and her friends, his soon to be wet panties exposed for their entertainment. Giving in to the growing demands of his body can only come at the cost of giving up what little is left of his dignity, as he suffers the humiliation of peeing his panties and other predicaments.

panties down for your punishment: you'll take my strap-on after your spanking

Do you need to be disciplined? Don't deny that you do, because there are plenty of reasons why I should punish you! I'll make up a pretext if I have to, because it turns me on to see you suffer! You're a sissy, which gives me more than enough grounds for spanking you, but your punishment won't stop with just the paddle - I'm going to make you take my strap-on to remind you of your place, humiliating you throughout. You'll be wearing a bra as you beg for forgiveness, having to surrender both your body and your pride for my pleasure.

Whether you're my secretary, my maid, or merely a man who has made me wait, you're going to get a good seeing to! I'm impossible to please, even when you do exactly as you're told, but that will only make your punishment all the more provocative! I hope you enjoy feeling ashamed and frustrated, because that's all that I'll allow you - after all, my satisfaction is the only thing that matters when I tell you to pull your panties down for your punishment.

stories about men wearing bras

trapped in its straps: these bra-wearing men are locked in their lingerie

Making your husband wear a bra works wonders when you want better behaviour, but if he can't be trusted not to take it off, something more is called for! The wives in these stories about lingerie punishment have found the perfect solution, making sure their men wear what they should by padlocking it in place! As soon as they click the clasps closed, their helpless husbands are condemned to having straps on their shoulders and cups on their chests, staying locked in a bra for as long as it takes for them to learn their lesson.

There's no escape from the embrace of satin and lace for these emasculated men, each forced to endure the most feminine of garments whether he likes it or not. Being stuck in a bra soon brings out his submissive side, teaching him a new respect for women's underwear - even before his wife gives him breasts! However uncomfortable or humiliating being locked in a punishment bra may be, it's something a man has to face when he finds himself trapped in its straps.

bras, bras, bras: you'll wear them for me!

I want you to wear a bra. That's right, a bra - like a woman! You're going to know what it's like to have straps on your shoulders and cups on your chest, constantly aware of its control. It thrills me to think of you trapped in a bra's tight embrace, trying to keep its shameful lines hidden beneath your shirt - that is, when you're not showing them more openly! It's such a turn on for me to see you fasten the clasp and stretch the elastic, yet even more exciting to make you stay at their mercy as you go about your day.

Men don't wear bras, but you will, because I want you to. It's the only way you can satisfy me, and I call the shots! Whether white, pink or black, with satin and lace, ribbons and bows - the most feminine of garments, holding you helpless while I have my way! Sometimes you'll pad it, sometimes you'll stay flat, but you'll never be able to forget what you're wearing - a bra, like a submissive husband should. Bras, bras, bras - you'll wear them for me!

panties are not enough: he has to wear a bra to make her happy

Men who wear panties must also wear bras. That's the decision of the dominant women in these stories about lingerie submission, for whom nothing short of a full set of women's underwear will do! It doesn't matter how difficult it might be for their husbands and boyfriends to hide these most unmanly of garments - indeed, the more humbling it is for a man to have to conceal lacy cups, the more satisfying it is for the woman wanting to see them beneath his shirt.

Uncomfortable underwires conspire with tight straps and firmly fastened clasps to put these men in the most provocative of predicaments as they try to go about their business, but they have to endure the emasculating embrace - not just once, but day after day! Each knows that he's expected to wear a bra like a woman, having to come to terms with the awkward presence if he's to please his wife, girlfriend or mistress. When she tells him that he has to wear a bra, that's exactly what he'll do, because panties are not enough.

burdened by his bust: huge false breasts leave these men helplessly weak

Many men love looking at big breasts, but they don't like them so much when they learn just how bothersome having huge boobs can be! They soon come to hate the wobbling weight, begging to wear a bra simply for support, but that won't stop them suffering the humiliation of having people stare at their shameful curves - even before they discover the difficulty of finding clothes to fit them! Will they have to work in a blouse as well, or will stockings and panties be the means by which the women in charge emasculate them even more?

When it comes to putting a misbehaving husband or even an errant employee in his place, bigger is certainly better! In these stories about men having to wear huge false breasts to show their submission, there can be no ignoring the size of the silicone, with the biggest of bras barely capable of containing boobs that rival those of the most well-endowed of women. A man's back and shoulders won't be all that aches, however, when he's burdened by his bust.

stories about men wearing girdles, corsets and shapewear

in the grip of his girdle: when firm foundation wear holds more than just a man's hosiery in its place

When it comes to enhancing the wearer's feminine curves, the lightweight lingerie of a modern woman pales in comparison to a proper panty girdle and longline brassière. Such figure-hugging foundation garments have a devastating effect when they're worn to tease a man with a penchant for old-fashioned underwear, but these wives don't stop there, insisting their husbands dress up for them too. From open bottom girdles to bullet bras, you can be sure such stern elastic will shape more than just a man's body, effortlessly enforcing a submissive state of mind that's perfect for further feminization.

Corselettes and control panties come back into style in these stories about men made to wear vintage shapewear, supporting fully fashioned stockings for full body discipline under both trousers and skirts. Such traditional undergarments ensure a man stays right where his wife wants him, there being no question of her husband going anywhere else when she's got him in the grip of his girdle.

it's a cinch!: corsets keep these men under their wives' control

What better way is there for a woman to control her husband than to make him wear a corset? The wives in these stories about corset discipline know that a tightly laced waist is perfect for putting a man in his place, imposing their will with the most unforgiving of foundation garments. Whether training him to do as he's told or simply having some fun with feminization, they're sure to get their way when they've got their husbands helpless in corsetry.

Squeezed into submission by stiff steel bones, it's more than just a man's body that's shaped by such breathtaking attire - his behaviour is too, forced to conform along with his waist! Once they're trapped in tightlacing, the husbands in these stories about men wearing corsets have no choice but to surrender to their wives' wishes, held in the clutches of clothing that leaves them as feeble as it does feminine. After all, a corset makes it easy for a woman to assert complete control - so easy, in fact, that's it's a cinch!

a most emasculating embrace: husbands held helpless in panty girdles and longline brassières

Submissive men soon learn the real reason why control panties are so called when they must wear such stifling garments themselves, surrendering their sex to the strict grip of elastic to satisfy their wives. The feminized husbands in these stories about shapewear discipline face far more in the way of foundation wear, however, frustrated by the most unforgiving of old-fashioned lingerie. Longline brassières and panty girdles conspire to keep them confined, layered with pantyhose and stockings to make sure they can't get up to any mischief.

Whether he's made to wear women's shapewear as a punishment or simply so he understands his place, a man can't forget that his wife's in charge when his body is controlled by the firmest of foundations. Regardless of whether he wears a suit or a dress on top, he's sure to feel the straps of his bra on his shoulders and the gusset of his girdle as it flattens his groin, his obedience assured while he remains trapped in a most emasculating embrace.

girdled for me: you'll surrender to shapewear for my satisfaction

Some men have to wear panties and bras to satisfy their wives, but that's not enough for me! I want to see you in much firmer foundation garments, expecting you to surrender to a proper panty girdle and longline brassière before I'll be satisfied! Such controlling shapewear will keep your manhood completely in check even without me asking more, but I won't stop at making sure you can't escape its emasculating embrace - I'll insist upon women's hosiery as well, requiring you to wear sheer nylon in addition to sturdy satin.

From old-fashioned garments to more modern means of control, everything you'll wear for me will be supremely imposing, not only stifling your sex, but shaping your body in the most unmanly of ways! Whether it amuses me to see you submit to a bullet brassière or a corselette, a body shaper or a pair of high waist padded panties, you'll never forget how you're feminized by your foundations, permanently aware of their presence while you remain girdled for me!

falling in love with lacing: corsetry brings this couple ever closer together

There's something supremely captivating about corsets, as the couple in this love story about lacing discover as they become closer by cinching one another in stiffly boned brocade. It starts with David being seduced by what Sarah's wearing, instinctively drawn to her eye-catching corset at a costume party, but it isn't long before he's tightly laced too! Falling ever deeper under the spell of these fascinating garments, he'll find himself wearing much more before his new girlfriend is satisfied, becoming her doll, her princess and her maid as their budding relationship develops into full bloom.

Corsetry brings this couple together, but luxurious lingerie and fairytale dresses also play a part in a most provocative romance. Helplessly lost in a world of wonderfully womanly attire, the corseted man at the centre of it all can only surrender to his girlfriend's whims - from fooling about in corsets to wearing them more seriously, it's all about falling in love with lacing.

too tight for comfort: tales of men trapped in shapewear

It's impossible for a man to assert himself when he's held helpless by strict shapewear, whether he's subject to the grip of an unforgiving panty girdle or has to endure the emasculating embrace of a longline bra. With his crotch flattened by stiff fabric and his chest curving in the most unmanly of ways, he must submit to the woman who has made him wear such restrictive garments, even when she demands more! Trapped in the clutches of controlling underwear, he can only dream of wearing ordinary panties and bras, there being no escape from his foundations!

In these stories about shapewear discipline, submissive men are expected to wear formidable foundations, with their plight becoming yet more punishing as wives, mistresses and female bosses confine them still further! There can be no doubt that these women are in charge when they employ shame and humiliation alongside corsets, body shapers and stockings, all believing that men benefit from control that's too tight for comfort.

stories about men wearing stockings and stilettos

up to his thighs in nylon: losing manly leg hair for ladies' legwear

From the top of his lace trimmed thighs to the tip of his stocking clad toes, there's nothing quite like nylons to make a man feel feminine. When a husband submits to wearing sheer hosiery to satisfy his wife, there's no doubt that he'll find himself falling under its spell, as the heroes in these stories about men wearing stockings discover when they don ladies' legwear for the women they love.

Sharing bathroom beauty secrets in addition to sexy stockings and suspenders, there's no turning back once these submissive husbands get shaved, plucked and waxed, surrendering hair for hose as they get feminized from the waist down. Whether they're made to wear stockings under their trousers in secret or find themselves in nothing but hosiery and heels, you can be sure they won't escape the electrifying effects of having legs like a lady. No matter how he ends up wearing stockings for the first time, a husband in hosiery finds submission comes naturally when he's up to his thighs in nylon!

hostage to high heels: submissive men wearing stilettos for their wives' amusement

When a man already wears lingerie to show his submission to his wife, his next step is obvious - having to wear high heels! Forced to feminize their feet for the amusement of their other halves, the husbands in these stories about men wearing women's shoes are reduced to the most emasculating of minces from the moment they squeeze their soles into stilettos or put on patent leather pumps. Kept on their toes by sky-high spikes, they soon discover how difficult it is to do anything while wearing shoes designed to make a man weak - yet sitting around isn't an option when dominant wives demand they must stay on their feet!

Wearing high heels is no walk in the park for a man who has to wear stockings with his stilettos, especially when even the shortest of steps makes him wobble because of the burden of his bra. Despite his wife demonstrating just how easily a woman does it, you can be sure he won't be going anywhere in a hurry, instead finding his feet held hostage to high heels.