hostage to high heels

submissive men wearing stilettos for their wives' amusement

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When a man already wears lingerie to show his submission to his wife, his next step is obvious - having to wear high heels! Forced to feminize their feet for the amusement of their other halves, the husbands in these stories about men wearing women's shoes are reduced to the most emasculating of minces from the moment they squeeze their soles into stilettos or put on patent leather pumps. Kept on their toes by sky-high spikes, they soon discover how difficult it is to do anything while wearing shoes designed to make a man weak - yet sitting around isn't an option when dominant wives demand they must stay on their feet!

Wearing high heels is no walk in the park for a man who has to wear stockings with his stilettos, especially when even the shortest of steps makes him wobble because of the burden of his bra. Despite his wife demonstrating just how easily a woman does it, you can be sure he won't be going anywhere in a hurry, instead finding his feet held hostage to high heels.

In these stories about husbands having to wear heels, you'll see just how swiftly a pair of high spikes can strip a man of his strength, with stilettos proving supremely effective at enforcing submission. You can be sure that these male wearers of such womanly shoes will do exactly what their wives want them to, left with little choice but to show off their feminized feet as they struggle not to stumble. Whether they're tottering around the house on the tips of their toes or trying to walk like a woman in a more public place, each will find himself helplessly emasculated thanks to being hostage to high heels.

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