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enchasté: an introduction to modern female chastity belts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear a chastity belt? If the idea of padlocked panties appeals, you'll be pleased to know they're more than just a medieval myth, with modern designs capable of making your dreams come true. Whether you delight in submission and denial, want to show commitment to someone special, or are simply looking to spice things up between the sheets, surrendering your body to steel needn't be difficult - however sexy it may be!

enchasté is a comprehensive guide to modern female chastity belts, in which you'll find everything you need to know about these fascinating instruments of frustration - from the reasons why so many women are attracted to them to the practicalities of wearing one for real. As well as learning what to look for when buying, you'll find a host of tips on how to make a chastity belt work for you and your relationship - no matter whether you're longing to stay locked or want to inflame passions so much as to dash for the keys!

stories about female chastity belts

padlocked until playtime: submissive women frustrated by female chastity belts

When a woman is stopped from having sex, she wants it all the more! It's hard for a girl in heat to think of anything else when she's hot to trot, with her predicament made all the more agonising when she's prevented even from playing with herself. No matter how hungry she might be for something stiff inside her, however, a chastity belt will make sure she stays unsatisfied, saving even the most promiscuous of women's passions solely for the man who keeps her key.

Whether aroused at the office or feeling horny at home, there's no doubt that the four heroines in these stories about female chastity will remain denied and deprived, each becoming desperate for dick because of the device locked around her body. Forced to endure the frustration of steel after being made to wear a chastity belt by her husband, a submissive wife learns that a good girl does as she is told and lets her master take the lead, having no choice but to stay chaste when her pussy is padlocked until playtime.

laced, locked and lusting: her corset and chastity belt mean her body belongs to him

When it comes to driving a woman to distraction beneath her clothes, which is most disconcerting for her: the maddening metal of a female chastity belt or the stiff steel bones of a tightly laced corset? The submissive wives in these stories about sexual frustration don't get to choose, instead forced to suffer both as they try to go about their business. Whether shown off or in secret, such a predicament permits a woman no pleasure, but her denied desire will see her dripping wet by the time her dominant husband deigns to release her.

After all, the combination of corset and chastity belt is unbeatable when it comes to enforcing a man's control over his wife's body, no matter whether he wants to be entertained by her plight or is content with just leaving her to her own devices in such devilish attire. Heavily corseted and helpless to satisfy her own hunger, she'll have to hope her man will show mercy, knowing that only he can decide how long she'll stay laced, locked and lusting.

busy guys, belted girls: female chastity belts mean these submissive women will just have to wait!

When a man locks his wife in a chastity belt, he doesn't have to worry about her getting up to any mischief behind his back, able to go about his business safe in the knowledge that his most treasured possession will remain properly protected. If only she could forget the frustrating steel as easily, instead of having to contend with its constant presence no matter how busy her husband may be! The impenetrable metal will make sure he stays at the forefront of her mind even when he's ignoring her, but matters could be much worse - as the submissive women in these stories about female chastity belts soon find out!

Unable to slake the fires of sexual desire stoked by being so devilishly dominated, these belted wives find themselves driven to distraction by having to wait for an overdue orgasm, yet their passions are only further provoked by the predicaments their husbands put them in. busy guys, belted girls - it's an exciting combination that's sure to end in explosive release!

his belted pet: pet girls playing in chastity belts and collars

A collar symbolises submission in a way that a woman can never forget, the leather buckled around her neck making a chastity belt all the more frustrating when its wearer is turned on by being controlled. Stripped of her clothes, she'll soon be dripping wet, the steel that stops her touching herself leaving her only her mouth to satisfy her master. Whether she's kept on a very short leash or locked in a cage, she'll be eager to suck and swallow, accepting her place as a pet by doing what she's told - no matter where her owner might take her!

In these stories about pet girls wearing chastity belts, submissive wives and girlfriends must perform for the pleasure of their men - some surrendering their bodies in private, others finding themselves taken out in public, but all collared as their masters take the lead. Cuffs, gags and cute accessories add to the excitement for these women turned cats and dogs, each knowing her place when she's locked in leather and metal as his belted pet.

hungry for him: submissive women showing off their surrender to steel

Even when a woman stays locked in her chastity belt, she can still satisfy the man who holds the keys. In fact, being stuck in steel will make her all the more eager to please - not with the parts of her body that the metal puts so frustratingly out of reach, but with her mouth, her breasts and how she chooses to dress! It isn't just her lover that she'll do her utmost to delight, with a woman kept denied driven to slaking her own desperate arousal as best she can.

In these stories about female chastity belts, busty women shed their bras in lieu of the inescapable steel, the locked metal only encouraging them to bare their curves. In provocative outfits, you can be sure they'll catch men's eyes when they let the girls hang out, but there's only one man that matters to a woman longing to take off her panties too - a man who'll make good use of her mouth, then fill her stomach with his seed! Of course, she'll be happy to oblige - after all, her chastity belt makes her hungry for him.

in thrall to her belt: four female chastity fantasies

What do a student, a secretary, a maid and a princess have in common? Despite their very different circumstances, they must all endure the same frustration, each subject to a regime of strict chastity that leaves them longing to feel more than maddening metal! It doesn't matter how desperate these sexual denied women might become, however, because their chastity belts won't be unlocked before their hands are helplessly cuffed, ensuring that there can never be any possibility of selfish fingers slipping where they shouldn't.

In these female chastity fantasies, four women must learn to live with being locked, having to accept that pleasuring themselves is a thing of the past once they surrender their sex. All will discover that wearing a chastity belt is not entirely without any benefits, albeit coming at the cost of no longer being able to choose when to climax. Whether they really know what they're getting themselves in for or not, every one will end up in thrall to her belt.

at the mercy of metal: life for these maids is frustratingly unfair!

Life for an old-fashioned maid is hard enough when she's locked in a chastity belt, the frustrating metal making no allowances for the demands of her duties even as it denies her any possibility of pleasure. In these stories about humble women, servants have to surrender more than just their sex to steel, subject to the capricious whims of their cruel superiors. Whether it's a fellow maid, young mistresses, or the lady of the house herself who decides to impose, things are sure to be very difficult for these dominated domestics!

Is it worse to be restricted by someone who supposedly has good intentions, or a tormentress who has only humiliation in mind when she takes advantage of her authority? A maid has little choice but to submit regardless, knowing that her position requires her to meekly accept punishment, no matter how unfair! Locked steel leaves these submissive women helpless under their aprons, but all must continue to serve despite being at the mercy of metal.

frustratingly disgraceful: locked steel enforces a shameful loss of status

What better way for a woman to enjoy an enforced change of pace than to lock herself in a chastity belt? In these erotic stories about female submission, sexual denial makes the shame of adopting a demeaning role even more exciting! For women aroused by shame and humiliation, surrendering to steel is only the start of abandoning their dignity, ensuring they can't back out no matter how much their degrading position requires them to disgrace themselves.

There are predicaments aplenty once these women are subject to strict metal, with embarrassment being as inescapable as the belts that impose such maddening frustration. To make matters more humbling, the people looking down on these belted women have no idea what makes them so desperate, merely regarding them with scorn and contempt, but that won't stop husbands and boyfriends having a lot of fun as they withhold the keys. The indignities these women must endure before being unlocked are guaranteed to be frustratingly disgraceful!

interactive tools

Many of our tests, tools and textbooks for sissies are also suitable for submissive women. You can add an exciting element of chance to your female chastity games with our chastity dice, punishment and reward picker or consequence chooser. Alternatively, why not set your submissive a typing test or have her make a maid's uniform? Don't be put off by the mention of sissies, because all of these tools can easily be adapted to suit your situation!

In particular, our sissy temping test allows a submissive female secretary to work for a series of strict male bosses:

sissy temping test: office assignments to occupy submissive secretaries

Important executives needn't concern themselves with mundane administrative matters, merely needing to delegate any office drudgery to an assistant whose role it is to deal with such paperwork. In an uncaring company, a temp might spend long hours desperately trying to satisfy unreasonable demands, with a shameful reprimand never more than a single mistake away - a predicament that makes for an exciting fantasy, however unpleasant it might be for real.

Our sissy temping test allows a submissive to get a feel for the plight of a beleaguered assistant, providing a range of tasks that are wickedly tedious and time-consuming. Whether looking up telephone numbers, processing invoices or taking dictation, each requires absolute accuracy, giving you all the grounds you need to discipline an underachieving secretary! Would-be assistants can also test their suitability for administrative work with a game that will need them to prove their skills to progress - ideal for those without a boss!

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