men as secretaries

See how male assistants can be employed for women's amusement with our books about men working as secretaries:


he's the secretary: how office role-play can be employed to your advantage

Have you ever considered having your husband become your secretary? It might sound daft, but don't dismiss the idea - there are surprising benefits to him temporarily taking on the role of an office assistant, both for you and for him! We're not talking about a change of career, of course, but rather an occasional arrangement that remains a secret between the two of you - whether a fun way to fool around together, or a more serious means of encouraging his submission.

In he's the secretary, you'll see how stereotypical clothing can be combined with stylised tasks to turn your husband into a sissy secretary - a position that offers a wealth of possibilities ranging from playful to punitive, all putting you in charge! It doesn't take much to affect a man's attitude using evocative attire and activities, with the way he thinks about secretaries easily employed to your advantage. Packed with practical tips and tricks, you'll find everything you need to know about sissy secretaries here!

perfect English, Peaches!: a grammar course for sissy secretaries and other submissive men

perfect English, Peaches! is a grammar course written specifically for the submissive crossdresser. The aim of this textbook for sissies is to give the student a greater understanding of the words he uses, thus helping him to avoid the mistakes that so often mar even the simplest pieces of writing. Employing exaggerated examples that are sure to appeal to any man with a weakness for women's things, the course not only encourages higher standards of language, but also emphasises respect for female authority throughout. The intentionally titillating scenarios do not detract from the text's purpose, however, with the misadventures of a submissive male secretary making the material more memorable.

Intended as a serious course of study, but also ideal for adult role-play, this book challenges the reader to really think about how he writes and speaks. Each of the twenty-five lessons concludes with exercises to check comprehension, as well as suggestions for additional work.

stories about sissy secretaries and submissive male assistants

set to work in a skirt: for these sissy secretaries, a blouse means business!

Skirt and stockings, blouse and bra - how swiftly a man's status changes when he swaps suit and tie for the attire of an assistant! Throw in a strict female boss, and a crossdressing secretary must do more than merely dress up, having to work as a woman as well as wearing her clothes. Whether typing, filing or attending to his employer's more intimate needs, you can be sure a male temp will do exactly as he's told, forced to adopt a subordinate role to his female colleagues thanks to how he's feminized at the office.

The submissive men in these stories about sissy secretaries soon discover that a personal assistant has a lot to worry her pretty little head about, expected to satisfy the stringent demands of their female superiors while simultaneously having to pass as one of the girls. Working for women who mean business when it comes to taking charge, each of these crossdressers has no choice but to step into the shoes of a secretary, finding themselves set to work in a skirt.

men behind the modesty panel: sissy secretaries struggling to work as women

Working as an office assistant is no walk in the park, as the men in these stories about sissy secretaries know full well, having to wear high heels as they run around after their superiors. Their administrative duties are made all the more difficult thanks to how they are dressed, with tight skirts and blouses turning even the simplest of tasks into a struggle. Stuck in stockings and burdened by bras, they must accept a woman's wardrobe along with the most junior of roles, their clothing conspiring to stress their subordinate status.

Whether the women in charge want them to copy documents or collect deliveries, these submissive male secretaries have no choice but to take on the challenge, having to contend with office politics as well as paperwork in order to please their female bosses. A punishing workload puts them in plenty of predicaments, but no matter how frustrating they find working in feminine attire, it's just another day at the office for men behind the modesty panel.

belted for business: corporate subordinates kept chaste by strict female bosses

Imagine having to wear a chastity belt that can only be unlocked by your boss! That's what's expected of the men in these stories about office submission, but their female superiors insist on them surrendering to more than just steel. As if it wasn't emasculating enough having to work while kept sexually denied, the women in charge want their subordinates to show their devotion by wearing stockings, panties and bras - sometimes in secret, but sometimes more openly!

A shirt and tie does nothing to stop the outline of cups and straps showing for all to see, but even when these corporate sissies are permitted a jacket to hide their shame, they can't forget how they're feminized for the amusement of those in authority. Yet each appreciates the control that their female managers impose, wanting nothing more than to please the queen bee by wearing women's underwear to work. In these female-led office fantasies, full-time lingerie is just another consequence of being belted for business.

office obedience: when women are in charge, men do as they are told!

When those at the top of a company are commanding women, it's only natural that those at the very bottom should be men, in so far as any man who has to work as a feminized secretary can still be considered such. The busy businesswomen in these stories about female-led offices have far more important things to do than deal with the mundanities of the workplace, but their demands on their male subordinates don't stop at merely expecting copying, typing and filing!

All love to make the duties of their underlings as difficult and demeaning as possible, employing punishment and humiliation to prevent the men who work for them from ever forgetting their place. There can be no doubt who's in charge when a man has to wear a bra beneath his blouse to please his boss, but that's only the start of what these submissive male secretaries must suffer for the amusement of their female superiors. Each will have to accept embarrassment and emasculation in order to demonstrate his office obedience.

first steps as a secretary: for these submissive men, a blouse and bra is only the start

How does a man start working as a secretary? It might be no more than an accident that sets him on the path towards becoming a feminized assistant, or perhaps the natural progression of a bedroom game, but maybe his wife or girlfriend has decided that she wants him submissively employed! Once he's wearing a bra and blouse, he'll find himself falling naturally into the role, it being impossible for a man to pretend that he's charge when he's dressed as a female office worker. Regardless of whether his responsibilities are limited to typing or require him to provide rather more personal services to his superior, you can be sure that the experience will prove excitingly emasculating!

In these erotic stories about sissies becoming secretaries, submissive men must seriously consider a career in skirts, but that doesn't mean they won't have a thrillingly sexy time along the way! Special training, applications and interviews add to the fun as each takes his first steps as a secretary.

vintage texts

bygone secretaries: a vintage course for office assistants

What does it mean to be a secretary? Even today, the responsibilities of a personal assistant are serious business, with seemingly simple tasks such as filing being more complicated than some men might think! In the past, such work was even more demanding, but there was nothing shameful about a man adopting what has come to be seen as a stereotypically female role. Moreover, the same traits needed to be a successful secretary are ones that many would benefit from cultivating - the ability to remain composed under pressure, a scrupulous attention to detail, and most importantly, a selfless desire to satisfy one's superiors.

bygone secretaries presents a genuine secretarial course from the previous century, with the intention of giving anyone who studies it a greater respect for the office administrators of today. It is an ideal accompaniment to secretarial role-play, but also offers a profitable way to keep a submissive man busy, as well as providing fascinating insights into the past.

interactive tools

sissy typing test: keyboard practice and line writing punishment

In the book set to work in a skirt, one of the sissy secretaries is expected to take a taxing typing test, with his keyboard proficiency determining whether he deserves an orgasm. Sitting down to type in his skirt and blouse, he knows that it's not just the chance of a climax that's at stake - a stern punishment is on the cards should he fail to satisfy his wife's stringent demands. To avoid a shameful spanking, this male secretary must type quickly yet accurately, with the computer keeping score even as it challenges him with the most emasculating of phrases.

Our sissy typing test allows your errant employee to be set to work in a similar way, presenting a series of slogans that are sure to encourage a suitably submissive state of mind. Taking account of both speed and errors, it's perfect as a line writing punishment, providing proof of performance that may be used to determine whether further discipline is called for or simply serve as a deterrent in its own right.