male chastity and orgasm denial

Discover how a man can be lovingly led by the balls with our books about male chastity and orgasm denial:

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If you love reading about submissive men who must work while feminized and frustrated, you'll find plenty of male chastity belts in our stories about male maids being punished and stories about sissy secretaries and submissive male assistants, where servants and subordinates suffer while locked in steel!


taming the caged beast: an introduction to male chastity

Do you despair of your man succumbing to selfish desires or wish he wasn't led so much by the bulge between his legs? Believe it or not, there's a way to get his balls on your side, harnessing the mighty power of a man's libido to make your husband or boyfriend a more caring and considerate lover. There's no need to nag or scold when his testicles are telling him to do what's right, but the benefits of male chastity go far beyond simply stopping your man taking you for granted, ensuring he satisfies your needs as much as his own.

Showing how orgasm denial can not only spice up your sex life but rekindle the romance in your relationship, taming the caged beast explores the practical and psychological aspects of locking his cock up and keeping the key! Explaining everything you need to know to get started with a modern male chastity device, this book will let you take control of the animal that lies at the heart of your man and have it perform for your mutual pleasure!

stories about male chastity

his lock her key: tales of male chastity

When a man's wife is also his keyholder, you can be sure he'll do as he's told! Surrendering his sex is only the start of his submission, as the husbands in these male chastity stories are about to discover. From learning to make love just the way their wives like it to making up for misdemeanours in the most intimate of ways, follow them as they find out just how far they'll go to obtain relief in his lock her key.

Orgasm denial is a distinctly one-sided affair for these couples, but that doesn't make these teasing tales any less erotic. Locked in chastity belts and cages, these men are powerless to prevent their wives withholding sexual relief on a whim, finding themselves so thoroughly frustrated they'll do almost anything to come. Expected to satisfy her needs even as they're denied their own, each of these chaste husbands learns a new respect for the woman who keeps his cock under lock and key, teased and trained as part of a loving relationship in which she makes the rules.

surrendered to steel: men wearing chastity belts for better bedroom behaviour

Plastic chastity devices can only go so far to prevent a man from playing with himself - to stop him masturbating once and for all, the security of steel is called for! There's nothing medieval about the modern-day metalwork these men have to wear, surrendering their sex completely to chastity belts that ensure they stay true to the women who hold the keys! Subject to teasing and denial at the whim of their wives, there's no escape from the cruel contraptions that keep their cocks under control - only frustration aplenty amidst their girdled groins.

The fun doesn't stop there when a keyholder is feeling frisky, as the couples in these stories about men wearing chastity belts demonstrate when they fool around between the sheets - with him still locked up between the legs! With no chance of an orgasm without her say-so, you can be sure these submissive husbands will do their utmost to please, playing along with all manner of male chastity games as part of being surrendered to steel.

chaste and chastised: these crimes against chastity won't go unpunished!

The men in these female led relationships know they shouldn't try to cheat their chastity belts, but sometimes temptation gets the better of them and they try to break the rules. Whether they attempt to achieve an unauthorised orgasm, disrespect their keyholder's decisions or simply fail to do as they are told, the outcome's sure to be the same - a punishment that'll put them in their place, teaching them that male chastity requires mental commitment beyond merely suffering cold steel.

When his cock's locked up, there's no excuse for a man not to obey the wishes of the woman who holds the key - especially when she isn't afraid to employ psychological discipline and physical discomfort to help him learn his lesson. Surrender, submission and self-control become the watchwords for these humbled husbands and belted boyfriends, finding no relief but plenty of frustration as they pay the price for their crimes. Follow their fortunes as they come to terms with being chaste and chastised.

no match for metal: even the strongest of muscles must concede to a chastity belt

A woman doesn't have to be physically stronger than her man in order to have the upper hand in their relationship - not when she holds the keys to his chastity belt, turning the power of his body to her advantage. Whether she dreams of him developing his muscles to a devastating degree, or simply enjoys seeing him sweat for her, you can be sure a dominant woman will get what she wants when she keeps her man denied - because he's no match for metal!

There's nothing weak or wimpy about the muscular hunks in these stories about male chastity, but even the most brawny of brutes must submit when his passions are stifled by steel - indeed, the stronger his body, the more a belted man must strive to impress his keyholder. Seeking to demonstrate he deserves her through difficulties and indignities, he'll surely suffer at her whim - yet the woman who holds his manhood hostage had better take care how she chooses to release him, lest his locked up lust be too much for her to handle!

not without her permission: extra locks help keep these husbands chaste

A man can't do anything his wife doesn't want with his cock when she keeps it under lock and key, but to really make sure their husbands behave, the women in these stories about male chastity like to employ a little more in the way of restraints. Each knows her man will do exactly as she asks for the chance of a climax, seeing him surrendering still further for her pleasure. A second lock makes a significant difference, allowing her to frustrate him even when his chastity device comes off. Of course, she'll be satisfied - even if he isn't!

Whether she cuffs his hands to the bed, chains his collar to the wall, or simply makes him wear a mask so that he can't see his stiffness, it doesn't take much to render a man deliciously helpless - exactly how these wives want things for their own enjoyment. No matter what means they use to assert their authority, however, you can be sure that their submissive husbands understand there'll be no unauthorised orgasms - not without her permission!

stories about male chastity and feminization

from belt to bra: when male chastity leads to feminization

Imagine the predicament of a man who is told that the only way he can earn release from his chastity belt is by wearing a bra for as long as amuses his keyholder. Perhaps she fancies making him wear panties too, or perhaps skirts and stockings are the order of the day as far as his feminization is concerned. Of course, the choice is his, but unless he does what he's told, there'll be no escape from the steel penis prison which emasculates him just as much as the feminine attire he'll soon find himself wearing - like it or not!

Whether donning all the lingerie a woman would is so arousing as to only add to his sexual frustration or just the thought of doing so is acutely embarrassing, one thing's the same - a chastity belt is sure to provide all the motivation a man needs to feminize himself for his keyholder's pleasure. from belt to bra follows four such men through their adventures in male chastity and feminization as they dress like women in order to perform as a man.

feminized and frustrated: these guys have to get girly to obtain relief!

The incessant frustration of being locked in chastity can drive a man to almost any lengths for an orgasm. The longer his cock is kept in a cage, the more submissive he becomes, until eventually he's begging to do whatever his keyholder asks him - even if that involves feminization! Kept from touching himself without the key that hangs around her neck, he'll happily wear women's underwear and more if that's the cost of a climax, accepting such humiliation as the price that must be paid for both punishment and pleasure.

From wearing high heels and foundation wear to working as her fully dressed maid, these feminized husbands have surrendered their sex in more ways than one, submitting to the whim of their wives without question when it comes to dressing up like a lady. There's orgasm denial aplenty as they're teased beyond belief before being put back in their chastity belts and cages, with chaste males turned female for the amusement of those who keep them feminized and frustrated.

strictly the way she wants: male chastity means masturbation must be on her terms

When a husband agrees to stay chaste, he must abandon any ideas of masturbating alone, forsaking selfish satisfaction no matter how frustrating that may be. Whether he's prevented from playing with himself by a plastic contraption, a proper chastity belt, or simply a promise to his wife, the pleasures of his hand are off-limits - unless she wants him to watch him do it, her way!

In these stories about supervised masturbation, the submissive men have to wear lingerie before they're allowed to shoot their load, but surrendering to panties and bras is only part of the price they must pay. What their wives love most is to make them lick up their mess afterwards, expecting every last drop to be eaten for their entertainment. With dildos and strap-ons making such emasculation even more exciting, the humiliated husbands won't be the only ones coming before they're locked in chastity again - indeed, a man's satisfaction is secondary when his wife makes him do it strictly the way she wants.

one-sided games: when the rules favour her, the wife always wins!

When a man's been denied for days, you can be sure he'll be willing to play whatever game his wife wants for just the chance of a climax - no matter how emasculating or embarrassing that may be! Wearing women's underwear is only the start for the submissive husbands in these stories about male chastity, but there's no guarantee they'll get to spurt even after surrendering to far more than stockings and bras. If they want to feel anything other than frustration, they'll have to win despite rules that deliberately put them at a disadvantage, abandoning their pride as they desperately try to prove they deserve to come.

There's nothing fair about these male chastity games, but that doesn't make them any less fun for the couples who play them - women who delight in devising devilish ways to challenge the husbands they hold at their mercy, and men who find themselves facing a hard fight for relief! With plenty of opportunity for penalties, the rules favour her in these one-sided games.

predicaments in pink: pastels and padlocks put these men in a pretty pickle

A man knows his place when his wife makes him wear panties and a chastity device, but if she wants to be sure he won't forget his submission, then both should be pink! Feminine frills and locked pastel plastic will prevent his manhood from asserting itself too much even without her imposing more, but the women in these stories about emasculated men delight in dressing their husbands up in exquisitely girly lingerie. From lacy bras and stockings to skimpy nightdresses and matching high heels, all stress a man's helplessness, guaranteeing that his pretty underwear will be wet with sexual frustration!

Pink can make sure a man stays in, if his wife wants to enjoy a naughty evening together. Equally, it can keep a submissive husband on his toes should he have to hide it in public, there being no way to explain this most unmanly of colours! Either way, a punishingly tight chastity device will ensure he won't enjoy his plight, instead making him suffer predicaments in pink.

in the fitting clinic: there's no defying the doctor's decision

It's embarrassing enough for a man to have to show that he wears panties, but what if he must do so in front of the doctor who prescribed him such unmanly underwear? In these stories about submission to lingerie, men must swallow their pride as part of their treatment, expected to surrender to bras and chastity devices if their condition is to improve. Whether such shameful therapy is intended to cure a man of his masturbation habit, or simply aims to make him less selfish, one thing is sure - he'll suffer indignities at the hands of women in white coats, humiliated by unsympathetic professionals.

Physical inspections combine with psychological explorations to expose a submissive man's most intimate secrets, leaving him unable to deny anything when his body betrays him. With his manhood scrutinised by cruel nurses as he's made to perform, he's destined for further disgrace, having to accept whatever the therapist agrees with his wife when he finds himself in the fitting clinic.

a hard time at her hands: men so desperate they'll wear anything to be teased

Why do men have penises? For their wives and girlfriends to play with, of course! To be toyed with, to be teased or even tormented, perhaps occasionally treated to a little more if the mood takes her, or else to be locked away until the next time she chooses to amuse herself with his manhood. There's no reason to let him make a mess, not when it's so much fun to keep him frustrated, but that doesn't mean he won't desperately beg for relief, going so far as to wear stockings and a bra in the hope of her sparing him the ache between his legs.

In these stories about teasing and chastity, submissive men are unable to touch themselves, prevented from selfish pleasures by devices that keep them devilishly denied. Surrendering to lingerie is only the start of entertaining the women that love to emasculate them, being told to pull down their panties offering no guarantee of enjoying even an erection. Each will obey all the same, a part of him longing to suffer a hard time at her hands.

undeniably chaste: his sexual submission is no secret to her friends

Some women prefer to keep what they make their husbands wear a secret, but others love nothing more than to show off the chastity belts that they alone can unlock. The frustrated men in these stories about sexual submission have to reveal more than metal, however, needing to model lingerie if they're ever to enjoy relief! That means surrendering to bras and stockings for the amusement of a female audience, suffering shame and embarrassment as women laugh at them.

Whether his wife simply enjoys sharing his secret with her friends, or would like their help teaching him a lesson, a man can't forget who's in charge when he's locked in steel. Add something feminine on top, and you can be sure he'll do whatever they say, no matter how humiliating that may be! Having to admit to wearing women's underwear as well as a chastity belt is profoundly emasculating for a man expected to entertain his wife's friends, but that only heightens their pleasure when they see how he's undeniably chaste.

stories about male chastity and sexual role reversal

padlocked, pantied and pegged: four men frustrated, feminized and filled by the women they love

Is it more emasculating for a man to be prevented from enjoying an erection, to be put in panties, or to be penetrated like a woman? The helpless husbands in these stories about sexual surrender don't get to choose when their dominant wives bring together all three for a singularly submissive experience. Blending erotic feminization, male chastity and strap-on sex, it's clear who's in charge when men are padlocked, pantied and pegged!

Just because a man's cock is locked away doesn't mean a couple can't play with something stiff, but when her dildo replaces his dick, you can be sure his wife will have the upper hand! The tables are turned in these tales of role reversal, each with the woman leading the lovemaking as her husband gets taken like a girl, dressed in sexy lingerie and denied any chance of an orgasm. Whether sucking her strap-on in stockings or bending over to be banged in a bra, he'll feel his frustration all the more for being feminized as he's filled for her pleasure!

cocks, locks and lingerie: strap-on submission in satin and steel

Put yourself in the place of a man wearing lacy lingerie, his penis made powerless by an intimate prison. Turned on by his sexy underwear yet thwarted by the chastity device locked around his cock, it's only natural for him to let his wife take the lead - even if she wants to emasculate him still more! If he's unable to penetrate her, then she'll just have to do it to him - strapping on a dildo to deliver a bedroom banging that'll soon have him begging to come in his bra and stockings!

The submissive husbands and boyfriends in these stories about strap-on sex have their panties pulled down for pegging, wearing what a woman would while their wives and girlfriends have their wicked way. Drilled by dominant women who delight in combining feminization and frustration with a good hard filling, these men will never be as stiff as the silicone shafts they're impaled upon, but they're sure to enjoy the experience as cocks, locks and lingerie come together in the most delicious of ways!

open wide for your wife!: chastity, crossdressing and oral obedience

There are many ways a man can amuse his wife with his mouth, but sucking and swallowing are surely the most submissive! When he's locked in chastity, he must satisfy such whims if he wants to shoot his load, worshipping her dildo while wearing lingerie if that's what it takes to enjoy an erection himself. Only when he's demonstrated his devotion to her cock will he be allowed to come, but his submission doesn't stop there - every last drop must be licked up for her entertainment, his bra and stockings making the experience even more emasculating as he finishes by swallowing his sperm.

Whether she straps on the stiffness before having him go down on her, or simply locks it between his lips and leaves it there, the submissive husbands in these stories about sissy oral training will have to work for their orgasms as they lick and suck their way towards the taste of their own semen. Denied if they don't, you can be sure they'll obey when instructed to “open wide for your wife!”.

loads to swallow: these feminized men face more than a mouthful of milk!

A submissive sissy must always swallow his seed, but the men in these stories about crossdressers eating their own cum do far more than take an occasional squirt in their mouths. Made to produce as much as possible by methodical milking, they'll ultimately be expected to drink every last drop - not little by little, but loads at a time! Their wives and girlfriends insist on saving up their semen for a very special show of submission, with these dominant women wanting to see sissies slurp up sperm and gargle mouthfuls of goo.

Locked in chastity and having to wear lingerie, a man is soon aching to please when he's wickedly teased about what he'll have to do. Despite regular release, there's frustration aplenty for these feminized husbands and boyfriends, each seizing the chance to come even though he knows exactly where his ejaculate will go. Draining a glass will be difficult, but there are watching women to delight - women who have given them the privilege of loads to swallow.

amuse me with your mouth: you'll suck to show your submission

Do you dream of sucking a dildo while a dominant woman looks down at you and laughs? Perhaps you picture yourself on your knees, wearing only lingerie as she presses her strap-on into your mouth! You'll be locked in chastity, of course, unable to enjoy an erection even as you're expected to selflessly worship her stiffness. You'll have to demonstrate what you can do with your lips and tongue if you're not to stay denied, showing your submission by bobbing your head back and forth without care for how your own cock aches!

In these stories about sissies sucking strap-ons and sex toys, you're the sissy, and you have to suck! Nothing entertains me more than making you use your mouth, silencing any protests with my thick shaft! You'll have to endure frustration and humiliation as you humble yourself, sometimes having to wear lipstick, sometimes having to perform in front of my friends. You won't forget that your place is to please when I insist that you amuse me with your mouth.

interactive tools

male chastity contract: put his promises to please you on paper

Male chastity needn't be complicated - you can just lock up his cock and tell him that he needs to please if he wants you to use the keys! Sometimes, however, it's useful to formalise his frustration, spelling out exactly what your man will be committing himself to when he surrenders his sex to you. Signing a chastity contract is a great way for him to show that he's serious about selfless submission, putting his promises on paper in a way that can't be denied later.

Our male chastity contract provides ready-made text that you can customise to your requirements, putting the focus on practical considerations rather than pandering to fantasies, yet capable of adding plenty of spice to a female-led relationship. With a choice of realistic, no-nonsense options, this easy-to-use online tool lets you quickly create a contract to suit your situation, whether you merely want your man to stop masturbating and pay more attention or expect him to wear panties to show that he knows just who's in charge!

chastity dice: let chance decide whether it's time

In the book one-sided games, men must beat the odds to enjoy an orgasm, their chances of a climax far less than the likelihood of them staying frustrated! Although there aren't any dice in the stories of feminization and denial, the picture is still a provocative one, such that when our artist proposed such a motif for the cover, I couldn't help but wonder whether it could be made real.

With the help of our technical wizard, I'm pleased to present the brassièred chastity dice, allowing you to leave it to luck whether your man stays locked. Will he roll the keys that he needs, or will he suffer at the hands of Lady Fortune? As well as adding forfeits to the mix, you can skew the odds in your favour, these configurable dice letting you choose whether to play fairly or condemn him to an already decided fate. Watching the possibilities can be maddening in itself, there being no way for a man to know whether his hopes will be thwarted until the dice he's depending on finally stop.