let's get lacy!

his first bra makes for some very moist panties!

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A man never forgets his first time wearing women's underwear, no matter why he ends up in garments better suited for a girl. Whether he's pantied as a punishment, has to wear a bra as a forfeit for losing a bet or simply dons lacy lovelies while fooling around in the bedroom, such feminine attire is sure to bring out his submissive side - much to the delight of the woman dressing him up! It won't just be her underwear that'll be wet with excitement by the end of the night - when a man's spent the day all dolled up in dainty delicates for his wife's pleasure, his panties will definitely be damp too!

Luscious lingerie certainly works its magic as far as these couples are concerned, with each of these stories about men wearing frillies for the very first time showing just how much fun feminization can be. When these wives and girlfriends say “let's get lacy!”, they won't be the only ones dressing to please, sharing the secret of sexy underwear with their men in a very special way.

There are few things less manly than lacy lingerie, but that doesn't mean a guy can't get girly, no matter how reluctant he might be about wearing his first panties and bra. Indeed, as the women in these stories show, frilly underwear is fantastic for feminizing your husband or boyfriend, proving as sexy and seductive on him as it is on her. Romance and realism come together for these loving couples livening life up with a little lace, learning to share lingerie both in and out of the bedroom, so join in the fun and let's get lacy!

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