bras, bras, bras

you'll wear them for me!

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I want you to wear a bra. That's right, a bra - like a woman! You're going to know what it's like to have straps on your shoulders and cups on your chest, constantly aware of its control. It thrills me to think of you trapped in a bra's tight embrace, trying to keep its shameful lines hidden beneath your shirt - that is, when you're not showing them more openly! It's such a turn on for me to see you fasten the clasp and stretch the elastic, yet even more exciting to make you stay at their mercy as you go about your day.

Men don't wear bras, but you will, because I want you to. It's the only way you can satisfy me, and I call the shots! Whether white, pink or black, with satin and lace, ribbons and bows - the most feminine of garments, holding you helpless while I have my way! Sometimes you'll pad it, sometimes you'll stay flat, but you'll never be able to forget what you're wearing - a bra, like a submissive husband should. Bras, bras, bras - you'll wear them for me!

Whether you're desperately trying to conceal the cups, or have no choice but to contend with womanly curves, you'll always be aware of their presence when I make you wear a bra. I'll share my thoughts with you as you surrender to its clutches, leaving you in no doubt what your submission does for me. At home, at work, and in public, you'll enjoy my attention in such emasculating attire, demonstrating your devotion by wearing the same as women do every day! You'll taste the wetness between my legs before I'm done with you, feeling my fingers slip under your straps as you accept uncomfortable underwires for my pleasure. Bras, bras, bras - in these erotic monologues, you'll wear them for me!

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