too tight for comfort

tales of men trapped in shapewear

It's impossible for a man to assert himself when he's held helpless by strict shapewear, whether he's subject to the grip of an unforgiving panty girdle or has to endure the emasculating embrace of a longline bra. With his crotch flattened by stiff fabric and his chest curving in the most unmanly of ways, he must submit to the woman who has made him wear such restrictive garments, even when she demands more! Trapped in the clutches of controlling underwear, he can only dream of wearing ordinary panties and bras, there being no escape from his foundations!

In these stories about shapewear discipline, submissive men are expected to wear formidable foundations, with their plight becoming yet more punishing as wives, mistresses and female bosses confine them still further! There can be no doubt that these women are in charge when they employ shame and humiliation alongside corsets, body shapers and stockings, all believing that men benefit from control that's too tight for comfort.

Do you need an increasingly restrictive regime of controlling foundation garments to remind you of your submission? The men in these shapewear stories do, unable to forget how weak women's underwear makes them when they must wear the sturdiest of girdles and brassières. Sheer stockings, high heels and big false breasts make each of these sissy's predicaments even more provocative, yet no matter how aroused he might become, he'll never be able to beat the frustrating fabric that holds his body so firmly in check. If only he could enjoy the embarrassing experience, instead of finding it too tight for comfort!

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