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I welcome comments about my books, especially suggestions for how they could be improved. Whether you've been inspired to try something new because of what you've read, or want to share tips and tricks of your own, do get in touch - I'd love to hear about your real-life experiences! Equally, if you want to point out a typo or tell me about something that could be clearer, drop me a line. I take matters of privacy very seriously, and so consequently do not use social media, but you can rest assured that anything you send me by email will be treated with the utmost confidence.

Unfortunately, I increasingly receive more correspondence than I am able to answer. I don't waste my time responding to implausible fantasies, inappropriate advances or single line introductions. I am not interested in becoming your mistress or otherwise telling you what to do! If you're a submissive man wondering how you can persuade your wife or girlfriend to give these ideas a try, please read Help! I think I'm a sissy! or so you want to be a maid? first, which discuss the subject in greater detail than I can in person.

By emailing me, you assert that you and anyone else you may mention are consenting adults. Do not contact me if that is not the case!

Please do whatever might be necessary to avoid my reply disappearing into your spam folder!

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