it's a cinch!

corsets keep these men under their wives' control

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What better way is there for a woman to control her husband than to make him wear a corset? The wives in these stories about corset discipline know that a tightly laced waist is perfect for putting a man in his place, imposing their will with the most unforgiving of foundation garments. Whether training him to do as he's told or simply having some fun with feminization, they're sure to get their way when they've got their husbands helpless in corsetry.

Squeezed into submission by stiff steel bones, it's more than just a man's body that's shaped by such breathtaking attire - his behaviour is too, forced to conform along with his waist! Once they're trapped in tightlacing, the husbands in these stories about men wearing corsets have no choice but to surrender to their wives' wishes, held in the clutches of clothing that leaves them as feeble as it does feminine. After all, a corset makes it easy for a woman to assert complete control - so easy, in fact, that's it's a cinch!

Strict women and even stricter shapewear make for a sexy read in these stories about husbands wearing corsets, with loving relationships made all the more racy by how these submissive men are laced up by their wives. There's no question of who's in charge when corsetry provides a constant reminder of female control, with men being moulded in more ways than one by the garments that shape them. Discipline, submission and sex - whatever a dominant woman wants from her husband, when she makes him wear a corset, it's a cinch!

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