panties are not enough

he has to wear a bra to make her happy

Men who wear panties must also wear bras. That's the decision of the dominant women in these stories about lingerie submission, for whom nothing short of a full set of women's underwear will do! It doesn't matter how difficult it might be for their husbands and boyfriends to hide these most unmanly of garments - indeed, the more humbling it is for a man to have to conceal lacy cups, the more satisfying it is for the woman wanting to see them beneath his shirt.

Uncomfortable underwires conspire with tight straps and firmly fastened clasps to put these men in the most provocative of predicaments as they try to go about their business, but they have to endure the emasculating embrace - not just once, but day after day! Each knows that he's expected to wear a bra like a woman, having to come to terms with the awkward presence if he's to please his wife, girlfriend or mistress. When she tells him that he has to wear a bra, that's exactly what he'll do, because panties are not enough.

Women wear bras as well as panties, so why shouldn't a submissive man do the same? There's no reason why he can't slip his arms into straps as a matter of course every morning, soon learning to fasten a bra's clasp behind his back if he has to do so each and every day. Day in, day out, day after day - it's only what a woman would do, leaving a submissive husband few excuses when his wife wants him to follow her example! At home, at work, on a date or while doing the cleaning - bras and panties go together so perfectly that a man should wear both, with these erotic stories leaving no doubt that panties are not enough.

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