a brief guide to girdles for men

encouraging male submission with women's shapewear

Once considered by many women to be an essential part of their wardrobe, the girdle is a garment that has long since fallen out of fashion, such that readers may be forgiven for being unfamiliar with this formerly popular piece of foundation wear. Nevertheless, the girdle's effectiveness at encouraging discipline and its potency as a punishment are such that it should not be allowed to languish at the back of grandmother's lingerie drawer, but instead seriously considered by any woman wanting a way to keep her husband under control.

In this brief guide, we'll look at the different kinds of girdles that are available today, exploring how the various styles can not only shape a man's body, but also encourage him to develop a more submissive state of mind. We'll discuss the practicalities of putting your husband in a girdle, showing that even the problems of such garments can be turned to your advantage. We'll also see how it only takes some simple sewing to ensure that he stays fastened in such frustrating foundation wear, as well as what your husband can wear with it - whether you want to have him girdled for you in private, or in public!

The power of the girdle

One need only turn one's mind to pinups of the past to begin to appreciate the power of more imposing intimate attire, considering the female figure encased in elasticated fabric that not only enhanced the wearer's curves but served as an unassailable shield against straying eyes and hands alike. Pictures of coy women attaching their stockings to underwear that would today seem unwieldy served as saucy postcards, with boys expecting to see more in the way of foundation wear than flesh when they stole their first furtive glimpses of the feminine. These comparatively innocent images were all they had to prepare them for peeling off a girlfriend's panty girdle, the forbidding fastenings of which surely proved far more challenging than the modern-day equivalent of pulling down a thong!

Such associations linger even to this day, as the enduring stereotype of the fifties housewife shows. With her body buried beneath the substantial layer of lingerie that helped give her such a ladylike shape, she busies herself about the house without ever appearing out of breath, her hosiery held up just as effortlessly by the sturdy straps of her girdle. Although perhaps quaint in comparison to the unbridled sexuality of contemporary girls, this archetypal image nevertheless embodies a quintessential femininity, one that is alluring submissive and chaste. After all, how could a woman be overly wanton when she has surrendered her body to a garment that takes so much trouble to get out of, suffering its grip as the price that must be paid for a pleasing appearance?

The practical impact of wearing a girdle is profound even in the absence of the garment's psychological connotations, with the simple act of going to the toilet requiring care if the wearer is not to fall foul of its crotch-covering fabric. Sexual activity is similarly hampered, with the suppressive effect still more pronounced for a man. Even without having to contend with a stifled erection, the ever-present sensation of stretched elastic is hard for him to forget, not only hugging his hips, but embracing his buttocks too. With the arrival of pantyhose and hold-up stockings, it is hardly surprising that liberated women chose to cast off the obligations of such oppressive clothing, yet the very reasons they did so make such forgotten shapewear perfect for putting your husband in his place.

Why should a man wear a girdle?

Figure 1: The lingerie of a modern woman may set a man's pulse racing, but my husband's suspender belt provides precariously little support to his stockings.

In Figure 1, my husband wears the lingerie of a modern woman, such underwear serving as a most suitable ensemble for a submissive man to wear as part of his daily wardrobe. His simple black bra and thong are accompanied by the suspender or garter belt which holds up his stockings - although nowadays, even this garment is less commonly chosen by his female counterparts. There's no denying the sexual charge of such a seductive combination, however, with this archetypal underwear sure to set his pulse racing whether he wears it in the bedroom or beneath his suit to work, but a couple of problems are apparent when one considers it carefully.

To start with, his masculine frame is not as well suited as a woman's when it comes to supporting a suspender belt, with his wider waist and narrower hips providing a much shallower angle on which its thin strip of fabric must sit. That sees such a garment in danger of slipping down his body, especially once its straps start to be tugged by constantly stretching stockings - something which is a particular problem for taller men having to contend with hosiery poorly suited to their height. Although my husband could wear fasten his garter belt even tighter in an effort to alleviate this, the resulting strain can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, with the delicate material of which such lingerie is made simply not designed for such treatment. A much broader, sturdier means of support would be better!

Secondly, there's an unladylike bulge in my husband's thong, caused by how such skimpy underwear does little to suppress his manhood - even before he becomes erect! Despite wearing his panties under his suspender belt as befits a submissive man, it is still all too easy for my husband to gain access to what's underneath, with the stretchy fabric that fails to flatten his crotch capable of being pulled down without him even having to unfasten his stockings! Moreover, while the lines of black elastic are a pleasing sight on my husband's pert posterior, such narrow straps would do nothing to shape his buttocks were his flesh more flabby. Again, a more substantial garment is called for - a good, old-fashioned girdle!

Types of girdle

Open bottom girdles

Figure 2: An open bottom girdle may be regarded as a very short, tight skirt. Its curving contour bands contrast pleasingly against my husband's buttocks.

In Figure 2, my husband wears an open bottom girdle, so called because its fabric does not close under the crotch like a pair of panties, but instead is open like a skirt. Indeed, this garment may be thought of as a kind of skirt, albeit a very short, tight skirt that shamelessly supports his stockings with a series of integral suspenders. The girdle that my husband models features six sturdy straps, but ones with as many as fourteen are available - a veritable nightmare for the man who must ensure they are all perfectly straight! The chunky metal clasps mean there's no chance of my husband's stockings slipping down, whereas the broad band of material is sure to stay stuck to his body.

Covering his hips completely, the figure-hugging fabric does more than keep up my husband's hosiery, however - it serves to shape his figure too, flattening his crotch as well as holding his buttocks under its firm control. Now that he is wearing a girdle on top, pulling down his panties has become rather less straightforward, leaving my husband with a dilemma when he wishes to go to the toilet. Should he unfasten each and every one of the suspender straps so as to be able to roll up the reluctant material, or should he tackle the formidable fastener that must be undone for him to be free of his foundation wear?

Figure 3: Because of a girdle's tightness, its zipper would be subject to too much strain without the series of hooks and eyes underneath being fastened first.

As Figure 3 shows, the latter is comprised of not only the same kind of hooks and eyes that might be found on lesser lingerie, but also a zipper than runs up almost two-thirds of the length of the garment. The tightness with which a correctly-sized girdle clutches its wearer is such that both are required to avoid overly straining either one, with the combination capable of imposing an almost corset-like pressure. We'll see later how this offers ample scope for locking your husband in a girdle, but even without additional measures, it makes undressing more difficult - in turn, deterring unnecessary bathroom breaks, let alone less desirable activity! Thanks to how an open bottom style presses the insides of a man's thighs together, it will also help discourage him from spreading his legs in a slovenly manner while sitting - a blessing to any woman wanting to stop her husband from constantly scratching his crotch!

Panty girdles

Figure 4: A panty girdle is, as its name suggests, similar to a pair of panties, only far more substantial. In comparison, my husband's silly little thong looks tiny!

Whereas the open bottom girdle may be considered to be a particularly severe sort of garter belt, the panty girdle is, as its name suggests, more like a pair of panties. Although more modern control panties are a popular option among women wishing to banish a wobbly backside or tame a troublesome tummy, there's nothing quite like the old-fashioned style when it comes to keeping your man in line. The high waist panty girdle that my husband models in figure 4 illustrates this point perfectly, its unforgiving fabric stifling his sex to such an extent that one might easily overlook the barest residual bulge.

Figure 5: The metal clasps of these detachable suspender straps allow my husband's panty girdle to support his stockings far more firmly than any garter belt.

As before, my husband's girdle sports suspenders straps, but as Figure 5 shows, the lengths of sturdy elastic that supports his stockings are attached to little loops in the garment's hem, allowing them to removed if desired. Later, we'll look at how a man can be made to wear a panty girdle on top of pantyhose in order to maximise his frustration, but for now, it's worth noting that not all panty girdles feature such attachments. If you're wishing to feminize your husband with stockings that require supporting, take care to choose shapewear with the capability to hold them up!

Figure 6: The formidable fabric of my husband's panty girdle not only flattens his crotch, but the contortions required to take it off encourages him to sit down to pee.

My husband's panty girdle features a similarly high waist to the open bottom girdle we saw previously, again fastening up the side to help control a protruding paunch. This time, however, the figure-hugging fabric is closed under the crotch, preventing it from simply being rolled up. Some styles feature a gusset that can be opened by means of press studs or further hooks and eyes, but such a convenience can be easily sewn closed to make it more difficult for your husband to get to his groin. In the absence of easier access, a man must go through the laborious process of unfastening his panty girdle before he can pull it down, then engage in an equally awkward procedure to get back into it - something that will almost inevitably require him to sit down to pee. Figure 6 shows the resulting feminine flatness.

Long leg girdles

Figure 7: A long leg girdle is like a pair of tight cycling shorts, its stiff fabric providing a level of control over my husband's crotch that is second to none.

For even greater control, consider making your husband wear a long leg girdle of the kind that mine models in Figure 7. Admittedly, such a style is somewhat less sexy than the other garments we have been looking at, having more in common with a pair of tight-fitting cycling shorts than a saucy suspender belt, but any absence of erotic appeal only makes it more effective when it comes to controlling the male organ - even for submissive crossdressers who might be turned on by being trapped in tight underwear. Reaching all the way down from the midriff to the top of the thighs, the sturdy material makes no concessions for a man's sex no matter how aroused he may be, instead smothering it beneath a layer of stiflingly stiff fabric that requires significant effort to escape.

Figure 8: The gusset of this long leg girdle has an allegedly convenient opening, but such a contrivance is easily sewn up so as to thwart the male wearer.

This particular style claims to have a convenient opening in the gusset, but one wonders how many women would trust their dryness to the contrivance shown in Figure 8. In any case, a line of stitching is sufficient to deny my husband any choice in the matter, leaving him once again little option but to completely unfasten his foundation wear before he can go to the bathroom. The high waist, long leg style must be pulled half way down his legs before he can safely attend to his business, something which poses a significant challenge should he also have to contend with suit, shirt and trousers in a cramped public stall.

Figure 9: Here, the suspenders are concealed inside the legs of the girdle, but such sturdy clasps will still effortlessly hold up my husband's stockings.

As before, my husband is wearing stockings rather than pantyhose, but it's hard to tell when their lacy tops are hidden beneath the legs of his girdle. Only he knows how the concealed suspenders pictured in Figure 9 are pressed against his thighs by the garment's extra-firm fabric, the sturdy clasps effortlessly supporting hosiery whose sheer nylon must seem ethereal in comparison to the shapewear which so sternly holds his body. How far we have come from the flimsy garter belt that we first saw him in, with a garment that threatened to slip down of its own accord having been swapped for one that controls his crotch completely!

Practicalities of girdles for men

Sources, styles and sizes

Gone are the days when girdles were a staple of any lingerie store, supplanted by control panties and other shapewear that offers the modern woman today's way to a more flattering silhouette. Although such garments perform a very similar function in shaping the stomach, buttocks and thighs, they compare poorly for our purposes, often lacking not only the means to support a man's stockings, but also the fastenings that allow for still greater submission. That's not to say that a pair of pull-on control panties can't be used to keep your husband in check, but rather that a girdle with a good old-fashioned zipper is even more effective at enforcing your control over his crotch - so much so, in fact, that it is well worth going to the trouble to get your hands on such a garment.

While their availability has been helped by a revival in retro fashion, it is still simpler to source girdles from specialist online suppliers, where you can take your time choosing the style best suited to your needs - and indeed, the size. Here things are made slightly more complicated by how a man's body differs in its proportions to that of a woman's, having, as we saw before, a less pronounced difference between the waist and the hips. Not only do girdles of the kind we've been considering cover both, they're also cut with womanly curves in mind, forcing a compromise from wearers with less feminine figures.

If one were to go by mere measurements, selecting a single garment that both hugs your husband's hips and shapes his waist without being too tight to be unwearable might at first sight seem impossible. Nevertheless, despite its severity, the amount of stretch in a girdle's fabric is generally enough to accommodate a man's body, so long as you choose both a style that makes it easier for him to squeeze into it and a size that splits the difference between hips and waist.

For example, my husband's hips measure a modest 34 inches and his unwomanly waist 30 inches, which, if one looks at the size chart for the long leg girdle we last saw him in, appears to simultaneously require both a small and a large size to fit him - yet the former falls short of his waist measurement by a full four inches, whereas the latter allows an extra six inches for hips he simply doesn't have. Bearing in mind a man's different fat distribution, a medium size makes for a suitable compromise - even without such a garment's encouragement, my husband can suck his stomach in to meet the 28 inches that is all it allows.

Once his girdle is fastened, he is forced to maintain this more desirable measurement, even discouraged from over-eating so as to more easily meet the demands of its firm fabric. Under such circumstances, the marginally more forgiving material on his hips is unlikely to be at the forefront of his mind, but as we saw in the previous photographs, there's not a significant amount of slack to be found there. That's because such garments are sized for women who are seeking all-over reduction, and so are intended to hug the body rather than hang loose. A couple of extra inches eases the stretch of elastic, but not so much that it sags - indeed, my husband's medium girdle is still sufficiently tight as to leave the middle half of his body held in its restrictive embrace.

Of course, as with any item of clothing, finding the correct size of girdle for your husband may require a little trial and error. All is not lost should you buy him one that is a size too small, however - so long as you can squeeze him inside its stifling fabric with sufficient struggle, or at the very least, make him believe that you could should you put your mind to it, such a garment may be reserved for when he needs to be more severely punished. The mere presence of an impossibly tight girdle at the bottom of a man's lingerie drawer will do wonders for his behaviour, as well as making a more lenient replacement seem like a mercy, even if you require him to wear the latter all day, every day.

The unfortunate propensity for shapewear to roll down or ride up is a problem that its designers seek to address by various means, with girdles being no exception. Whether reinforced panels and bands that add stiffness to strategic places, special fabric that grips the skin, or even boning that imposes the desired curves, all can be found on women's girdles, especially those offering extra firm control. An inevitable consequence of these features is an increased difficulty in the donning and divesting of such garments, but the latter can hardly be considered a disadvantage here. Nevertheless, the compromise made for their intended market sees pull-on or roll-on girdles being generally less substantial than those that have additional means to fasten them.

Considering the aforementioned need to accommodate a man's wider waist, which can pose problems for the pull-on styles, a woman who is looking to make her husband wear a girdle to encourage his submission should choose a sturdier design with suitable fasteners. Regardless of whether you want him to surrender his sex to an open bottom, panty or long leg style, look for a garment with a high waist and a zipper - something that, as we shall see shortly, offers the potential for imposing even more inescapable control. For the moment, we'll merely note that such designs minimise the dangers of material rolling down, whereas stretched suspender straps remove the risk of riding up - another good reason to have your husband wear stockings whenever you've got him girdled.

Figure 10: Sewing suspender straps onto a girdle to support stockings

Should you find a style that would be suitable save for its absence of suspender straps, it's relatively straightforward to add these afterwards. In Figure 10, my husband's stockings are held up by raunchy red elastic and clasps taken from a cheap suspender belt, the contrast in colour livening up what would otherwise be a fairly unassuming piece of shapewear. It's also possible to buy such suspender straps, with sturdier styles intended for corsets working just as well with a girdle. Either way, there's no excuse for him not wearing nylons!

Keeping it secret

A man's girdle can be reserved for wearing in private, perhaps as part of a more formal maid's uniform or even a vintage housewife outfit, but like other articles of intimate attire, some of the greatest benefits are to be found from having your husband go out in one. Whether he has to wear a girdle to work, spend time with his friends trapped in its tight grasp or simply accompany you shopping in such shapewear, such a garment is sure to encourage his submission all the more for being worn in public. A husband having to hide a girdle under his clothes can't forget its firm fabric, its emasculating embrace made more potent by the ever-present fear that such shameful foundation wear may be found out.

Such worries about not wanting his girdle to be discovered are perfectly understandable - indeed, you may share some of them yourself, hardly wishing to put your husband in a position where he will suffer public humiliation as a result of his secret submission. In truth, however, such fears are grossly overestimated, with even the most formidable of girdles extremely unlikely to catch the eye of passersby. Unlike the tell-tale lines of a bra, there are very few aspects of a girdle that risk drawing attention - indeed, such garments are often advertised as featuring flat seams specifically designed not to show through sleek dresses, such that wearing one beneath a pair of trousers hardly poses a problem.

That doesn't mean you can't make your husband feel self-conscious about his shapewear, however. Should you find his eye wandering to other women, a simple comment about his intimate attire is all it takes to bring his attention back where it belongs. “I wonder what she would think if she knew what you were wearing”, you might ask, perhaps remarking on the difference between your husband's sturdy girdle and whatever flimsiness his unknowing temptress might be flaunting her figure in. You can even sow such suggestions ahead of time, discouraging your husband from fooling around with flirtatious colleagues by deliberately raising doubts about discovery. “Don't let that secretary catch you in your girdle”, you can superfluously suggest as you send him off to work, safe in the knowledge that he will strive to avoid the young woman in question seeing anything untoward.

While you may impishly add to your husband's anxiety in order to enhance the effects of his girdle, there's actually very little cause for alarm. If your husband wears a thin white shirt or slim fit T-shirt, there's a small risk that the upper hem of a high waist girdle may show through his top, either as a slight ridge or a subtle shadow. Even this, however, may be mistaken for the waistband of boxer shorts by those unfamiliar with foundation wear, or else assumed to be some kind of medical compression garment or back brace. In fact, girdles for men are sold as slimming aids, albeit in more masculine styles, with the muffin top that may result from your husband wearing an overly tight woman's garment strengthening this innocuous suggestion to the casual observer. In any case, an extra layer of clothing is enough to address this issue, but if the slight bulge of flesh still offends you, the addition of a longline bra will eliminate it.

Thanks to their lower leg openings, there's no need to worry about your husband having visible panty lines from a panty girdle, let alone a long leg girdle - again, their absence is often a selling point of such shapewear. Only the subtle bumps of suspenders may hint at anything out of the ordinary beneath his trousers, with the chunky clasps and sturdy straps that are so effective at supporting a man's stockings being slightly more prominent than those found on flimsier garter belts. Nevertheless, they are still easily overlooked by those not expecting to see such feminine features, with any eyes that chance to glance at your husband's rear more likely to be drawn to its firmness than the foundation garment that gives it such a satisfying shape. The secret of his girdle is one that only the two of you need share, no matter how much it remains on his mind.

With its constant clutch making no concessions for his manhood, a girdle may not be the most comfortable choice of underwear for your husband, but a little discomfort shouldn't discourage you from making him wear one - indeed, it may act to your advantage! Even so, it is important to ensure that such a garment doesn't prove unduly painful. Aside from its all-over grip, there are particular places that are more problematic for a man because of his anatomy - as mentioned earlier, an open bottom girdle will exert an inexorable pressure on the tops of his thighs, forcing him to fight its flattening material if his balls aren't to be squashed against his body, whereas the more enclosed styles offer even less of a place for his member, pushing it down between his legs. Needless to say, the stiff fabric of any style will effectively suppress any expression of sexual excitement, silently scolding the wearer should he try to become erect.

Provided that his girdle is not so excessively tight as to cut off circulation or otherwise cause him pain, however, there's no reason why your husband can't remain in it for prolonged periods of time. Indeed, back in the days when more women wore foundation garments as a matter of course, one manufacturer used to market their goods as eighteen hour girdles, barely leaving the busy housewife enough time for her beauty sleep before she would be back in one again! As outdated as such a suggestion may seem now, it means that a modern man has no grounds to complain about wearing a girdle, even for a similar length of time - if countless women could go about their everyday business girdled, so can he! Best of all, such a garment provides its very own proof of compliance, something that, after a full day spent in one of his long leg girdles, my husband demonstrates in Figure 11.

Figure 11: Spending a day in a long leg girdle has left undeniable marks on my husband's skin, with the imprint of his intimate attire so clear that one can even make out the outlines of his stocking tops.

How can I lock my husband in a girdle?

Unlike less substantial underwear, getting out of a girdle requires rather more effort than simply giving it a swift pull to send it falling towards the feet. Put yourself in the place of a man who wants to relieve himself while wearing such a garment. Before he can even think about tugging its tight fabric down his thighs, he has a zipper and hooks to contend with, not to mention the array of sturdy clasps that may be supporting his stockings. Removing the recalcitrant material becomes even more challenging in the presence of other clothing, with the added complications should he be stuck in a confined space made all the more awkward for having to return to such restrictive shapewear afterwards. A trip to the toilet can no longer be a spur of the moment affair, but instead requires him to find a time and place where he can safely strip off and sit - so much trouble, in fact, that a man may decide he doesn't really need to go!

Of course, sexual activity is similarly deterred - a fact that girls who wore girdles in bygone days were all too aware of, whether or not the chastity belt effect worked to their advantage. The problems boys still face unhooking a bra for the first time pale in comparison to those their predecessors encountered when trying to peel off a panty girdle, the latter being almost impossible if the wearer was not a willing accomplice. How ironic that a garment that frustrated the desires of so many fifties dates can also control the urges of a modern man - albeit in a much more emasculating way! Once your husband has been put in a panty girdle, playing with his privates ceases to be something that might merely occupy a mindless moment, instead requiring a more deliberate decision to do. Every extra second he has to battle his girdle before he can touch himself is one where he can reconsider the consequences, rather than simply whip it out willy-nilly.

While the formidable fastenings of a high waist girdle offer ample deterrent to such activities in themselves, their design also lends itself to being locked around the body. After all, a true chastity belt cannot be taken off without first being unlocked, preventing its wearer from enjoying bodily pleasures until they've obtained the express permission of whoever holds its key. As any wearer of one of the many modern day metal devices will attest, surrendering control over one's sex to another is a supreme act of submission, something that is no less profound for being enforced by fabric rather than steel. Just like its sterner counterparts, a lockable girdle imposes psychological as well as physical control, strongly encouraging its wearer to accept its embrace.

Figure 12: It only takes a little sewing to lock your husband in a girdle, with the means of doing so here shown a) before and b) after mine is condemned to it.

As shown in Figure 12a, it is perfectly straightforward to make a girdle lockable should it have a zipper. Simply sew two loops of ribbon to either side of the top of the fastener, through which a little luggage lock can be threaded to stop the two halves from being separated. For additional security, a third loop of ribbon may be inserted through the hole in the slider and similarly included in the path of the shackle, preventing the zipper from being pulled down until the padlock is removed. The end result is shown in Figure 12b, where my husband's high waist girdle is very firmly fastened - as such foundation wear should be!

So long as the garment in question is stiff and snug enough that it cannot simply be rolled down or tugged off, the wearer will be trapped in its tight grasp. Once the lock is clicked closed, the length of time that he must stay in his shapewear ceases to be a matter that's his to decide, instead down to the whim of the woman who has his crotch under her control. Of course, a man at the mercy of a locked girdle might consider cutting his way out of its clutches, a simple snip to one of the loops of ribbon being sufficient to free himself, but not without leaving undeniable evidence of him having cheated its control. With the padlock still secure, even the most skilful of seamstresses would be unable to sew a substitute loop around its shackle while having to wear their work, leaving the man who dares defy such a design forced to face the consequences.

Figure 13: The substantial structure of a girdle's side fastening - not only the obvious zipper, hooks and eyes, but a concealed bone that must also be avoided.

Fortunately, such sewing is far easier when the girdle isn't already fastened - a couple of minutes with a sewing machine is all it takes to add the loops to allow such a garment to be locked. Although it may be tempting to unpick some of the existing stitching in order to integrate such additions more fully, as one might when making a lockable bra, it's worth bearing in mind that this area will be under significant strain when worn. Moreover, as illustrated in Figure 13, sturdier girdles have a surprising amount of structure to them - quite apart from the more obvious metalwork, the darker strip to the top of the photograph conceals a stiff bone which thwarts sewing where one might first consider.

Figure 14: A sewing machine makes swift work of attaching a pair of locking loops to a girdle: a) hook side, upside-down, then b) eye side, right side up.

Instead, it is better to stitch to the side, verging on the inner edge of the reinforced fabric around the fastener. While the presence of the uppermost hook might appear to be a problem, it actually suggests a suitable spot to sew the first loop - one where the latter will be strengthened by the hook's concealed support once the fastener is closed. As Figure 14a shows, it is necessary to sew this side upside-down, but the folded ribbon is easily positioned between the girdle and the sewing machine's plate before being temporarily tacked in place.

The exact length of ribbon required will obviously depend on the size of the padlock that it will be holding in place, but a good starting place is to have it protrude just beyond the teeth of the zipper. Once you're satisfied with the loop's position, a satin stitch may be used to attach it more permanently, the countless lines of such a close zigzag not only providing physical strength, but deterring unpicking by making the addition appear part of the garment.

From there, the next step is to sew a similar loop into the other side of the girdle. As illustrated in Figure 14b, this may be done right-side up, with the location of the uppermost eye proving useful when seeking to align the second loop with its sister. Once again, the length of ribbon should be chosen with care - given the propensity of a girdle's fabric to stretch when worn, you may wish to have your husband model his soon-to-be lockable shapewear at this stage so as to ensure the loop is perfectly positioned before stitching it secure. If you're planning on surprising a wayward spouse with a ready-prepared punishment garment, however, it's best to err on the side of a slight amount of slack here.

The third loop, should you choose to include it, is not sewn onto the girdle, but instead simply threaded through the zipper's slider. All that is needed here is to sew the ends of a folded length of ribbon back on themselves, doing so two or three times to produce sufficient bulk to prevent the loop from being pulled all the way through the hole in the metal. This is easier done by hand than with a machine, but it is well worth taking the extra trouble to do so. With the zipper of your husband's girdle also secured by the padlock, you can be sure that there's no possibility of him removing it without you knowing.

Figure 15: A single line of stitching is all it takes to sew up any opening in the gusset of your husband's girdle, stopping him taking advantage of such access.

Finally, if the girdle that you've chosen to control your husband with has any kind of opening in the crotch, it should go without saying that you'll want to sew it closed. Figure 16 shows how a single line of stitching will prevent access by means of the flap previously pictured in Figure 8, reducing it to no more than a frustrating seam in the forbidding fabric. Gussets that fasten by means of studs or hooks may be similarly secured by sewing around their metalwork, ensuring that the wearer's sex stays safely separated from his hands.

The effects of a girdle

Figure 16: A man is emasculated from the moment he is locked in a girdle...

Compared to a traditional metal chastity belt or modern day chastity device, a locked girdle is a distinctly devilish affair. Although its feminine fabric might, at first glance, seem more accommodating than sterner steel or plastic, the subtler effects of such shapewear are no less demanding on the wearer. As can be seen in Figure 15, a man is emasculated from the moment he is locked in a girdle, his groin smothered by the same stiff material that grips his skin all the way from his waist down to his thighs. The addition of a bra only heightens my husband's submission, seeing him standing for his photo meek and obedient.

Despite the constant constriction that such a controlling garment imposes upon a man's crotch, however, it still leaves him capable of feeling any fingers that might fondle it from the other side of the fabric. Unlike the kind of tight, impenetrable tubes that prevent any touching through a chastity device, the softer material allows a surprising amount of sensation through to his flesh, suppressing any erection that may result more sympathetically than metal. Instead of being suddenly cut short, a man's stiffness is met with resistance that increases the more his member seeks to assert itself, seeing it slowly but surely encouraged to shrink back to size.

That means a girdled husband may be teased to torment by stroking him through his shapewear, there being little danger of him accidentally climaxing as a result. Instead, a man who finds a layer of firm fabric between his wife's hand and his hardness will experience only frustration, with his erection kept pressed down between his legs no matter how much it might seek to stretch the stiff material. How easily such a man might be persuaded to engage in softer, slower and more selfless sexual activity when the garment gripping his groin prevents him from forsaking foreplay in favour of his personal passions! Unlike an impenetrable chastity device, it's a cinch to keep him hot and bothered with an occasional caress, but only when you're well and truly ready for what's inside your husband's girdle need you free his manhood from its clutches.

Of course, yours isn't the only touch that can tantalise him when he's trapped in such a tight garment. Left to his own devices, a man locked in a girdle may try to masturbate despite its presence, albeit in far from the traditional way. Whether he manages to worm his hand all the way down inside its high waist or simply resorts to rubbing himself through its reinforced panels, he'll struggle to stimulate himself sufficiently to bring himself to climax, but even if he could, what then? He'll hardly have done so in the manner of a man, instead forced to suffer the shame of his own fluids against his skin. The guilt that many men find follows such fleeting pleasure is magnified a hundred times by being stuck in a girdle that's sodden with semen, with even the slightest trace of dampness a source of discomfort.

A husband subject to girdle discipline soon learns to develop self-control as far as selfish sexual thoughts are concerned, but the effects of surrendering his crotch to such shapewear don't stop there. As we've already discussed, the wearer of a girdle must divest himself of its grip almost completely before he can perform the most basic of bodily functions, something that puts a girdled husband in quite a predicament when the already fiddly fasteners are bolstered by a padlock. Whereas most chastity devices feature strategically placed holes deliberately designed to accommodate such an eventuality, any openings that a man's girdle may once have had will have been sewn up in order to secure it.

As any woman who has found herself desperately waiting for a free stall will know all too well, there are few greater anguishes than being unable to empty an urgently full bladder. While imperceptible at first, the need to pee grows inexorably, gradually becoming harder and harder to ignore until eventually one can think of nothing else. How humbling to be dependent on others to be able to relieve this most pressing of needs - whether the seemingly endless queue at a concert, the oppressive working environment that requires conformity to its regime of prescribed breaks, or simply the spouse sitting with his newspaper, utterly oblivious to the inconvenience he is causing by occupying the bathroom.

The particular problems that women face in this regard are often dismissed by men, the latter taking for granted the advantages of their anatomy that allow them to simply go behind a bush if necessary. Unlike a chastity device, being locked in a girdle doesn't just compel the wearer to sit to pee - it requires him to receive permission first, something which stresses his submission all the more effectively as his bladder fills. With water always working its way through his system, it's only a matter of time before even a burning need for sexual relief is overwhelmed by more basic pressures, carnal urges swiftly paling in comparison to an even more insistent call from his crotch.

Figure 17: ...but things only get worse for a husband rendered so helpless!

As Figure 17 shows, a man can be reduced to utter desperation, clutching his crotch like a child in a frantic attempt to stave off the unthinkably shameful consequences. What might he agree to in order to avoid wetting himself? As the pressure grows, things that he might once regarded as unthinkable soon become his sole hope of salvation from such humiliation, with the persuasive power of a padlocked girdle more than sufficient to wear down any stubbornness. He'll gladly beg for a bra if he believes that slipping his arms into its straps will earn him his freedom, frantically struggling to fasten its clasp behind his back before his body betrays him. That provides the perfect opportunity to remind him of the importance of respecting women, with your words sure to worm their way deep into his brain while he's desperately holding back his bladder.

The beauty of such an infernal punishment is that all you need do is continue to withhold the key until your husband complies, his body becoming an ever more assertive ally while you wait for him to weaken. Why not make the price he must pay in order to pee his agreement to wear the girdle again, only this time to work? Caught on the horns of this most diabolical dilemma, he'll soon succumb to temptation even without any extra encouragement to take the easy way out - only to rue his decision when he subsequently finds himself having no choice but to exercise self-control if he doesn't want to suffer public shame.

Needless to say, you'll want to avoid the latter as much as him, making sure that your husband can indeed hold his bladder for however long you'll be apart. That's a length of time he'll want to minimise, no matter how important other business might be, with the threat of wetting his girdle ensuring he'll do his utmost to be home on time. Provided he's careful about what he drinks, however, a healthy man can reasonably be expected to keep it in for nine or ten hours while still remaining normally hydrated, even if the last of those may be spent acutely conscious of the clock, his crotch, and the woman who controls it.

The same is true if he wants to go out drinking with friends, with a padlocked girdle proving the perfect way to stop your husband from having too much of a tipple, not to mention keeping him out of other kinds of trouble too. With temperance encouraged by his foundation wear, you need no longer worry about when he'll be back, or indeed, how sober he might be - not when the potential consequences of staying for “just another” so heavily tip the scales in your favour. If your husband chooses to test the limits of his endurance, let alone your patience, he'll soon come to regret it, with you only needing to keep him waiting for the lavatory a little longer to ensure he's listening as you lay down the law.

If you're feeling particularly devilish, you need make no demands at all, nor give any indication as to how long you expect your husband to hold it in as you deny his increasingly desperate pleas. Imagine the predicament of a man who is driven to surrender his dignity by asking permission to pee, only to find such an infantile request dismissed with a “Not until I say so!” before you turn back to whatever it was you were doing. If every time he bothers you, your girdled husband earns himself extra time added to his already indeterminate torment, if not being told he has to drink something so as to make holding his bladder even harder, he'll soon be reduced to a whimpering wreck, with any undue sense of superiority swiftly stripped away because of his shapewear.

Of course, you don't want your husband trying to escape the clutches of his girdle without your permission. With no more than a couple of loops of ribbon standing between him and being able to empty his bladder, a man desperate for the toilet may be tempted to cut his way out, as indeed, may one who has yet to accept his wife's authority when it comes to wearing women's foundation wear for her. If your husband doesn't care about ruining your creation, then it only takes a few seconds with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to make swift work of even the most intricate of sewing - something that's true for any kind of locking clothing, with nothing short of making things from metal stopping such defiance.

Nevertheless, there are many circumstances where the necessary tools, not to mention opportunities to use them, are simply not available to a man locked in a girdle - when out shopping or travelling, for example, with even a simple trip to town capable of proving punishing for a man who is prevented from using the public conveniences. In general, however, girdle discipline is similar to male submission to any other sort of lingerie in that its effectiveness relies on the continued consent of the wearer, however reluctantly that may be given. Although having a practical purpose, the lock that secures a man's girdle is largely symbolic, setting the bar to disobedience sufficiently high as to quell any headstrong thoughts before he may be tempted to act on them.

In the unlikely event that your husband does turn to a pair of scissors in an effort to escape his shapewear, a suitable punishment is simply to ensure he stays stuck in said garment until nature takes its course. Having him stand in the shower with his hands cuffed behind him, or perhaps banishing him to the back garden in only girdle and bra, you need do nothing more than wait while the water in his system works its way though, with it only being a matter of time before he succumbs to the inevitable. You don't have to unlock your husband at the first sign of wetness, but can instead leave him dripping with disgrace to help develop a more profound sense of penitence. Whether you let him slowly dry while suffering his own shame, or choose to wash away his shortcomings with cold water, you can be sure that he won't ever be tempted to cheat his girdle again!

If you practice domestic discipline of a more physical kind, then a girdle is an ideal garment to have your husband wear both before and after you spank him. Stretching across his buttocks, its sturdy fabric not only builds anticipation in advance of his correction, but serves to seal in the heat long after your hand has left his backside. The mere act of slowly exposing his behind from beneath the safety of his shapewear can be intensely sensual, whereas returning his burning cheeks to the fabric that will hold in their fire provides a clear signal that his chastisement has concluded - or, at least, has become more passive. A girdle can also be used to help keep a plug in place, with a locked garment leaving a man little choice but to accept being occupied until his release.

Don't let such talk of stern punishments dissuade you from using a girdle in a more moderate manner, however. Simply suggesting that your husband surrenders to one in advance of a romantic evening is a great way to ensure he doesn't get ahead of himself, with even an hour or two spent stuck in its grip enough to teach him to take things more slowly. Whether you choose to go out on a date with him secretly wearing a girdle, or simply stay in and enjoy each other's company while he's confined to its clutches, you can be sure that he'll stay thinking of you thanks to the constant squeeze of such shapewear.

What can he wear with his girdle?

If you were looking to control your husband with only one item of women's clothing, then a girdle would be a supremely effective choice. Despite its ever-present grip of his groin, such a garment is easily hidden beneath shirt and trousers, such that it may be worn with the rest of his wardrobe without anyone ever knowing. Any style of girdle will suffice as enough underwear for a man, completely replacing boxer shorts or briefs.

While women who wear girdles may opt to omit separate panties on the grounds of convenience, the additional awkwardness of an extra layer of intimate attire is helpful when it comes to heightening a man's submission. Indeed, in the previous photographs, my husband wears a thong with each of the girdles he models - not that its meagre material is always apparent beneath the far more substantial shapewear. Nevertheless, the presence of such skimpy panties is hard for him to forget, thanks to how difficult such foundation garments make it to adjust them. Once their thin strip of fabric has disappeared between his buttocks, he has little hope of rescuing it, instead having to resign himself to its intimate intrusion - with the resulting reminder of his surrender to me!

Despite the unparalleled degree of control that a long leg girdle exerts over a man's crotch, it's fair to say that it's not the sexiest of garments. If you're looking to spice up your husband's shapewear while still ensuring his complete submission, have him wear something racier on top - like the hot pink panties that mine models in Figure 18. The contrast between the practical and the provocative couldn't be clearer, with a similarly striking effect achieved by combining plain white shapewear with sultry black lace - either combination proving perfect for preventing a man from forgetting how he's been feminized.

Figure 18: Here, my husband's long leg girdle is livened up with a pair of provocatively coloured panties, the contrasting combination keeping him chaste while simultaneously calling attention to his crotch.

So far, we've seen my husband wearing stockings with his girdles, the sturdy straps of his shapewear holding up his lace-topped hosiery so steadfastly that you can be sure that the latter will never slip down. Were his stockings to share the vintage style of his foundation wear by having prominent seams, he would find fastening the chunky suspender clasps even more of a challenge, with a trip to the toilet made all the more time-consuming by him having to ensure that his nylons were straight afterwards. Woe betide the submissive man whose wife catches him with even the slightest wobble in his stocking seams, such a disgraceful display the perfect excuse for her to impose further punishment! Might a woman be tempted to set impossibly high standards in this regard simply to insist that her husband surrenders still more to her whims? Surely not!

The combination of girdle and stockings is one that is so effective at feminizing a man's lower body that it might seem strange to suggest anything else, least of all pantyhose. Indeed, at first glance, you might be tempted to dismiss the apparently odd mishmash of old-fashioned and modern-day that my husband demonstrates in Figure 19, perhaps regarding the visible top of his hosiery as reminiscent of the rather tacky trend among younger women to wear tights with immodestly short shorts and skirts. Such associations are even less likely to be lost on the man who looks down his legs to see the firm fabric that grips his groin only yielding its control to sheer nylon stretching down to his toes, not an inch of his skin spared the embrace of one or the other,

Figure 19: Wearing pantyhose under his locked panty girdle, my feminized husband finds himself in a wicked predicament, with the thin layer of nylon that stands between him and his sex proving disproportionately powerful.

When worn underneath a locked panty girdle, however, a simple pair of pantyhose delivers a subtle, yet devilish twist, giving this shorter style of shapewear the same commanding power over a man's crotch as the long leg girdles we looked at earlier. Even if the wearer of such a wicked ensemble manages to extricate his manhood from the grip of his girdle by somehow slipping it out to one side, he'll still find his desires frustrated by the clinging nylon he finds himself stuck in underneath. The mere presence of the latter makes any attempt at either urination or ejaculation a thoroughly messy affair unless said hosiery is first pulled down, something that leaves a man who is prevented from doing so by his panty girdle in quite a predicament.

While there's nothing stopping him peeing through his pantyhose or even tearing his hosiery in an effort to empty his bladder without the resulting disgrace, the impossibility of denying having done so gives even the sheerest of tights a psychological strength quite disproportionate to their physical substance. A husband wearing pantyhose beneath his panty girdle will no more want to wet them than he would his trousers, with the prospect of climaxing in his tights proving equally unappealing when he knows he'll have to suffer any emissions for far longer than the brief moment of pleasure it takes to make them. Could there be a more diabolical kind of chastity belt than one that would allow its wearer to do exactly what he wants, save for its guarantee of punishment?

A particularly pleasing combination is to have your husband wear a pair of nude pantyhose under his panty girdle, then use the latter's suspender straps to support a pair of stockings more suited to such shapewear. The result may be seen in Figure 20, although unless one knows to look for my husband's tights, it is difficult to tell they are there - save, perhaps, for how the skin-coloured nylon smooths away blemishes, making his legs look even more feminine beneath the smoky black to which one's eye is naturally drawn. If only he could forget his additional hosiery quite as easily, with the sensation of being encased one that will stay with him for as long as he stays padlocked in his panty girdle.

Figure 20: Here, my husband gives me the best of both worlds! One can hardly see the nude hose he wears beneath his far sexier stockings, but its presence conspires with his panty girdle to make the latter even more emasculating.

Even without being locked in his girdle, a man subject to such a cumbersome combination of shapewear and hosiery will find slipping out of it a far from simple affair. Your husband is unlikely to complain about how long women take in the bathroom when he's been similarly hindered by his clothing, with worries about snagging his nylons serving to drive the lesson home should you spell out the consequences beforehand. Carefully pulling up his pantyhose prior to doing the same with his girdle, he may become so caught up in the process as to lose track of time, but that doesn't mean you can't turn the tables and chide him for keeping you waiting - especially if you're heading out on a date!

If you're wanting to fully shape your husband's body, a girdle only gets you half way there. In the fifties, a woman would naturally choose a longline brassière to complete her foundations, relying on its more substantial design to slim and support her figure. As my husband demonstrates in Figure 21, such a style of bra will do the same for the modern man too, conspiring with a long leg girdle and thick, opaque stockings to smother him from shoulder to toe. Its full cups hold a pair of silicone breast forms firmly in place while simultaneously hiding the secret of his bulging bust, completing his surrender to the feminine.

Figure 21: Locked in a combination of a longline brassière, long leg girdle and opaque stockings, my husband's body is smothered from shoulder to toe.

A second padlock ensures he'll remain a prisoner of this most emasculating ensemble until such a time as I might deign to release him, with the modest amount of sewing required to secure his brassière certainly worth the time. As Figure 22 shows, two loops of ribbon is all it takes to a trap him inside such a garment's sturdy embrace, with a locking longline bra the perfect addition to a padlocked panty girdle. With one flattening his crotch even as the other fills out his chest, the two come together to put my husband well and truly in his place - perfect as part of a punishment, but equally well suited to making sure he stays around the house. After all, such curves are hard to hide!

Figure 22: Two loops of ribbon is all it takes to lock a man in a longline bra.

If you really want to stress your husband's submission to women's underwear, you might consider making him wear a second set of much skimpier lingerie on top of such staid foundations - perhaps accompanying the hot pink panties we saw earlier with a similarly provocative push-up bra, garish garter belt and fluorescent fishnet stockings more suited to a stripper. Could there be a better way to torment a crossdresser whose tastes tend towards the trashy? Constantly confronted by the contrast in colours, a man made to model such an erotically eye-catching combination can't even slake the call of his crotch by slipping his hand into his thong, although he can be told to try - perhaps as part of a sensuous striptease that's sure to fuel his frustration.

Some men are drawn to wearing shapewear because they enjoy its embrace, the grip of a girdle proving paradoxically arousing as a result of how it stifles their sex. Should you wish, you can heighten this sensation, along with the resulting helplessness, by having your husband wear not one, but two such foundation garments. A panty girdle worn on top of a long leg girdle delivers the benefits of both, not only holding a man's cock deliciously close to his crotch, but multiplying the difficulty of getting to his groin. Once again, choosing a contrasting colour serves to stress the presence of the outermost garment, producing a perverse imitation of a gymnast's leotard and tights when worn over heavy, opaque hosiery and accompanied by a longline brassière.

So far, we've only considered locking girdles of the long leg and panty varieties, taking advantage of how these styles cover the wearer's crotch in order to hold a man hostage to such shapewear. If you, or indeed, your husband, are more attracted to open bottom garments, perhaps as part of a secretarial fantasy, you don't have to sacrifice security for the sake of seeing him so attired - simply have him wear a similarly coloured panty girdle and nude pantyhose underneath. Such additional underpinnings are easily overlooked in favour of the final layer of foundation wear, yet their presence will prevent wandering hands from getting up to anything untoward. Even without a lock, this combination makes going to the toilet a most time-consuming affair, yet the extra layer is still sufficiently discreet for a man to safely wear it to work.

While any kind of girdle can be worn underneath trousers, such garments really come into their own when they're doing what they're designed to - providing a suitable foundation for a completely feminine outfit. Whether setting the scene for a skirt or a dress, a girdle not only shapes a man's groin, but his mind as well, stressing his submission regardless of what he wears on top. No-one seeing my husband in the vintage maid's uniform he models in Figure 23a might ever think that he was locked in a long leg girdle unless he were to immodestly lift his skirts, yet its silent presence imposes additional pressure as he humbly hurries to complete the chores. Similarly, the unremarkable skirt and blouse that forms his secretary's outfit in Figure 23b is bolstered by a longline bra and girdle beneath, such foundation garments giving him all the more reason to get his tax return done on time. Even having him lounge around the house in a simple little dress benefits from sticking him in shapewear first, with the clinging red cotton that shows off his curves in Figure 23c given such a conspicuous shape by the garments holding him helplessly in their grip.

Figure 23: A girdle provides the perfect foundation to all kinds of outfit. Although completely hidden under his clothing, there's no denying how it improves my husband's appearance beneath: a) a vintage maid's outfit, b) a secretary's skirt and blouse, and c) a simple dress suitable for an evening in.

A girdle provides the perfect foundation no matter what a man wears on top, its stiff fabric giving his bottom half a better shape under both male and female clothes. Regardless of whether you're wanting something to help your housemaid husband really look the part or simply seeking to slim your spouse's stomach so that he looks good in a suit, however, the secret hold of such shapewear is sure to do the trick - so get your husband in a girdle, and see what this fabulous foundation garment can do for you!