penance in panties

misbehaving men finding forgiveness in feminine frillies

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Being made to wear uncomfortable women's underwear is the perfect punishment for a man who misbehaves, however much he might otherwise love sexy lingerie. Whether it's the physical discomfort of being trapped in a tight thong all day or simply the psychological stress of knowing he's wearing knickers in public, there's nothing like being stuck in a little satin and lace to teach naughty boys a new respect for all things feminine.

When a wife expects more from her man, panty punishment is only the start of having him apologise with intimate attire! From making him wear a bra for bad behaviour to using a corset to correct his carelessness, the ladies in these stories have more than a few tricks up their sleeves to have their husbands show they're sorry. Whether made helpless by hosiery or powerless in panties, submission comes naturally to men forced to make amends in frillies, having no choice but to learn their lesson in lingerie as they pay a penance in panties.

Even the softest and silkiest of women's underwear is exquisitely effective at encouraging more respect from a man, let alone some of the sterner garments employed by these women to train their husbands and boyfriends. There's no question as to who's in control in these sexy stories about lingerie punishment, with better behaviour being just a bra and panties away when these wives and girlfriends decide that their disrespectful men are in need of some discipline. Combining a firm hand with feminization, there's nevertheless fondness in the four female led relationships whose tales you'll find in penance in panties.

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