a most emasculating embrace

husbands held helpless in panty girdles and longline brassières

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Submissive men soon learn the real reason why control panties are so called when they must wear such stifling garments themselves, surrendering their sex to the strict grip of elastic to satisfy their wives. The feminized husbands in these stories about shapewear discipline face far more in the way of foundation wear, however, frustrated by the most unforgiving of old-fashioned lingerie. Longline brassières and panty girdles conspire to keep them confined, layered with pantyhose and stockings to make sure they can't get up to any mischief.

Whether he's made to wear women's shapewear as a punishment or simply so he understands his place, a man can't forget that his wife's in charge when his body is controlled by the firmest of foundations. Regardless of whether he wears a suit or a dress on top, he's sure to feel the straps of his bra on his shoulders and the gusset of his girdle as it flattens his groin, his obedience assured while he remains trapped in a most emasculating embrace.

Figure-hugging foundation wear plays a fundamental part in these stories about female led relationships, it being impossible for a man to assert himself too much when he's caught in the clutches of such controlling garments. Firm fabric and fiddly fasteners come together to see these submissive husbands helplessly in thrall to their wives, with every additional layer making further demands on such devilishly dominated men. Each has to wear more women's underwear than any woman ever would, shaped and suppressed by a most emasculated embrace.

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