trapped in its straps

these bra-wearing men are locked in their lingerie

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Making your husband wear a bra works wonders when you want better behaviour, but if he can't be trusted not to take it off, something more is called for! The wives in these stories about lingerie punishment have found the perfect solution, making sure their men wear what they should by padlocking it in place! As soon as they click the clasps closed, their helpless husbands are condemned to having straps on their shoulders and cups on their chests, staying locked in a bra for as long as it takes for them to learn their lesson.

There's no escape from the embrace of satin and lace for these emasculated men, each forced to endure the most feminine of garments whether he likes it or not. Being stuck in a bra soon brings out his submissive side, teaching him a new respect for women's underwear - even before his wife gives him breasts! However uncomfortable or humiliating being locked in a punishment bra may be, it's something a man has to face when he finds himself trapped in its straps.

Sometimes it's necessary to enforce the wearing of a bra in order to bring the benefits of doing so to a reluctant husband. Thankfully, as these stories about men being locked in lingerie show, it only takes a spot of sewing to ensure he stays securely strapped in. Whether padlocked in a padded bra as a punishment or fastened in such feminine attire simply to stop him slipping out of it, you can be sure that a submissive husband won't forget what he's forced to wear - not when his wife decides to impose discipline by keeping him trapped in its straps.

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