girdled for me

you'll surrender to shapewear for my satisfaction

Some men have to wear panties and bras to satisfy their wives, but that's not enough for me! I want to see you in much firmer foundation garments, expecting you to surrender to a proper panty girdle and longline brassière before I'll be satisfied! Such controlling shapewear will keep your manhood completely in check even without me asking more, but I won't stop at making sure you can't escape its emasculating embrace - I'll insist upon women's hosiery as well, requiring you to wear sheer nylon in addition to sturdy satin.

From old-fashioned garments to more modern means of control, everything you'll wear for me will be supremely imposing, not only stifling your sex, but shaping your body in the most unmanly of ways! Whether it amuses me to see you submit to a bullet brassière or a corselette, a body shaper or a pair of high waist padded panties, you'll never forget how you're feminized by your foundations, permanently aware of their presence while you remain girdled for me!

Forget flimsy frillies - you're going to submit to much sturdier material for my amusement, suffering reinforced seams and unforgivingly stiff panels that will make no allowances for your manhood. From the broad straps that I want to see stretched over your shoulders to the similarly stern elastic of serious suspenders, you'll be held in the uncompromising grip of traditional brassières and panty girdles, every garment I expect you to wear proving punishingly emasculating. Yet in exchange for your submission, I'll play with you, making your shapewear still more uncomfortable while you're girdled for me.

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