his lock her key

tales of male chastity

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When a man's wife is also his keyholder, you can be sure he'll do as he's told! Surrendering his sex is only the start of his submission, as the husbands in these male chastity stories are about to discover. From learning to make love just the way their wives like it to making up for misdemeanours in the most intimate of ways, follow them as they find out just how far they'll go to obtain relief in his lock her key.

Orgasm denial is a distinctly one-sided affair for these couples, but that doesn't make these teasing tales any less erotic. Locked in chastity belts and cages, these men are powerless to prevent their wives withholding sexual relief on a whim, finding themselves so thoroughly frustrated they'll do almost anything to come. Expected to satisfy her needs even as they're denied their own, each of these chaste husbands learns a new respect for the woman who keeps his cock under lock and key, teased and trained as part of a loving relationship in which she makes the rules.

There's nothing cruel about these keyholders, but that doesn't mean they won't take advantage of having a caged cock at their command! Whether they're lovingly leading their man by the balls into becoming a better husband or milking every last drop of pleasure from his imprisoned penis, these women certainly know how to make orgasm denial work for them! If you're searching for credible chastity stories featuring caring couples having a whole load of frustrating fun, look no further than his lock her key!

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