panties down for your punishment

you'll take my strap-on after your spanking

Do you need to be disciplined? Don't deny that you do, because there are plenty of reasons why I should punish you! I'll make up a pretext if I have to, because it turns me on to see you suffer! You're a sissy, which gives me more than enough grounds for spanking you, but your punishment won't stop with just the paddle - I'm going to make you take my strap-on to remind you of your place, humiliating you throughout. You'll be wearing a bra as you beg for forgiveness, having to surrender both your body and your pride for my pleasure.

Whether you're my secretary, my maid, or merely a man who has made me wait, you're going to get a good seeing to! I'm impossible to please, even when you do exactly as you're told, but that will only make your punishment all the more provocative! I hope you enjoy feeling ashamed and frustrated, because that's all that I'll allow you - after all, my satisfaction is the only thing that matters when I tell you to pull your panties down for your punishment.

In these stories about sissy punishments, you're the sissy and you're going to be punished! Even if you haven't done anything that warrants discipline, I'll expect you to accept the humiliations I choose to impose, because nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be unfair! You won't be able to protest about how I use my paddle and strap-on, however, because secretly I know you love such shameful submission - after all, men like you need to be emasculated! So tell me that you're sorry, and prepare yourself for these exciting erotic stories where I'll make you pull your panties down for your punishment.

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