loads to swallow

these feminized men face more than a mouthful of milk!

A submissive sissy must always swallow his seed, but the men in these stories about crossdressers eating their own cum do far more than take an occasional squirt in their mouths. Made to produce as much as possible by methodical milking, they'll ultimately be expected to drink every last drop - not little by little, but loads at a time! Their wives and girlfriends insist on saving up their semen for a very special show of submission, with these dominant women wanting to see sissies slurp up sperm and gargle mouthfuls of goo.

Locked in chastity and having to wear lingerie, a man is soon aching to please when he's wickedly teased about what he'll have to do. Despite regular release, there's frustration aplenty for these feminized husbands and boyfriends, each seizing the chance to come even though he knows exactly where his ejaculate will go. Draining a glass will be difficult, but there are watching women to delight - women who have given them the privilege of loads to swallow.

Knowing that everything he emits must in due course be eaten puts a man in a most provocative predicament, especially when he's made even more desperate by being dressed as a woman. In these delicious daydreams about sissies having to drink their own sperm, submissive men are challenged with copious volumes of cum - not just a couple of climaxes, but thirty, sixty or even ninety loads, all having to be consumed for the pleasure of the women who saved it up specially. Milked solely so they can fill their mouths with their sexual fluids, these men must show their submission in the most unforgettable of ways, demonstrating the depth of their devotion when presented with loads to swallow.

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