cocks, locks and lingerie

strap-on submission in satin and steel

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Put yourself in the place of a man wearing lacy lingerie, his penis made powerless by an intimate prison. Turned on by his sexy underwear yet thwarted by the chastity device locked around his cock, it's only natural for him to let his wife take the lead - even if she wants to emasculate him still more! If he's unable to penetrate her, then she'll just have to do it to him - strapping on a dildo to deliver a bedroom banging that'll soon have him begging to come in his bra and stockings!

The submissive husbands and boyfriends in these stories about strap-on sex have their panties pulled down for pegging, wearing what a woman would while their wives and girlfriends have their wicked way. Drilled by dominant women who delight in combining feminization and frustration with a good hard filling, these men will never be as stiff as the silicone shafts they're impaled upon, but they're sure to enjoy the experience as cocks, locks and lingerie come together in the most delicious of ways!

The exciting emasculation these men enjoy makes them horribly hard as they bend over and take it, but there'll be no end to their frustration while they remain locked up and in lingerie for the pleasure of the women penetrating them. The loving couples in these sexy strap-on stories are as passionate about chastity as they are about pegging, bringing together silicone, satin and steel for the most amorous of anal adventures. If you love tales of helpless husbands and boyfriends on the bottom, you'll want to read cocks, locks and lingerie - what more could a submissive man want?

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