feminized and frustrated

these guys have to get girly to obtain relief!

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The incessant frustration of being locked in chastity can drive a man to almost any lengths for an orgasm. The longer his cock is kept in a cage, the more submissive he becomes, until eventually he's begging to do whatever his keyholder asks him - even if that involves feminization! Kept from touching himself without the key that hangs around her neck, he'll happily wear women's underwear and more if that's the cost of a climax, accepting such humiliation as the price that must be paid for both punishment and pleasure.

From wearing high heels and foundation wear to working as her fully dressed maid, these feminized husbands have surrendered their sex in more ways than one, submitting to the whim of their wives without question when it comes to dressing up like a lady. There's orgasm denial aplenty as they're teased beyond belief before being put back in their chastity belts and cages, with chaste males turned female for the amusement of those who keep them feminized and frustrated.

Feminization and male chastity go hand in hand when it comes to showing a man who's in charge, as the wives in these stories about submission and discipline are only too happy to demonstrate. When a man's penis is trapped behind both padlock and panties, you can be sure he'll do exactly as he's told, wearing a bra like a girl even before his keyholder starts teasing him! If you're looking for erotic fiction where husbands are kept horny in hosiery and heels, you'll find feminized and frustrated offers four arousing tales of thwarted men lovingly locked in lingerie.

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