undeniably chaste

his sexual submission is no secret to her friends

Some women prefer to keep what they make their husbands wear a secret, but others love nothing more than to show off the chastity belts that they alone can unlock. The frustrated men in these stories about sexual submission have to reveal more than metal, however, needing to model lingerie if they're ever to enjoy relief! That means surrendering to bras and stockings for the amusement of a female audience, suffering shame and embarrassment as women laugh at them.

Whether his wife simply enjoys sharing his secret with her friends, or would like their help teaching him a lesson, a man can't forget who's in charge when he's locked in steel. Add something feminine on top, and you can be sure he'll do whatever they say, no matter how humiliating that may be! Having to admit to wearing women's underwear as well as a chastity belt is profoundly emasculating for a man expected to entertain his wife's friends, but that only heightens their pleasure when they see how he's undeniably chaste.

Each of these men must accept his wife's authority, showing his submission not only to her, but also to whomever she might choose to share his secret with. It doesn't matter whether that's her friends, or women that he's never met before, because a belted man must obey, even when that requires him to wear lingerie for their entertainment! What could be more hilarious than a man humiliating himself in the hope of being released from the locked metal that holds his sex hostage? Male orgasms are in very short supply in these stories about public chastity, but female mockery is much more plentiful, adding to the frustration of submissive husbands who are kept undeniably chaste.

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