one-sided games

when the rules favour her, the wife always wins!

When a man's been denied for days, you can be sure he'll be willing to play whatever game his wife wants for just the chance of a climax - no matter how emasculating or embarrassing that may be! Wearing women's underwear is only the start for the submissive husbands in these stories about male chastity, but there's no guarantee they'll get to spurt even after surrendering to far more than stockings and bras. If they want to feel anything other than frustration, they'll have to win despite rules that deliberately put them at a disadvantage, abandoning their pride as they desperately try to prove they deserve to come.

There's nothing fair about these male chastity games, but that doesn't make them any less fun for the couples who play them - women who delight in devising devilish ways to challenge the husbands they hold at their mercy, and men who find themselves facing a hard fight for relief! With plenty of opportunity for penalties, the rules favour her in these one-sided games.

The keys to a man's chastity device give the woman who holds them an undeniable advantage - one which the wives and girlfriends in these stories combine with lingerie to ensure they always get their way. Their husbands and boyfriends will gladly agree to play games whose outcome is all too clear from the start, desperately seizing upon the slightest chance to be allowed to come - regardless of how heavily things are stacked against them! The rules may be thoroughly unfair, but there's loads of fun to be found in feminization when these couples play one-sided games.

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