no match for metal

even the strongest of muscles must concede to a chastity belt

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A woman doesn't have to be physically stronger than her man in order to have the upper hand in their relationship - not when she holds the keys to his chastity belt, turning the power of his body to her advantage. Whether she dreams of him developing his muscles to a devastating degree, or simply enjoys seeing him sweat for her, you can be sure a dominant woman will get what she wants when she keeps her man denied - because he's no match for metal!

There's nothing weak or wimpy about the muscular hunks in these stories about male chastity, but even the most brawny of brutes must submit when his passions are stifled by steel - indeed, the stronger his body, the more a belted man must strive to impress his keyholder. Seeking to demonstrate he deserves her through difficulties and indignities, he'll surely suffer at her whim - yet the woman who holds his manhood hostage had better take care how she chooses to release him, lest his locked up lust be too much for her to handle!

No matter how muscular the hulking husbands and burly boyfriends in these male chastity stories may be, they're still powerless to escape the metal that imprisons their manhood. Forced to endure frustration as they seek to prove their physical prowess, these belted men will just have to tough out the torments of being trapped in steel - yet they can't help being turned on by submitting to the whims of their wives and girlfriends, doing whatever is required to be rewarded with relief. Weakness won't get them anywhere, yet even the strongest of men is sure to be in for a struggle, soon learning that his body is no match for metal.

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