taming the caged beast

an introduction to male chastity

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Do you despair of your man succumbing to selfish desires or wish he wasn't led so much by the bulge between his legs? Believe it or not, there's a way to get his balls on your side, harnessing the mighty power of a man's libido to make your husband or boyfriend a more caring and considerate lover. There's no need to nag or scold when his testicles are telling him to do what's right, but the benefits of male chastity go far beyond simply stopping your man taking you for granted, ensuring he satisfies your needs as much as his own.

Showing how orgasm denial can not only spice up your sex life but rekindle the romance in your relationship, taming the caged beast explores the practical and psychological aspects of locking his cock up and keeping the key! Explaining everything you need to know to get started with a modern male chastity device, this book will let you take control of the animal that lies at the heart of your man and have it perform for your mutual pleasure!

Whether you're looking for the answers to these questions yourself or wondering how to persuade your partner of the merits of male chastity, you'll find this step-by-step guide addresses every aspect of this exciting form of sexual submission. Taking a no nonsense approach that's a world apart from unlikely fantasies, taming the caged beast is an ideal starting place for any couple considering introducing chastity to their relationship, offering a wealth of practical advice to would-be keyholders about keeping a man chaste.

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