strictly the way she wants

male chastity means masturbation must be on her terms

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When a husband agrees to stay chaste, he must abandon any ideas of masturbating alone, forsaking selfish satisfaction no matter how frustrating that may be. Whether he's prevented from playing with himself by a plastic contraption, a proper chastity belt, or simply a promise to his wife, the pleasures of his hand are off-limits - unless she wants him to watch him do it, her way!

In these stories about supervised masturbation, the submissive men have to wear lingerie before they're allowed to shoot their load, but surrendering to panties and bras is only part of the price they must pay. What their wives love most is to make them lick up their mess afterwards, expecting every last drop to be eaten for their entertainment. With dildos and strap-ons making such emasculation even more exciting, the humiliated husbands won't be the only ones coming before they're locked in chastity again - indeed, a man's satisfaction is secondary when his wife makes him do it strictly the way she wants.

A man denied will do anything for release, willingly wearing women's underwear if that's what it takes to be spared sexual frustration. If his wife wants him to swallow what he shoots as well, then that's a price he'll just have to pay - no matter how reluctant he may be about licking up his load once the moment has passed. There's certainly no doubt about who's in charge in these supervised masturbation stories, with submissive men having to perform for the pleasure of their keyholders. No matter how much they humiliate themselves in the process, however, you can be sure it'll be strictly the way she wants.

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