not without her permission

extra locks help keep these husbands chaste

A man can't do anything his wife doesn't want with his cock when she keeps it under lock and key, but to really make sure their husbands behave, the women in these stories about male chastity like to employ a little more in the way of restraints. Each knows her man will do exactly as she asks for the chance of a climax, seeing him surrendering still further for her pleasure. A second lock makes a significant difference, allowing her to frustrate him even when his chastity device comes off. Of course, she'll be satisfied - even if he isn't!

Whether she cuffs his hands to the bed, chains his collar to the wall, or simply makes him wear a mask so that he can't see his stiffness, it doesn't take much to render a man deliciously helpless - exactly how these wives want things for their own enjoyment. No matter what means they use to assert their authority, however, you can be sure that their submissive husbands understand there'll be no unauthorised orgasms - not without her permission!

Is it more frustrating for a man to be able to tug at his chastity device, as futile as that is, or to find it impossible to take advantage of its absence when his wife deigns to remove it? The submissive husbands in these male chastity stories don't get much choice, never free from one lock or another when the women with the keys want to keep them denied. A loving couple can have a lot of fun with restraints, even if the satisfaction is rather one-sided, but it's for the best that a man doesn't get to empty his balls - at least, not without her permission.

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