open wide for your wife!

chastity, crossdressing and oral obedience

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There are many ways a man can amuse his wife with his mouth, but sucking and swallowing are surely the most submissive! When he's locked in chastity, he must satisfy such whims if he wants to shoot his load, worshipping her dildo while wearing lingerie if that's what it takes to enjoy an erection himself. Only when he's demonstrated his devotion to her cock will he be allowed to come, but his submission doesn't stop there - every last drop must be licked up for her entertainment, his bra and stockings making the experience even more emasculating as he finishes by swallowing his sperm.

Whether she straps on the stiffness before having him go down on her, or simply locks it between his lips and leaves it there, the submissive husbands in these stories about sissy oral training will have to work for their orgasms as they lick and suck their way towards the taste of their own semen. Denied if they don't, you can be sure they'll obey when instructed to “open wide for your wife!”.

The dominant women in these stories about sissies sucking sex toys love to see a man's lips wrapped around a dildo, licking their own with delight as they look down on mouths surrendered to silicone. Such submission is profoundly arousing for their husbands and boyfriends too, men who must subsequently choose between extended chastity and eating their own ejaculate - not that there's much choice when they've been worked up into a frenzy of frustration. Whether their sperm has been saved for them to swallow or freshly squirted, they'll do more than just taste it when told to “open wide for your wife!”.

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