frustratingly disgraceful

locked steel enforces a shameful loss of status

What better way for a woman to enjoy an enforced change of pace than to lock herself in a chastity belt? In these erotic stories about female submission, sexual denial makes the shame of adopting a demeaning role even more exciting! For women aroused by shame and humiliation, surrendering to steel is only the start of abandoning their dignity, ensuring they can't back out no matter how much their degrading position requires them to disgrace themselves.

There are predicaments aplenty once these women are subject to strict metal, with embarrassment being as inescapable as the belts that impose such maddening frustration. To make matters more humbling, the people looking down on these belted women have no idea what makes them so desperate, merely regarding them with scorn and contempt, but that won't stop husbands and boyfriends having a lot of fun as they withhold the keys. The indignities these women must endure before being unlocked are guaranteed to be frustratingly disgraceful!

Abandoning one set of responsibilities only to face those of a far more disgraceful kind, the submissive women in these stories about chastity belts know that there's no going back once they're locked in steel. Instead, each must commit to an exciting new role, accepting all the consequences that come with becoming a very different woman - no matter how shameful that may be! The inevitability of humiliation adds to the appeal, even though these belted wives and girlfriends won't be able to get off from the provocative predicaments they end up in. Until they're unlocked, they'll just have to do their best to enjoy situations that are frustratingly disgraceful!

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