laced, locked and lusting

her corset and chastity belt mean her body belongs to him

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When it comes to driving a woman to distraction beneath her clothes, which is most disconcerting for her: the maddening metal of a female chastity belt or the stiff steel bones of a tightly laced corset? The submissive wives in these stories about sexual frustration don't get to choose, instead forced to suffer both as they try to go about their business. Whether shown off or in secret, such a predicament permits a woman no pleasure, but her denied desire will see her dripping wet by the time her dominant husband deigns to release her.

After all, the combination of corset and chastity belt is unbeatable when it comes to enforcing a man's control over his wife's body, no matter whether he wants to be entertained by her plight or is content with just leaving her to her own devices in such devilish attire. Heavily corseted and helpless to satisfy her own hunger, she'll have to hope her man will show mercy, knowing that only he can decide how long she'll stay laced, locked and lusting.

When there's no chance of a climax, the unrelenting demands of a corset and chastity belt are sure to drive any woman wild with denied desire. Unable to escape their wicked embrace, each of the heroines in these stories about female sexual frustration must rely on her man for release, hoping that he'll be more merciful that the metal holding her helpless in its clutches. However hot and horny she may become, her passions will remain pent-up and orgasms off-limits until he provides the key, seeing these submissive women learning what it's like to be left laced, locked and lusting.

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