at the mercy of metal

life for these maids is frustratingly unfair!

Life for an old-fashioned maid is hard enough when she's locked in a chastity belt, the frustrating metal making no allowances for the demands of her duties even as it denies her any possibility of pleasure. In these stories about humble women, servants have to surrender more than just their sex to steel, subject to the capricious whims of their cruel superiors. Whether it's a fellow maid, young mistresses, or the lady of the house herself who decides to impose, things are sure to be very difficult for these dominated domestics!

Is it worse to be restricted by someone who supposedly has good intentions, or a tormentress who has only humiliation in mind when she takes advantage of her authority? A maid has little choice but to submit regardless, knowing that her position requires her to meekly accept punishment, no matter how unfair! Locked steel leaves these submissive women helpless under their aprons, but all must continue to serve despite being at the mercy of metal.

In these stories about maids wearing chastity belts, life isn't fair for the servants who must submit to steel, but that only makes their predicaments more provocative! Wickedly one-sided situations are made still more maddening by locked metal, leaving submissive women desperate with denial as they seek to please their superiors. Whether you dream of finding yourself trapped in such an impossible position yourself, or fantasise about having a belted girl so completely in your thrall, you're sure to enjoy these tales of maids at the mercy of metal.

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