busy guys, belted girls

female chastity belts mean these submissive women will just have to wait!

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When a man locks his wife in a chastity belt, he doesn't have to worry about her getting up to any mischief behind his back, able to go about his business safe in the knowledge that his most treasured possession will remain properly protected. If only she could forget the frustrating steel as easily, instead of having to contend with its constant presence no matter how busy her husband may be! The impenetrable metal will make sure he stays at the forefront of her mind even when he's ignoring her, but matters could be much worse - as the submissive women in these stories about female chastity belts soon find out!

Unable to slake the fires of sexual desire stoked by being so devilishly dominated, these belted wives find themselves driven to distraction by having to wait for an overdue orgasm, yet their passions are only further provoked by the predicaments their husbands put them in. busy guys, belted girls - it's an exciting combination that's sure to end in explosive release!

Four sexually frustrated wives, each forced to wait as long as it takes for their husbands to finally free them from steel - yet ultimately enjoying the pleasures that can only come from such profound surrender! Turned on all the more by being unable to touch their own bodies, these belted women will stay trapped in tight metal until the men with the keys say otherwise - something which may be some time, considering how wonderfully wicked they can be. As these female chastity stories show, there's nothing like a chastity belt to bring a husband and wife together - even when they're busy guys, belted girls.

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