hungry for him

submissive women showing off their surrender to steel

Even when a woman stays locked in her chastity belt, she can still satisfy the man who holds the keys. In fact, being stuck in steel will make her all the more eager to please - not with the parts of her body that the metal puts so frustratingly out of reach, but with her mouth, her breasts and how she chooses to dress! It isn't just her lover that she'll do her utmost to delight, with a woman kept denied driven to slaking her own desperate arousal as best she can.

In these stories about female chastity belts, busty women shed their bras in lieu of the inescapable steel, the locked metal only encouraging them to bare their curves. In provocative outfits, you can be sure they'll catch men's eyes when they let the girls hang out, but there's only one man that matters to a woman longing to take off her panties too - a man who'll make good use of her mouth, then fill her stomach with his seed! Of course, she'll be happy to oblige - after all, her chastity belt makes her hungry for him.

A chastity belt might stop a woman having sex in the traditional way, but it won't do anything to reduce her arousal, especially when she's the sort whose passions are stirred by provoking men. Yet even the most flirtatious of girls can't get too full of herself when trapped in tight metal, her pleasure limited to relishing lustful looks until her lover avails himself of her eager lips. Of course, he'll expect her to be braless as he makes use of her mouth, but her exposed breasts will bring them both satisfaction when she's hungry for him.

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