his belted pet

pet girls playing in chastity belts and collars

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A collar symbolises submission in a way that a woman can never forget, the leather buckled around her neck making a chastity belt all the more frustrating when its wearer is turned on by being controlled. Stripped of her clothes, she'll soon be dripping wet, the steel that stops her touching herself leaving her only her mouth to satisfy her master. Whether she's kept on a very short leash or locked in a cage, she'll be eager to suck and swallow, accepting her place as a pet by doing what she's told - no matter where her owner might take her!

In these stories about pet girls wearing chastity belts, submissive wives and girlfriends must perform for the pleasure of their men - some surrendering their bodies in private, others finding themselves taken out in public, but all collared as their masters take the lead. Cuffs, gags and cute accessories add to the excitement for these women turned cats and dogs, each knowing her place when she's locked in leather and metal as his belted pet.

The combination of collar and chastity belt makes for some very exciting situations in these pet girl stories, with the women who must wear them wet wherever they go! Whether presented as pets to all and sundry or simply playing in secret, they'll remain dripping with desire even as they gulp down the sperm that their submission solicits, their mouths having to satisfy thanks to the steel they can't escape. In his belted pet, you'll find four erotic tales of collared women trained to please by men who love to see them sit up and beg - that is, when they're not making them crawl on hands and knees!

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