set to work in a skirt

for these sissy secretaries, a blouse means business!

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Skirt and stockings, blouse and bra - how swiftly a man's status changes when he swaps suit and tie for the attire of an assistant! Throw in a strict female boss, and a crossdressing secretary must do more than merely dress up, having to work as a woman as well as wearing her clothes. Whether typing, filing or attending to his employer's more intimate needs, you can be sure a male temp will do exactly as he's told, forced to adopt a subordinate role to his female colleagues thanks to how he's feminized at the office.

The submissive men in these stories about sissy secretaries soon discover that a personal assistant has a lot to worry her pretty little head about, expected to satisfy the stringent demands of their female superiors while simultaneously having to pass as one of the girls. Working for women who mean business when it comes to taking charge, each of these crossdressers has no choice but to step into the shoes of a secretary, finding themselves set to work in a skirt.

Facing hard work in heels and hosiery, these sissy secretaries have no time to sit around, getting down to business in blouses and bras! Whether working for their wives or assisting other women in the office, they must do more than look pretty to please their female employers, having to prove their professional skills in the most subordinate of positions. With their crossdressing careers commanded by women who don't just dominate them at their desks, feminization is all in a day's work for these pantied personal assistants - male secretaries for whom submission becomes second nature when they're set to work in a skirt.

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