sissy typing test

keyboard practice and line writing punishment

In the book set to work in a skirt, one of the sissy secretaries is expected to take a taxing typing test, with his keyboard proficiency determining whether he deserves an orgasm. Sitting down to type in his skirt and blouse, he knows that it's not just the chance of a climax that's at stake - a stern punishment is on the cards should he fail to satisfy his wife's stringent demands. To avoid a shameful spanking, this male secretary must type quickly yet accurately, with the computer keeping score even as it challenges him with the most emasculating of phrases.

Our sissy typing test allows your errant employee to be set to work in a similar way, presenting a series of slogans that are sure to encourage a suitably submissive state of mind. Taking account of both speed and errors, it's perfect as a line writing punishment, providing proof of performance that may be used to determine whether further discipline is called for or simply serve as a deterrent in its own right.

It's not just slacking secretaries that can benefit from typing punishment lines. A misbehaving maid won't want to make mistakes when each earns him minutes at the keyboard, whereas a husband in need of humbling might find himself having to type punishment lines about lingerie - while wearing it himself! It takes no time at all to set such a line writing punishment, but carrying out it requires the typist's complete concentration for however long you choose, with its ever-changing challenge sure to keep even the most capable of sissy secretaries on their toes!

a note about safety

Prolonged or incorrect use of a computer keyboard can result in injury. Proper posture and regular breaks can help reduce the risk of this happening, but if you experience any pain, numbness or tingling as a result of typing, especially if this persists after you have stopped, discontinue use of your computer immediately and seek medical advice. A loving wife or mistress should not ask you to continue under such circumstances - it does not demonstrate submission to incapacitate yourself, but rather stupidity!

The sissy typing test enforces a thirty second rest break every five minutes, which cannot be overridden. Nevertheless, you have a responsibility for your own well-being, and the authors remind you that you use this web page at your own risk.