men behind the modesty panel

sissy secretaries struggling to work as women

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Working as an office assistant is no walk in the park, as the men in these stories about sissy secretaries know full well, having to wear high heels as they run around after their superiors. Their administrative duties are made all the more difficult thanks to how they are dressed, with tight skirts and blouses turning even the simplest of tasks into a struggle. Stuck in stockings and burdened by bras, they must accept a woman's wardrobe along with the most junior of roles, their clothing conspiring to stress their subordinate status.

Whether the women in charge want them to copy documents or collect deliveries, these submissive male secretaries have no choice but to take on the challenge, having to contend with office politics as well as paperwork in order to please their female bosses. A punishing workload puts them in plenty of predicaments, but no matter how frustrating they find working in feminine attire, it's just another day at the office for men behind the modesty panel.

The everyday duties of these feminized secretaries are a far cry from fantasies of being bent over the boss's desk, but the obligations of an office girl still prove gruelling for men who must work as women. The tasks their superiors set them leave little time to long for the manhood they've left behind, instead confronting them with the frustrations of crossdressing while contractually employed. Struggling to work in skirt and blouse, stockings and bra, each of these sissy assistants finds himself in a very professional plight - but that's exactly what they're being paid to handle, as men behind the modesty panel.

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