he's the secretary

how office role-play can be employed to your advantage

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Have you ever considered having your husband become your secretary? It might sound daft, but don't dismiss the idea - there are surprising benefits to him temporarily taking on the role of an office assistant, both for you and for him! We're not talking about a change of career, of course, but rather an occasional arrangement that remains a secret between the two of you - whether a fun way to fool around together, or a more serious means of encouraging his submission.

In he's the secretary, you'll see how stereotypical clothing can be combined with stylised tasks to turn your husband into a sissy secretary - a position that offers a wealth of possibilities ranging from playful to punitive, all putting you in charge! It doesn't take much to affect a man's attitude using evocative attire and activities, with the way he thinks about secretaries easily employed to your advantage. Packed with practical tips and tricks, you'll find everything you need to know about sissy secretaries here!

The book starts with a discussion of what it means to be a secretary, showing how stereotypes associated with female office workers have profound power regardless of how much basis they might have in reality. From there, the concept of the sissy secretary is developed - an exaggerated caricature that allows any man adopting it to explore submissive aspects of his personality in a safe, yet exciting way. You'll learn why some men want to become secretaries, and how others can benefit from dressing up and doing unlikely things even if the idea doesn't initially appeal - as, indeed, can you!

The second chapter of the book is devoted to what a man can wear to make him feel like a secretary, considering clothes that women often take for granted from a very different perspective! After looking at the general principles of choosing women's clothing for men, individual garments are examined in detail, with the emphasis placed on how they affect the male wearer. You'll see that even a simple blouse and skirt can have a big impact on your husband's state of mind, but we won't stop there - what he might wear on top and underneath is also discussed, as well as how to create outfits with particular styles.

Chapter three explores what you might have your husband do while he's your secretary, providing suggestions for keeping him busy no matter what you're wanting to achieve. Traditional tasks such as typing and transcription are considered with the sissy secretary in mind, with a comprehensive discussion of how you can make what your husband does productive, provocative or punishing! Despite presenting plenty of possibilities for occupying his time, the chapter nevertheless seeks to minimise the amount of effort you need to expend yourself, proposing ways that your secretary can make things easier for you.

Unlike the one preceding it, chapter four is decidedly unprofessional! Starting by considering how a man's urges affect his behaviour, it goes on to suggest ways of stirring up a sissy secretary's passions, whether for mutual satisfaction or your personal pleasure. Sexually charged scenarios are suggested that can add spice to any secretarial session, but if you'd rather he didn't enjoy the experience as much, there's a comprehensive discussion of punishments too. From dealing with shame and guilt to delivering discipline without breaking a sweat, the material covered here won't be found in any office training manual!

The final chapter considers how you can make your husband's time as a secretary feel more real with nothing more than a few words, exploring the effects of business terminology, names and titles. There's a discussion of how you can encourage his submission while ensuring that he doesn't take his desires too seriously, continuing the pragmatic approach the book maintains throughout. By the time you come to the end of he's the secretary, you'll be well-equipped to become the boss, whatever kind of secretary you want working for you!

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