belted for business

corporate subordinates kept chaste by strict female bosses

Imagine having to wear a chastity belt that can only be unlocked by your boss! That's what's expected of the men in these stories about office submission, but their female superiors insist on them surrendering to more than just steel. As if it wasn't emasculating enough having to work while kept sexually denied, the women in charge want their subordinates to show their devotion by wearing stockings, panties and bras - sometimes in secret, but sometimes more openly!

A shirt and tie does nothing to stop the outline of cups and straps showing for all to see, but even when these corporate sissies are permitted a jacket to hide their shame, they can't forget how they're feminized for the amusement of those in authority. Yet each appreciates the control that their female managers impose, wanting nothing more than to please the queen bee by wearing women's underwear to work. In these female-led office fantasies, full-time lingerie is just another consequence of being belted for business.

When his manager holds the key to his chastity belt, a man will go to great lengths to please her, willingly wearing lingerie to work if that's what she requires. Whether he's showing his devotion under her desk or simply slaving away at his own, he can never forget the control his superior wields, his stockings, panties and bra stressing his subordinate status even as she takes his submission for granted. In these stories about corporate chastity, male underlings must emasculate themselves in the hope of finding favour with their female bosses, but it's all part of the job when they're belted for business.

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