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Keep a submissive man busy with our sissy tests, tools and textbooks:

Even if you're a sissy without a mistress, there's plenty of fun to be found in these pages! Why not escape from your everyday worries with an exciting challenge that will enhance the power of all things womanly? Whether you practise your typing or learn about languages, polishing your skills will help you stand out from the crowd of other submissive men, as well as serving you well in the rest of your life! If you're wanting to unwind, check out the tests with stories, which offer a taste of what it's like to work for a woman, or print out a page of pretty things to colour in.

sissy tests with stories

sissy patience test: pick and match lingerie to please your boss

Even the simplest of tasks can become surprisingly challenging when a sissy has to do it over and over again, especially when a single mistake might mean all the difference between pleasure and punishment. You wouldn't think that a man could confuse a pair of panties with a bra or a garter belt, but ask him enough times, and he's sure to slip up sooner or later! That's before you demand he notices the details of such womanly garments, let alone commit their feminine features to memory, all the while distracted by suggestions of how weak women's underwear makes him. How long will he be able to focus?

Our sissy patience test provides the perfect way to occupy a submissive man, requiring his complete concentration if he's to stand any chance of passing it. As well as a choice of three ways in which to challenge a sissy, it also features a game which can be played even by those without a mistress, demanding them to demonstrate perseverance and preciseness to progress the story.

sissy reaction test: train him to respond to the ring of a bell

When a woman calls for attention, a submissive man must stop what he is doing and see what she wants, no matter how busy he might be. Quick reactions and endless patience are qualities that are required of both male maids and secretaries, with a sissy who dares to make his mistress or boss wait asking to be punished! Whether she snaps her fingers or rings a bell, he should always be ready to respond - not just once, but as often as it might amuse her to summon him, perhaps for no other reason than to send him away again.

Our sissy reaction test allows you to assess a man's abilities in these crucial areas, or else to teach him of their importance, without having to go out of your way yourself. You can choose a rapid-fire test of reactions, or a slower, yet no less demanding patience challenge, each of which is completely configurable. There's also a game that can be played even by single sissies, requiring them to cultivate their skills in order to progress the story.

sissy temping test: office assignments to occupy submissive secretaries

Important executives needn't concern themselves with mundane administrative matters, merely needing to delegate any office drudgery to an assistant whose role it is to deal with such paperwork. In an uncaring company, a temp might spend long hours desperately trying to satisfy unreasonable demands, with a shameful reprimand never more than a single mistake away - a predicament that makes for an exciting fantasy, however unpleasant it might be for real.

Our sissy temping test allows a submissive to get a feel for the plight of a beleaguered assistant, providing a range of tasks that are wickedly tedious and time-consuming. Whether looking up telephone numbers, processing invoices or taking dictation, each requires absolute accuracy, giving you all the grounds you need to discipline an underachieving secretary! Would-be assistants can also test their suitability for administrative work with a game that will need them to prove their skills to progress - ideal for those without a boss!

sissy tests

sissy typing test: keyboard practice and line writing punishment

In the book set to work in a skirt, one of the sissy secretaries is expected to take a taxing typing test, with his keyboard proficiency determining whether he deserves an orgasm. Sitting down to type in his skirt and blouse, he knows that it's not just the chance of a climax that's at stake - a stern punishment is on the cards should he fail to satisfy his wife's stringent demands. To avoid a shameful spanking, this male secretary must type quickly yet accurately, with the computer keeping score even as it challenges him with the most emasculating of phrases.

Our sissy typing test allows your errant employee to be set to work in a similar way, presenting a series of slogans that are sure to encourage a suitably submissive state of mind. Taking account of both speed and errors, it's perfect as a line writing punishment, providing proof of performance that may be used to determine whether further discipline is called for or simply serve as a deterrent in its own right.

sissy mathematics test: sums that will make a submissive man sweat

Imagine sitting at an uncomfortable desk, staring blanking at the first of many sheets of impossibly tough sums. The swish of a cane speaks of the consequences of inadequate arithmetic ability, with only a blunt pencil offering any hope of avoiding an almost inevitable punishment as the clock ticks down. The most macho of men might shudder at a scenario that could come straight from a nightmare, one which becomes all the more emasculating when the reluctant examinee finds himself wearing a pleated skirt and panties.

Such a provocative predicament is presented as an exciting story in the book now be a good girl!, but our sissy mathematics test provides all the material you need to make a submissive man sit such a test for real. With the choice of being taken online against the clock, or printed out for use as part of a role-play, it's perfect as both a prelude to further punishment and a punishment in itself. The options are as endless as the questions themselves - the only real one being how well your sissy will fare!

sissy English test: words that will make a submissive man weak

If your not paying appropriate attention, its easy to overlook grammatical errors - there are two in this first sentence alone! That doesn't make such elementary mistakes any more excusable, however, with incorrect use of words requiring the necessary correction! A sissy sitting an examination certainly can't afford to slip up if he wants to be spared a punishment, but when the clock's counting down, he'll have a tough task on his hands to get everything right - especially when distracted with thoughts of panties and brassières!

Our sissy English test provides an opportunity to put a submissive man through his paces, presenting a seemingly endless series of sentences to sort out - whether in a web browser, with subsequent marking, or printable for even more realistic role-play. There's also an essay writing mode, in which a misbehaving sissy can be challenged to write about a choice of emasculating subjects, requiring only a few moments of your time to keep him occupied for hours.

interactive tools

chastity dice: let chance decide whether it's time

In the book one-sided games, men must beat the odds to enjoy an orgasm, their chances of a climax far less than the likelihood of them staying frustrated! Although there aren't any dice in the stories of feminization and denial, the picture is still a provocative one, such that when our artist proposed such a motif for the cover, I couldn't help but wonder whether it could be made real.

With the help of our technical wizard, I'm pleased to present the brassièred chastity dice, allowing you to leave it to luck whether your man stays locked. Will he roll the keys that he needs, or will he suffer at the hands of Lady Fortune? As well as adding forfeits to the mix, you can skew the odds in your favour, these configurable dice letting you choose whether to play fairly or condemn him to an already decided fate. Watching the possibilities can be maddening in itself, there being no way for a man to know whether his hopes will be thwarted until the dice he's depending on finally stop.

punishment and reward picker: delegate his fate to a random roll

It's bad enough when a maid lets his mistress down, without him adding the burden of making her decide how he should be punished. Why should the lady of the house have to waste her time thinking about correcting an errant servant, when he's supposed to be there to spare her tedious chores? The same is true for keeping a submissive man busy, whether he's completed all the housework, or has so much to do that he doesn't know where to start! All that's before considering what, if any, reward a maid might deserve for his service - hardly something that can be delegated to him, no matter how dutiful he may be!

Our punishment and reward picker offers an answer to these questions, allowing you to leave the decision entirely to chance. You don't need to do anything more than tell your man to do what it says, but you can make him suffer a maddening wait while the possibilities roll around - a punishment in itself, even if the picker finally decides that he should be permitted pleasure!

consequence chooser: make him pick his punishment

Should a disobedient sissy be allowed to decide how he is disciplined? You might think not, but having to choose can be worse than having no choice at all - especially when a submissive man can't see what he's condemning himself to! Perhaps he's hoping to avoid his least favourite punishment, or perhaps his chance of a reward rests on him making the right choice. How awful it would be for him to choose wrongly, knowing how different things could have been, if only he had picked another option! Once he's made his decision, it'll be too late to change his mind, nor can he complain when he has only himself to blame!

Our consequence chooser allows you to put your submissive in just such a predicament, requiring him to decide his fate in the most devilish of ways! You can customise the choices it offers, or even stack the odds against him if you're feeling unfair. Regardless of whether you make the decision beforehand or leave it to him, he's sure to find choosing surprisingly challenging!

sissy colouring and wallpaper maker: pretty things to print out or put on your screen

Colouring can be very relaxing, requiring an attention to detail that allows even adults to forget their everyday stresses for a while. What could be better to help a sissy unwind than a page of pretty panties and bras, or perhaps a sheet of maids, all ready to serve in their dresses and aprons? Even when he's focusing on filling in countless whorls of frilly lace, he'll be aware of the femininity of such garments, adding to the power of anything he wears himself.

Our sissy colouring and wallpaper maker allows you to print as many pages of adult colouring as you like. Alternatively, you can use it to create a background for a computer, tablet or phone - a perfect way to remind a submissive man of his place every time he looks at it. All the images are packed with little details, and each is guaranteed to be unique, but it only takes a couple of clicks to make one - no matter how long it might take your sissy to colour it in!

textbooks for sissies and submissive men

perfect English, Peaches!: a grammar course for sissy secretaries and other submissive men

perfect English, Peaches! is a grammar course written specifically for the submissive crossdresser. The aim of this textbook for sissies is to give the student a greater understanding of the words he uses, thus helping him to avoid the mistakes that so often mar even the simplest pieces of writing. Employing exaggerated examples that are sure to appeal to any man with a weakness for women's things, the course not only encourages higher standards of language, but also emphasises respect for female authority throughout. The intentionally titillating scenarios do not detract from the text's purpose, however, with the misadventures of a submissive male secretary making the material more memorable.

Intended as a serious course of study, but also ideal for adult role-play, this book challenges the reader to really think about how he writes and speaks. Each of the twenty-five lessons concludes with exercises to check comprehension, as well as suggestions for additional work.

en français, Fifi!: essential French for sissy maids and secretaries

en français, Fifi! is a course in basic French for the submissive crossdresser. It is intended to give the student an understanding of the language sufficient to permit him to perform the functions of a maid or secretary without any need to resort to English. Putting a solid emphasis on grammar, this textbook for sissies teaches all the vocabulary that a feminized servant or subordinate should know, using exaggerated examples that will prove as memorable as they are provocative. The would-be speaker will find himself immersed in a world where men wear bras and chastity belts as they seek to please their female superiors with selfless submission, forever fearing shameful punishment.

Ideal for adult role-play, this book can be used as a serious course of study, requiring the reader to make a real effort to master it. Each of the forty-nine lessons includes exercises to test the understanding, swiftly separating those willing to put in the work from those who think they can shirk!

sewing for sissy maids: how to make a maid's uniform

Do you want to dress for domestic service, but have difficulty finding a maid's uniform that fits both your body and your budget? If you're tired of compromising when it comes to what to wear for the chores, then it's time to learn to sew! Making your own maid's outfits is more straightforward than you might think, such that you can have a whole wardrobe of frilly little numbers for the most modest of costs - but the rewards of dressmaking don't stop there! It's a satisfying hobby in its own right, immersing you in a womanly world as you work with material and machine in a manner becoming of a maid.

In sewing for sissy maids, you'll find everything you need to know to make a complete maid's uniform, from how to buy fabric and get started with a sewing machine to more advanced details of adapting a dress's design. With over five hundred photographs and diagrams illustrating the process step-by-step, it's the perfect introduction to a skill every maid should be proficient at.

bygone secretaries: a vintage course for office assistants

What does it mean to be a secretary? Even today, the responsibilities of a personal assistant are serious business, with seemingly simple tasks such as filing being more complicated than some men might think! In the past, such work was even more demanding, but there was nothing shameful about a man adopting what has come to be seen as a stereotypically female role. Moreover, the same traits needed to be a successful secretary are ones that many would benefit from cultivating - the ability to remain composed under pressure, a scrupulous attention to detail, and most importantly, a selfless desire to satisfy one's superiors.

bygone secretaries presents a genuine secretarial course from the previous century, with the intention of giving anyone who studies it a greater respect for the office administrators of today. It is an ideal accompaniment to secretarial role-play, but also offers a profitable way to keep a submissive man busy, as well as providing fascinating insights into the past.