sissy patience test

pick and match lingerie to please your boss

Even the simplest of tasks can become surprisingly challenging when a sissy has to do it over and over again, especially when a single mistake might mean all the difference between pleasure and punishment. You wouldn't think that a man could confuse a pair of panties with a bra or a garter belt, but ask him enough times, and he's sure to slip up sooner or later! That's before you demand he notices the details of such womanly garments, let alone commit their feminine features to memory, all the while distracted by suggestions of how weak women's underwear makes him. How long will he be able to focus?

Our sissy patience test provides the perfect way to occupy a submissive man, requiring his complete concentration if he's to stand any chance of passing it. As well as a choice of three ways in which to challenge a sissy, it also features a game which can be played even by those without a mistress, demanding them to demonstrate perseverance and preciseness to progress the story.

The “story mode” features sixteen separate challenges, presented in a provocative scenario that's sure to appeal to any sissy. After applying to become an assistant in an unlikely lingerie store, the player will need to meet the exacting standards of his new boss if he's to progress to the next stage, but his hard work will be rewarded by delicious details of how the situation develops - assuming he makes the grade! If you don't have a mistress to guide you, this is a great way of seeing whether you've got the patience it takes to please a woman, but a sissy maid or secretary may also enjoy it as a break before returning to their duties.

Alternatively, you can select one of the three individual tests. There are a wealth of choices that you can customise if you're so minded, but you don't need to worry about them if you just want to keep your sissy busy - any of the options will provide a challenge. You can require him to continue for a set amount of time, or until he has correctly selected a certain amount of lingerie, choosing both the speed with which it appears and the amount shown at any one time. Is it more frustrating for a man to have to scramble to select all the panties before they disappear, or to have to wait what will feel like hours for a single bra? Either way, he'll have his work cut out for him, unable to let his thoughts wander if he isn't to fail!

a note about browsers

My technical wizard has endeavoured to make the sissy patience test work on the widest possible range of devices, but we can't test it on everything! If you have problems, please see if it works better in a different browser, and contact me with the details.