sissy reaction test

train him to respond to the ring of a bell

When a woman calls for attention, a submissive man must stop what he is doing and see what she wants, no matter how busy he might be. Quick reactions and endless patience are qualities that are required of both male maids and secretaries, with a sissy who dares to make his mistress or boss wait asking to be punished! Whether she snaps her fingers or rings a bell, he should always be ready to respond - not just once, but as often as it might amuse her to summon him, perhaps for no other reason than to send him away again.

Our sissy reaction test allows you to assess a man's abilities in these crucial areas, or else to teach him of their importance, without having to go out of your way yourself. You can choose a rapid-fire test of reactions, or a slower, yet no less demanding patience challenge, each of which is completely configurable. There's also a game that can be played even by single sissies, requiring them to cultivate their skills in order to progress the story.

The “story mode” puts the player in the role of a man who wants to be a maid, taking him through the process of being employed by a very demanding mistress. It's a prospect that many sissies fantasise about, but daydreaming won't get a would-be maid very far! There are no provocative pictures, just an awful lot of waiting, albeit while learning some important lessons about what it means to be a maid. A sissy who does not have a mistress to serve will find this offers a feel for what it's like to work for a woman, in so far as a game can ever compare to the real thing.

Alternatively, you can opt for a reaction test, which will present phrases of your choice at either random or regular intervals. In order to succeed, a sissy will need to concentrate on the screen for the entire duration of the test, requiring him to consider not only whatever words he's expected to react to, but also those that are displayed while he waits. As a method of training a submissive man, it's no less effective for being so simple, with the provided suggestions illustrating some of the ways in which the test may be employed.

The bell training option provides less frequent challenges, making it perfect for keeping a sissy maid or secretary on his toes while he's performing other tasks. You might instruct him to respond to the test as he would your own call, leaving him having to listen for the ring of the bell regardless of what else he must do. Like the reaction test, the bell training merely requires the taker to click or press a key in response to a challenge, something which does not necessarily need him to have his hands free. For a humiliating punishment, you might cuff them behind his back, telling your sissy to use his nose. He'll certainly learn his lesson when he's had to bow his body again and again, but that doesn't stop you using the results as a pretext for further discipline!