taming the caged beast


For the unfamiliar

Have you ever wished you could persuade your husband1 to think with his head rather than what's between his legs? That may be asking the impossible in many cases, but believe it or not, there is a way to harness the mighty power of a man's libido as an ally rather than an enemy to your cause. When his testicles are telling him to do what's right, he'll no longer need nagging about all those things he knows he ought to have done - once his balls are on side, the rest comes naturally! Whether it's paying more attention to your needs and desires, spicing up your sex life or simply adding a little extra romance to your relationship, it all stems from taking control of his cock - after all, where his manhood leads, the man is sure to follow.

Intrigued? Then read on, and let's explore the exciting world of male chastity.

[1] Out of a desire for simplicity and consistency, we'll be using the terms husband and wife to refer to the man subject to male chastity and his partner, but that doesn't mean you need to be married in order to enjoy its benefits. Male chastity may be practised in any loving relationship, whether that's between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or even a gay couple, so long as one party has a penis. Whichever you are, read on!

Why am I reading this?

Many men find it difficult to bring up the subject of male chastity with their wives, perhaps wanting to give it a try but not knowing where best to start when it comes to explaining something that deserves an entire book to cover thoroughly. If you're reading this at the suggestion of your husband, rest assured there's nothing wrong with you or your relationship - he's merely interested to know what you make of something he thinks might be fun. By doing so, he's offering some ideas to play with - where you go with them is entirely up to you. Why not read the next chapter and let him know what you think?

For connoisseurs

Readers who are already familiar with the subject of male chastity will need little introduction to its benefits - if you're already practising it yourself, you'll already know the many advantages it can bring to a relationship. You may find that much of what I have written here is quite familiar - that's because the intention of taming the caged beast is to provide a readily available, practical introduction to the subject for those just starting out.

It is not necessarily comprehensive, and certainly not exhaustive - there are areas I have only touched on in passing, and more obscure subjects that I have not mentioned at all. Instead, I believe its value to lie elsewhere - offering a realistic, accessible approach that contrasts sharply with some of the more fantastic, hard-line offerings out there. It is designed to be the kind of book that a man interested in male chastity can use to broach the subject with his wife, answering the questions she's sure to raise with an objective clarity that his nerves may be unable to muster. It provides an ideal starting point for a discussion between them on the matter, as well as the means for a woman exploring the area on her own to educate herself prior to suggesting the idea to her husband, without any of the nonsense one so often finds online.

Nevertheless, I hope that even veteran practitioners of male chastity will find something of value in this work. Whatever your degree of experience with it, there's always something new to discover about the exciting subject - so much so that no-one, least of all myself, could possible claim to have the last word on the matter. With that in mind, I would welcome ideas from my readers as to how this book may be improved. Read on, and let me know!