bygone maids

vintage manuals for maids and mistresses

A modern maid may grumble about having his hands full with the housework, but the duties of even the most devoted of domestics pale in comparison to those the servants of the past were expected to undertake. Without the assistance of any of the labour-saving devices so easily taken for granted today, generations of girls slaved away to keep their superiors in the comfort they were accustomed to, knowing that long days of menial drudgery were their lot for life.

bygone maids presents a selection of genuine books from previous centuries, transcribed and formatted for your reading pleasure. These vintage maid manuals not only offer a fascinating historical insight into the forgotten lives of female servants and those they answered to, but can also serve as a means of instilling an appropriately submissive mindset in today's male maid. Whether you're looking for serious material for a housemaid husband to copy, recite or just read, you'll find plenty of austere words here.

Although all these books have long since fallen out of copyright, previously available digitisations have left something to be desired, as might be expected from automated scanning. With a view to making these works more widely available, I tasked my housemaid husband with producing accurate transcriptions of their text, a devotion which served to deepen his understanding of the historic footsteps he was following in. Let there be no doubt - a motivated male maid has much more incentive to get things right than even the cleverest of computers! Save for correcting obvious typographical errors, the sometimes archaic spelling and punctuation have otherwise been left unaltered.

Simply reading any of these texts will give any man a greater appreciation for the amount of work that was once expected of a female servant. It might amuse you, however, to have a male maid copy out parts of them, perhaps into a notebook kept specially for the purpose, whether as a punishment or merely a means of occupying his time. My husband advises me that the fashion histories and cosmetic recipes, with their abundance of unfamiliar terms, were especially tedious to transcribe, but you could equally expect a misbehaving maid to duplicate a long passage on duty. Alternatively, you could have him recite sections, possibly even from memory - the dialogues are particularly suitable in this regard, whether you choose to play the part of the mistress, or simply have your maid address himself while standing in front of a mirror. For a more cerebral challenge, why not have him write an essay about the similarities or differences between his domestic service and that of the girls described in the books? In any case, these works offer a wealth of possibilities for the modern mistress and maid - even if their authors would never have considered their words ever being used to train men in such a way!

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