he's the maid

how an apron helps your husband do the housework

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Do you ever wish you didn't have worry about the housework? Trying to keep on top of the chores can often seem like running only to stand still, but it's not possible to neglect the dusting, vacuuming or laundry for long if you don't want to end up living in squalor. Maybe you've thought about hiring a maid to take care of those tasks you struggle to find time, energy or enthusiasm to tackle, but you don't like the idea of having a stranger look after your house, let alone what you'd have to pay. If only there was a way you could get your husband to lend a hand, if not have him take the whole load off your shoulders!

In he's the maid, you'll discover a very different approach to dividing domestic responsibilities in your relationship - one which will not only see your man doing his fair share, but bring him surprising benefits too. Cleaning need no longer be a chore when he dresses the part, an apron and a bit of role-play all it takes to make the housework anything but boring!

The book begins by discussing why having your husband serve as your maid has advantages over other options, considering the benefits not just from your perspective, but his as well. You'll learn why the archetype of the maid is so compelling, seeing how profoundly an apron can affect a man thanks to its wealth of associations. Misconceptions about male maids are laid to rest, separating the reality of loving service from common concerns.

The second chapter will show you how to get started, outlining simple, but powerful principles to overcome any initial difficulties before progressing to more ambitious aims. You'll see how to persuade your husband to be your maid for the very first time, learning how to leave him with a positive impression that'll make it easier to have him help again. There are suggestions of tasks suitable for even the most inept of men, ideas for introducing an apron, and a discussion of how to begin instilling the idea that he's your maid.

Believe it or not, some men desperately want to be maids! Chapter three considers the special case of the submissive crossdresser, discussing how a desire to dress up and submit can be turned to your mutual advantage. If you're married to a so-called sissy, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what drives him, as well as seeing the part shame and guilt may play, and how to offer a healthy alternative to unhealthy fantasies.

Chapter four takes a tour of the house, exploring all the ways your husband can make himself useful as your maid. You'll see how he can develop the skills not just to keep everything clean, but to improve your life and pamper you too. No matter how clumsy or clueless he may be to begin with, you'll find chores he'll be able to complete, leading up to challenges sure to keep even the most capable of male maids on their toes.

Chapter five is devoted to what your husband can wear while he works, examining every aspect of maid's apparel from underwear to accessories, as well as how it affects the male wearer. You'll not only learn about the sorts of aprons and dresses that are available for men who serve as maids, but also where to buy them, seeing how to put together a uniform that'll make it seem natural for him to do as you say.

In chapter six, you'll read how you can motivate your maid, discovering that it doesn't need much effort from you to have him give his best. The benefits of a positive approach are discussed along with the power of expectations, with a variety of realistic punishments presented that will deter poor performance without you having to break a sweat.

The final chapter of the book explores how you might take things further, adding icing to the cake with a range of related ideas. By the time you finish he's the maid, you'll have a whole host of tricks and tips to get your husband in the mood for housework, allowing you to sit back and relax while he takes care of the chores.

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