put him in panties

Chapter 2: Lingerie for Men

In the previous chapter, we looked at the wealth of connotations that women's underwear holds for the average man - far more than you might appreciate from the rather different perspective of wearing it yourself on a daily basis. We discussed how a man donning lingerie, whether with enthusiasm or more reluctantly, finds himself inexorably influenced by the profoundly feminine associations such garments are imbued with, and how this in turn affects both his attitude and his behaviour - in a distinctly positive manner! Finally, we illustrated a number of ways in which this phenomenon can be used to the benefit of a loving relationship, both in the bedroom and beyond. We'll be exploring the practical details of exactly how you can achieve such results yourself in the subsequent chapters of this book.

For now, however, it's worth taking a moment to consider exactly what we're talking about here. In truth, there are actually several interrelated aspects of having a man wear lingerie, which can be broadly divided into three main categories depending on whether the principal effect of his attire is one of arousal, atonement or acquiescence. Although all three may be present to a greater or lesser extent, precisely how you go about putting your husband in panties affects which takes precedence, channelling the feminine forces involved down different directions depending on the desired outcome. Whether you have him wear women's underwear to turn him on, to punish him for letting you down, or simply to instil more general discipline, the same fundamental principles are involved throughout, however much their effects may differ - just as the lingerie he wears can vary from a skimpy thong to a heavily boned basque, yet retain its unique femininity and power over the man wearing it.

Firstly, there is what we'll be referring to as erotic feminization - having your husband wear sexy lingerie in an intimate context in order to spice up your lovemaking. Here, the emphasis is placed on the sexual aspects of such underwear, taking the inherent arousal a man instinctively feels at the sight of lingerie on a lady and reflecting it back upon himself. Clad only in feminine attire, and with an enthusiastic partner encouraging him to be as naughty as the outfit she's dressed him in, it's hard for a man not to feel sexy and turned on in such a situation - to the benefit of both parties! Of course, having your husband wear lingerie also has the side effect of engendering a more submissive attitude in him, which can just as easily be turned to your advantage, not least in the form of extended foreplay and an increased openness to other sexual experimentation.

Secondly, making your husband wear women's underwear may be used as a means for him to atone for previous misdemeanours, with the threat of having to do so again acting as a deterrent against him misbehaving in future. The discomfort, both physical and psychological, of having to wear such feminine attire takes centre stage here, with any erotic aspects being overwhelmed by feelings of embarrassment, awkwardness and shame. If he is expected to wear a bra and panties in public, there is the additional anxiety about being caught in such a humiliating predicament, however vanishingly small the chances of discovery may actually be. Even in private, the unfamiliar tactile sensations of such underwear can be quite sufficient to teach him a lesson, especially if the garments in question are chosen with the deliberate aim of being uncomfortable and awkward. We'll be calling this practice lingerie punishment henceforth1.

Finally, lingerie may be worn by a man on a more regular basis as a symbol of submission to his wife. Once again, the erotic aspects of such clothing take a secondary place for the most part, but this time there's no sense of him having to atone for anything by wearing it, nor that he's being punished when he does so. Nevertheless, a man wearing lingerie for this purpose is constantly aware of his intimate attire, which serves to keep in line as he goes about his daily business. It exerts its influence in the form of an ever present reminder of why he is wearing such clothing, encouraging him to behave himself and respect his wife - even in her absence! As such, this practice is known as lingerie discipline or lingerie training, although the terms used may also reflect the particular garment used to teach a man self-control, for example bra discipline or panty training.

Of course, you don't have to adopt all of these techniques, nor need you restrict yourself to just one of them - as we'll reiterate throughout the course of this book, you're free to pick and choose whatever works for you. In practice, the boundaries between them tend to blur into one another - a man who has to wear panties to work as a punishment may find himself appreciating them more in the bedroom that evening. Equally, a couple who begin fooling around with lingerie as nothing more than a sexy game may discover it develops into something rather more serious over time - perhaps with the man having separate playtime and punishment attire, each conveying a quite different meaning. As we'll see later, even a man who actively enjoys wearing women's underwear is not immune to its corrective effects when employed for lingerie discipline or chastisement, but the latter need not spoil the pleasure he derives from it on other occasions. Regardless of the situation, lingerie leaves the woman in control, allowing her to take proceedings in the direction she sees fit.

[1] Rather confusingly, such treatment is sometimes referred to elsewhere as petticoat punishment or petticoating, with a man subject to it said to be petticoated, even though actual petticoats are rarely involved. Sadly, much of what is written in association with such phrases must be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, being grounded more in fantasy than reality - using the term lingerie punishment here helps to draw a clear distinction between the practical and the implausible.

What are the benefits of him wearing lingerie?

If you're never really considered the possibility of dressing your husband up in women's underwear before, you may still be wondering what's in it for you and your relationship. Although the practical benefits of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline are self-evident to anyone who has been practising them for any length of time, it can be difficult to fully appreciate just how much of an effect such techniques can have on your husband until you've tried them for yourself. Imagine:

It's worth remembering that such benefits are far from being one-sided. Although a man who dons lingerie at the behest of his wife may initially be rather sceptical about the advantages of doing so, over time he too is sure to appreciate the effects that such attire has - both on his relationship with his wife, but also on himself as a person. It would be a rare man who would say no to having more fun in the bedroom, but as we shall see later, many men would also sorely welcome the opportunity to develop greater willpower, divest themselves of less appealing habits and improve themselves in the process - all things that can be achieved through wearing lingerie so long as a man can be persuaded to keep an open mind about its possibilities.

Why is having him wear lingerie so effective?

Is there anything else, be it clothing or otherwise, that is capable of achieving such diverse benefits as those we've just been discussing? It's hard to imagine that anything could possibly compete with lingerie whilst still remaining as gentle and loving, yet women's underwear is just that - no more than delicate bundles of lace and nylon, satin and silk, yet having the power to transform a man merely by dressing him up in it. Let's take a moment to summarise just what it is that makes lingerie so effective when used in this way.

All these factors come together, reinforcing one another to give lingerie its unique power. The unfamiliar sensations of women's underwear keep reminding the wearer of its intimate presence, which in turn reiterates the reasons as to why a man is wearing it, bringing about the manifold benefits we listed earlier. It really is the stuff of dreams - simple, gentle and yet exquisitely effective.

What are some common misconceptions about men wearing lingerie?

If this all sounds too good to be true at first glance, or you find yourself wondering whether such benefits are really that easy to achieve in practice, you wouldn't be alone. Many women quite understandably have reservations about putting their husbands in lingerie, especially when they've only just been introduced to the idea themselves. It's certainly not uncommon to have doubts about whether such techniques are right for you and your relationship - you may worry about unforeseen consequences or drawbacks, or merely feel an instinctive uneasiness about having your husband wear underwear apparently more appropriate for yourself. You may wonder how he'll react to the idea, or be concerned about the risk and repercussions of his secret being discovered by other people - hardly unreasonable fears, especially when they're about a man you love.

Such reactions are perfectly natural, but that doesn't mean you should dismiss the rest of this book out of hand. It takes time to fully appreciate all that can be achieved with erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, even once you begin employing such techniques for yourself. Indeed, as we'll discuss later, it's better to adopt a slow, gradual progression rather than jumping in at the deep end immediately. That means that you can, and indeed, should take all the time you need to mull things over before experimenting a little to discover what works for you. You may find that an idea that initially seems a little unusual, if not somewhat strange, begins to grow on you as you get your head around its manifold implications and possibilities. For now, read on - you'll be sure to thank yourself for doing so later!

In the previous chapter, we discussed how the connotations that particular kinds of clothing are imbued with can influence not only their wearer, but also those around them. Such unconscious associations extend far further than one might imagine however, going so far as to affect the way we all perceive and interpret situations, ideas and even words. If your initial reaction to the mention of men wearing lingerie was to picture a stereotypical drag queen, effeminate pantywaist or mincing transvestite, perhaps hanging around a seedy gay bar with other dodgy looking homosexuals, the chances are your assumptions have been shaped by pervading societal prejudices about such matters. It takes a certain degree of self-awareness to appreciate this and recognise that erotic feminization and lingerie discipline can be whatever you make of them, rather than having to conform to any existing preconceptions.

With that in mind, let's look at some of the common misconceptions you may have regarding men wearing lingerie - a topic that most women are unlikely to have given much thought to in the absence of prior experience with the matter. In doing so, we'll explode the myth that there is anything wrong or perverse about putting a man in panties, and hopefully set your mind at rest regarding any doubts you may have about employing erotic feminization and lingerie discipline to the benefit of your own relationship.

It would be easy to feel bogged down after reading such an exhaustive list, especially if you share some of the concerns we've been discussing, but the easiest way to see through them is simply to give things a try for yourself. Once you've seen the powerful effect that erotic feminization and lingerie discipline can have on your own relationship, you'll recognise such trifling worries for what they are and be glad you didn't let them stop you. Even women who have been practising such techniques for years will tell you that they too were once unsure about whether this could actually work for them - it's a natural response to anything new, especially where other people are involved.

Like all novel ideas, it's worth taking a little time to get your head around what's involved. You may find it helpful to go back and reread this chapter, or simply to come back to it afresh after a couple of days. You'll find that the more you think these things over, the more they start to click into place - what might have seemed a little bizarre to begin with soon becomes quite commonplace once you get to grips with it. The most important thing is not to be afraid of giving things a go and seeing where they take you. As we'll find in the next chapter, you don't have to commit yourself to anything irrevocable by doing so, but you may be pleasantly surprised by the results! Why not try for yourself and see just what erotic feminization and lingerie discipline can do for you and your relationship?