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At brassièred, we believe that men benefit from expressing their feminine and submissive sides - as do their wives and girlfriends! That's why we offer practical, no nonsense advice and erotica with a difference, all aimed at promoting the positive aspects of submission in the context of healthy, caring relationships. There's nothing hateful or horrible here, only helpful how-to guides on how to transform your love life with lace and locks, as well as sexy stories that are as plausible as they are passionate. On this web site, you'll find fiction and non-fiction about the following subjects:

Whether it be exciting erotica to tickle your fancy or practical handbooks packed with all the tips and tricks you need, everything at brassièred is written with loving relationships in mind, bringing you the benefits of submission without ever losing touch with reality. As well as being a sexy read, our stories set a good example, whereas our guides give tried and tested advice that's sure to strengthen the special bond between you and your love.

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Our latest books include:

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Whether you're looking for something that will occupy a submissive man for a few minutes, or want a way of keeping him out of your hair for several hours, our sissy tests provide an easy way to ensure he spends his time profitably:

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books for maids and mistresses

If you're wanting your husband to help more around the house, look no further than our long-awaited maid training manual, which we've made available for you to read for free online:

Alternatively, learn about the duties of genuine maid servants with our collection of authentic historical texts:

Don't forget our fully-illustrated guide for sissies wanting to sew their own uniforms, also available to read for free online:

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If you use other websites to look for our books, you might not find everything we have to offer straight away. To be sure of seeing the full range without waiting, check out the catalogue, which has links to all the books in every format they're offered in. Whether you're looking for a paperback, or prefer a digital format for your e-reader or computer, you're only a couple of clicks away from your heart's desire!