put him in panties

Chapter 3: Erotic Feminization

In the previous chapter, we discussed the many benefits to be had from having your husband wear lingerie, both in and out of the bedroom. We've seen how putting him panties can make a world of difference across all aspects of your relationship, not only spicing up your sex life but also encouraging your man to be kinder and more considerate in other areas too - from helping out more around the house to showing greater respect for women in general. It may sound almost too good to be true, but innumerable other women are already enjoying all this and more, simply by adding a little lingerie to their man's wardrobe.

Nevertheless, putting such ideas into practice in your own relationship can seem somewhat daunting at the outset, and you may well be wondering where on earth to begin - especially if you've never done anything like this before. However attractive the end results may be, it's still necessary to take that single small step to get started. Thankfully, with the help of the tips and tricks presented here, you'll find your first foray into feminization far less difficult than you might have feared - indeed, you'll discover that dressing your husband up is really rather fun once you get past the initial hurdle of overcoming any doubts about the matter.

Over the course of this chapter, we'll be looking at erotic feminization in more detail, from how to persuade your husband into a pair of panties for the very first time right through to what to do with him once he's wearing them. Even if you're more interested in using lingerie for the purposes of discipline or punishment, introducing it in the bedroom offers an ideal base from which to develop things further. Most men are far more amenable to the idea of donning women's underwear when it's presented as a sexy game, but that doesn't mean it always has to be used so intimately - once he's become used to wearing lingerie in bed, it's far easier to persuade him to wear it for other reasons in less erotic situations too, as we'll see in subsequent chapters.

Remember, when we speak of erotic feminization here, we do so only as a convenient shorthand for having your husband wear feminine lingerie, and then only for some fun in the bedroom - nothing more. Nevertheless, frolicking in frillies together can be tremendously satisfying for both you and your husband, as we'll hope you'll see for yourself by the end of this chapter.

Getting your own house in order

Before even thinking about finding frillies for your husband, take a moment to dispassionately assess the contents of your own lingerie drawer. If your choice of underwear has been primarily driven by comfort rather than style, or, heaven forbid, revolves around replacing things only when they become so dilapidated as to be utterly unwearable, you need to ask yourself whether that's likely to arouse your husband. There are few things less attractive than ragged, moth eaten smalls - grey, sagging elastic and fraying edges simply don't have the desired effect when it comes to turning a man on. Even if yours aren't quite that bad, it's important to be honest about them - are they sexy or sensible?

Some women mistakenly assume that sexy lingerie isn't for them, perhaps picturing something outrageously indecent, inevitably modelled by someone half their age and size - a far cry from the plain and practical underwear they've grown used to over the years. If you can't see yourself in a peephole bra and crotchless panties, relax - you don't need to don anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in order to look sexy! There's no need to worry if slutty simply isn't your style, for you can look just as good in something more sophisticated than skimpy - more so, in fact, since you're being yourself rather than trying to be something you're not. All it takes is showing the same amount of care and attention to your underwear as you'd pay to the rest of your attire.

It's like making an effort to choose the right kind of dress for going out in, for instance, one that accentuates your natural charms without drawing undue attention to those aspects of your body you may be less enamoured with. It doesn't matter if you're not particularly well endowed or as slim as a model - regardless of whether you're curvy or petite, there's lingerie that will work its magic for you, flattering your figure in a way that's sure to captivate your husband's attention. There's no need to replace all of your everyday underwear in order to wear something special occasionally, in the same way you wouldn't dress up to the nines simply to lounge around the house, but it's well worth treating yourself. It may be nothing more than a nice pair of panties and a matching bra, or it may be something more sophisticated - the only necessity is that it catches your husband's eye, standing out from your usual more mundane attire.

Quite apart from what it'll do for your man, getting yourself some new, sexy underwear is sure to give you a boost too - in more ways than one. A pretty bra and matching panties is uplifting for the mind as well as the body, a little luxury that'll make you feel great about yourself, filling you with confidence and self-assurance. There are good reasons why women's underwear used to be known as foundation wear, because the right choice of lingerie really does lay firm foundations for everything else - not just physically, but psychologically too. You certainly don't have to wear a tightly laced corset to benefit from such underpinnings - a classy camisole works just as well if that's more your kind of style.

For some women this all comes as second nature, but others may benefit from a helping hand. Don't be afraid to ask for advice in the lingerie department regarding what might work for you - there's nothing shameful about wanting to dress to please. A professional fitter will be more than happy to give you whatever advice you need, using her experience and expertise to help you achieve the look that's right for you, not to mention ensuring you get the right fit. It's worth going a little upmarket simply to benefit from such a consultation - you may find you come away with a whole new perspective on underwear! At the very least, you can be sure that whatever your adviser suggests will work wonders on your husband - that, after all, is the power of lingerie!

Undressing to impress

We wouldn't be discussing going to such trouble if there wasn't a very good reason for doing so, but livening up your own lingerie offers an excellent way of making your husband aware of its erotic potential, providing the perfect icebreaker when it comes to raising the idea of him donning similar attire for you. Even the most imperceptive of men can't help but notice when his wife's gone to some bother to dress up for him, and he's sure to appreciate the results - especially when her attire is deliberately designed to arouse!

Some couples sadly regard their underwear as something to be divested before they even get into the bedroom, let alone into bed. Whilst this is perfectly understandable when the garments in question aren't particularly appealing, there's no point in making an effort to get yourself all dressed up if you're immediately going to take it all off again. Although it's quite natural for your husband to want to get inside your panties and bra, that doesn't mean you have to strip off completely in order for him to have his wicked way with you. Keeping at least some of your lingerie on whilst you make love helps cement its role in proceedings, reinforcing its significance rather than relegating it to the floor by the side of the bed.

For instance, if your husband is like most men, you can take advantage of the difficulties he's sure to have when it comes to removing your bra by merely popping your breasts out of its cups rather than taking it off completely. Some bras are more amenable than others in this respect, but it's a trick that works particularly well for more convoluted lingerie such as basques and teddies, where the multitude of fasteners makes getting out of them almost as much trouble as getting into them in the first place! Save yourself the bother, and keep as much of your sexy lingerie on as you can, slowly and sensuously revealing those parts of your body that your husband shows an instinctive interest in. However keen he may be to get to them, take your time and tease him - you'll be amazed where such wicked treatment can lead a man!

As we'll see when we discuss having your husband wear such hosiery, there's something very special about stockings. What you may think of as nothing more than long socks have a quite disproportionate effect on the masculine libido, conveying a wealth of erotic connotations far beyond their flimsy form. It's easy to add a pair of lace topped hold-ups to an intimate ensemble, but if your other underwear offers suspenders, complete the effect by making use of them - they can remain attached throughout and really will do the business as far as your husband's passions are concerned. Quite apart from the sight of such sexy hosiery, the feel of nylon clinging to your legs is sure to prove exciting for both of you, with even the slightest touch emphasising its erotic significance.

Such tactile qualities are by no means limited to stockings, of course. If you're wearing satin or silk, encourage your husband to explore your intimate attire with his hands, drawing his attention to the smooth, shiny material as he tenderly touches you. With looser lingerie, such as a babydoll nightdress, his hands can be directed inside to continue their caress, pulling its material up rather than off so that it can still rub against him while he gets to work on your mutual pleasure. For more figure hugging attire, straps can simply be slipped and thongs pulled to one side to allow access for your husband's eager exploration rather than taking anything off completely. Even if your panties have to come off, there's no reason you have to divest of them in a hurry - wiggling out of your underwear tantalisingly slowly works a treat when it comes to teasing your husband, who can't help but be drawn to their contents.

In short, it's easy to make a much bigger deal out of what you're wearing, without having to compromise any of your enjoyment of the experience. Moreover, your husband is unlikely to raise any objections to such a show, however out of character your unexpected attire might be. At most, he'll express a pleasant surprise, perhaps asking why you're treating him to such delightful thrills, but all you have to say is that you fancied trying something different - sexual experimentation of this kind is hardly something he's going to complain about! There's certainly no need to explain that you're thinking about having him wear similar attire in the near future, let alone any necessity to proceed further until you feel comfortable doing so - simply having fun with your lingerie is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, however much it also lays the foundations for further developments.

Raising the subject

Of course, this book isn't about women wearing lingerie, however interesting a subject that may be. In order to appreciate the benefits of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, it's your husband who must be persuaded to don such intimate attire for you rather than the other way around. That can seem like quite a challenge in the cold light of day - “Will you wear a bra for me?” is hardly the kind of thing you can just bring up in conversation at the breakfast table between “We're out of milk” and “How about catching a movie tonight?” unless your husband is particularly open minded or already rather submissive.

Fortunately, the heat of the moment provides a far easier opportunity to subtly suggest something to him, as does the warm afterglow that follows. When his passions are already inflamed, it's easy to extract a promise that might be rejected out of hand in less erotic circumstances - indeed, merely turning the conversation round to such matters is simpler when you've got your lingerie immediately to hand. Having gone to the trouble to please him, it's only natural for a loving husband to want to respond in kind - even if he might think better of it were the idea presented for more objective analysis.

For instance, if he shows a particular interest in, say, your panties, you can tease him by pointing this out, however obvious it may be. “You really like my panties, don't you?”, you can ask rhetorically - he'll have difficulty denying his undoubted interest in their contents - before turning your question into a far more naughty proposition. “Perhaps I should get you some of your own?”, you can suggest with a laugh, “I'm sure you'd look really cute in a pair”. If he's struggling to remove your bra, ask him why he's so keen to get it off. “Is it because you want to wear it yourself?”, you can josh, knowing full well that's not what he has in mind. “That really turns me on, my man in my bra”, you can say whilst reinforcing his arousal physically.

Even if your husband acts as though your lingerie isn't there, you can still take the initiative and raise the subject yourself. If you're wearing stockings, rub your nylon-clad legs against his body and ask him what it's like to make love to you while you're wearing them. “They feel great for me too”, you can relate, “the way they cling to me. I'd love to know what it's like the other way around. You'll have to wear them for me sometime so I can find out!”. A similar approach can be adopted if you're wearing satin or silk, especially something loose such as a negligée or babydoll, where you can easily caress him with its soft, smooth material. Discarded panties or the cups of your bra can also be used to inflame his passions in this way, stroking his member with them or encouraging him to rub it between your brassièred breasts so as to truly appreciate your luxurious lingerie before raising the prospect of him doing so in other, less conventional ways.

However you approach the idea, do so jokingly rather than in deadly earnest, and don't let it spoil the mood - by adopting a light, less than serious tone, it's easy to recover the situation even if your husband's reaction is decidedly negative. “Well, you're no fun!”, you can pout, before returning to matters at hand, but it doesn't matter - the seed has been sown, and can be built on in the future. It's more likely that he simply won't know what to say, perhaps feeling a little embarrassed or unsure about the prospect of wearing clothing that he's more used to seeing on you. Even if he's inwardly excited or aroused by the idea, he may not want to appear too enthusiastic for fear of giving you the wrong impression, perhaps concerned that he's misread your intentions, however obvious they may be. He's sure to have conflicting emotions on the subject, his arousal tempered by feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment.

Admitting that he's turned on by the thought of dressing up in sexy women's underwear is a big step for any man, requiring him to overcome his inhibitions regarding what is almost certainly a taboo subject - if not for him, then for those around him. It takes a willingness to experiment and explore new ideas on his part, along with the security that whatever he does won't backfire horribly on him. That's why it's important to present erotic feminization in a safe, loving environment, letting your husband know that you won't think him any less of a man for donning lingerie - quite the reverse, in fact. It takes real balls for a man to put on a pair of panties or a bra, knowing that doing so could open him up to ridicule and abuse, but it's far easier for him to build up the courage to surmount such concerns when you're encouraging him every step of the way, making it known just how much his cooperation pleases you and rewarding him for it accordingly.

The intimacy of the bedroom offers the perfect setting for taking such first steps, especially when you've gone to the trouble of getting all dressed up in sexy underwear yourself. By making your lingerie an integral part of such an erotic scenario, emphasising the effects it has on you as well as him, it becomes far easier to encourage your husband to reciprocate in kind, having him fool about in frillies secure in the knowledge that it's all just a bit of bedroom fun. Your husband already knows how much lingerie excites him when you're the one wearing it, and it's not hard for him to see that his arousal in turn makes things more enjoyable for you as well. It doesn't take much to turn this on his head and suggest that he might don such intimate attire as well, leading to double the pleasure and double the fun for both of you - something that's sure to blow away any initial reluctance he might have when whispered enticingly in his ear.

Going for gold

If your naughty suggestions get your husband all hot and bothered, you may wish to simply seize the moment there and then, even if that means going as far as using your underwear as a temporary stand-in for something more appropriate. Don't worry too much about whether they're the right size for him - even if he'll never fit into them, it's still possible to improvise just this once. With panties, you can make do by draping them over his erect manhood, laying them out over his groin in order to pretend he's wearing them before fussing with their contents. As for your bra, you can slide his arms though its straps and let its cups rest on his chest even if there's no chance of fastening it - it'll still give the impression that he's wearing a bra, allowing you to fondle his nipples through its fabric all the same. Of course, removing your lingerie from your own body provides an excellent opportunity to arouse him all the more in the process, a sensuous striptease serving to further enhance the erotic connotations of what he's about to be wearing himself.

It's vital to take the initiative here and not expect your husband to do anything more than lie back and allow you to dress him. He may offer token resistance as you put your underwear on him, perhaps grumbling about it being a silly idea or asking if he really has to, but it shouldn't be too hard to keep him distracted, maintaining his interest in proceedings by reminding him just how stimulating lingerie can be. Caress him through the silk, satin and lace, stroking his erection through his panties as you whisper seductively about how much it turns you on to see him in such feminine finery. “You look ever so sexy! You have no idea how hot that makes me, my man in my panties”. Such reassurance will soon put pay to any initial qualms he might have, reinforcing the erotic significance of your lingerie even though you're no longer the only one wearing it.

It may take a little persuasion before your husband finally acquiesces to wearing your underwear, but regularly reiterating the suggestion in an erotic context, making it clear that he has nothing to fear and everything to gain from going along with the idea, if only just the once, should eventually wear down any resistance he may harbour. Sometimes a little erotic encouragement does the trick, perhaps offering him a special treat in exchange for humouring your little game. Most men have something they are particularly partial to in the bedroom, and even if it's not something you would want to regularly indulge in, it's well worth a little sacrifice on your part if that's what it takes to get the ball rolling - a little pampering is a small price to pay for all the future benefits, for both you and your husband,

Indeed, the first time you dress him up, however briefly or badly, it's essential to ensure he has an enjoyable experience, making his introduction to lingerie an unforgettable occasion. For now, go out of your way to satisfy his needs, taking the trouble to make sure he associates wearing women's underwear with having a good time, rather than in any kind of negative light. Although in the future his intimate attire will ensure he pays far more attention to your own needs and desires, that's something that's best left until you've got him past this initial hurdle. Any reluctance to putting on panties for you will quickly evaporate after he's done so once or twice, after which you can set about turning them to your advantage as well as his.

Sadly, some men offer more forceful resistance to the idea of letting their wife's underwear anywhere near their bodies. Even in the sensuous security of the bedroom, their prejudices regarding men wearing lingerie are too much for them to overcome immediately. Their initial reaction to the suggestion that they might don such feminine garments themselves is to push away the source of their discomfort, even if that rejection comes at the cost of spoiling an otherwise intimate mood. All is not lost if your husband refuses outright to have anything to do with your underwear, however - a light-hearted, jovial approach can recover an otherwise awkward situation. “No?”, you can pout in mock dejection. “And I was so looking forward to making it worth your while”, intimating on what he's missing out, before offering him the possibility to change his mind. “Maybe another time”, you can suggest, before moving on.

Like any bedroom activity, erotic feminization requires the consent of both parties, not only the first time you dress him up, but every occasion thereafter. Short of tying him up or otherwise physically dominating him, there's simply no way to keep a man in panties that he doesn't want to wear - nor would that be any more appropriate to a loving relationship than him trying to do something to you against your will. For erotic feminization to be a success, your husband must be persuaded of its merits too - at first, just enough to be prepared to give it a try, but then to be happy to do so again. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't use a little feminine cunning to bring him round to your way of thinking, nor take advantage of his arousal in order to overcome any initial reluctance - a little erotic stimulation can make a man surprisingly pliable. Nevertheless, he neither can nor should be forced to wear lingerie - that's not what we have in mind here at all!

Taking a longer term approach can work just as well in the end - after all, the final result is the same whether he hops into panties at the earliest opportunity, or takes a little more persuading before he'll wear a bra. A slow drip-feed of seductive suggestions about how you'd love to have some fun in frillies together is sure to do the trick eventually, gradually softening his opposition as the idea becomes more familiar over time. Once the seed has been sown, each subsequent suggestion gives him something more to think about. His imagination can be encouraged to run wild about what might be on offer if he only he were to go along with what's actually a very small thing to do for you. “It's only clothing”, you can tell him, “It's really not that big a deal. I love wearing sexy lingerie for you. Won't you do it for me? Go on, it'll be a laugh. I'll make it worth your while”. Even the most hardened of men can't hold out forever against such an barrage of temptation to succumb to the inevitable.

Kitting him out

Of course, your own underwear is only a stand-in for getting him some of his very own, which will not only look and fit better on him, but will be worn by no-one else, just like any of his other clothes. That's especially the case should your husband be a completely different size to you, but even if you were to have identical bodies, having his own intimate attire helps him to regard erotic feminization as more than just a one off. With his own bra and panties, it can become a much more regular activity, as well as paving the way for you to introduce him to lingerie discipline should you so desire. Although putting him in your underwear can work for a while if you're roughly similar sizes, it's far better to get him something more suitable at the earliest opportunity, and hardly a difficult subject to broach when he's wearing yours. “I'm going to have to get you some of your own”, you can tell him, “then you can wear them properly for me. I might treat myself to something special at the same time - you'd like that, wouldn't you?”. How could he refuse?

If you prefer, you can omit using your own and introduce your husband to his first bra and panties from the very beginning, especially if your initial, throwaway comments about dressing him up in something naughty suggest that he might be vaguely amenable to the idea. So long as his reaction isn't overtly negative, you can work his new underwear into your lovemaking just as you might do your own, seductively encouraging him to put it on as you emphasise the erotic aspects of your own lingerie. “I said I was going to dress you up, so I got your these”, pulling out what will soon be his panties from under the pillow. “Let's see if they fit - I hope they're your size!”. So long as you take the initiative, he'll be in them before he really knows what's going on, leaving him little opportunity to complain. After all, it's only the thought of wearing women's underwear that can be off-putting to a man who's never donned it. Once he's actually clad in lace and satin, he'll know first-hand that it really isn't that bad - indeed, quite the opposite!

Presenting your husband with something you've bought specially for him lends a certain impetus to proceedings. There's a certain magic about being given a gift that means he'll be more likely to try it on, however ambivalent he may be about the idea. If you couple his present with having purchased something new for yourself too, there's an implicit quid pro quo in the arrangement. You've gone to the trouble to get something special for the two of you, and you're already wearing your half for him - it would be rude for him not to reciprocate! Throw into the mix a little intimate encouragement, and it's easy to see how even a reluctant man might soon change his mind - without any need to bully, cajole or otherwise make him feel guilty. That's not what erotic feminization is about, after all - it should be a fun, sexy time together with lingerie as the icing on the cake, using persuasion rather than pressure.

We'll be discussing the practicalities of which kinds of lingerie work best for men throughout the second half of this book, including how to get garments that are the right size for your husband without any him having to try things on in the lingerie shop! To begin with, it's best to start simple and save more complicated attire for later - a pair of panties and perhaps a matching bra make an ideal introduction to the world of women's underwear, feminine enough to work their magic without being unduly awkward. Panties in particular have the benefit that they're easy to put on and difficult to damage in the process, unlike stockings that can snag or a corset that requires intricate lacing to achieve its full effect. You can soon have your husband graduate to more elaborate outfits once he's accepted the basic premise - a bra is easily added if you didn't start him off with one, and hosiery is an obvious next step.

After all, a pair of panties and a bra are all the lingerie many women wear on an everyday basis, and both are undeniably feminine. As we'll discuss in more detail in the relevant chapters, they're both supremely effective when it comes to having the desired effect on your man. Panties snugly surround his groin, their feminine cut making their presence known to any erection, restraining it against his body whilst still allowing his manhood to reach full glory inside their soft fabric. The tight embrace of a bra is equally hard for a man to ignore, its clinging grasp asserting itself with every move he makes, its cups caressing his nipples, its straps pulling down on his shoulders. Put together, they make for a truly unforgettable experience for a man, however mundane they may appear to a woman - two simple garments that envelop him in an aura of femininity, working their wonders on his lovemaking in the process.

Of course, if your husband shows a particular interest in something else - say your hosiery or your nightwear, there's no reason why you shouldn't start with that instead. Indeed, if something does catch his fancy, the chances are it's going to work all the better when he's the one wearing it - so get him something similar of his very own. With something that can be made to fit him, such as a loose and floaty negligée or stretchy stockings, there's no time like the present to get started - you can have him wear yours until you've had a chance to go shopping for him. Once you have, his own is easily introduced. “I know how much you love my babydoll”, you can tease him, ideally wearing the garment in question, “so I've got you a matching one. Now we can both look sexy in satin”, or if they're not quite the same, “Yours is even sexier than mine!”.

However you go about it, you should soon be able to progress away from using your own underwear to feminize your husband, moving towards having him wear lingerie of his own during your bedroom games. Of course, the speed at which you can move from playfully suggesting he might dress up for you to having him don his first panties and bra depends very much on your husband's temperament. For some men, this can happen in the same evening, such that you could have his new lingerie to hand before even mentioning the idea of playing games with it. For others, rather more time is needed before the suggestion of wearing women's underwear together can become a reality, with a gradual progression from the occasional throwaway remark, made almost in jest, to the final goal of putting him in his very own lingerie, deepening as he becomes more comfortable and familiar with the idea. There's certainly no harm in taking things slowly if that's the case with your husband - so long as he's left with a positive impression throughout, he's sure to come over to the idea in the end.

Feelings and emotions

Regardless of whether your husband wears lingerie that you've bought especially for him or simply yours as a stand-in, its effects are sure to be the same, no matter what the garments in question are. Panties, bras and stockings alike, women's underwear has a remarkable impact on the man wearing it, subduing any aggressive tendencies in favour of a calmer, more submissive attitude. Having submitted to your choice of clothing, your husband will tend to look to you to take the lead in other matters too, being more likely to go along with whatever else you might propose than object or make demands of his own. He may feel shy, bashful or embarrassed about his new attire, and will almost certainly adopt a more feminine role in proceedings thanks to the inexorable influence of his underwear. It's a natural consequence of erotic feminization that can be used to your mutual advantage, allowing you to direct his attentions towards your pleasure rather than selfishly focusing on his own.

If you're used to your man always taking charge in the bedroom, with you doing little more than lying back and allowing him to have his way with you, such a reversal of positions can come as quite a shock. Rest assured that there is nothing be alarmed about by such a sudden switch, however drastic the contrast may be. Admittedly, you may initially be slightly unsettled by your man adopting a less masculine role, an instinctive reaction to such a radical change of behaviour on his part, but this is merely another facet of the same man you've always loved. Although lingerie is powerful, it won't change the fundamental nature of your husband, merely allow you to see other sides of him. Moreover, there's no reason why he has to wear women's underwear all the time - you can go back to having him be your dominant, macho man whenever you please, even mid-way through your lovemaking if that's what works for you.

As we discussed in the previous chapter, there's something slightly absurd about a man wearing garments that are more suited to the curves of a woman's body. Coupled with the effect that such attire has on his behaviour, your first reaction to seeing him all dolled up in feminine finery might be to burst out laughing - lying or standing there not sure what to do with himself, perhaps even looking a bit pathetic as he blushes with awkwardness. It's a perfectly understandable response, but one that you should try your best to temper, if not resist, for the sake of your husband's feelings. Erotic feminization can be a whole lot of fun, but it's critical that your husband should feel that you're laughing with him rather than laughing at him. If you can't help yourself from giggling at his unorthodox underwear, at least make it clear that you love him nonetheless, and move on to merriment of a more erotic kind as soon as you regain your composure. He'll have forgotten any slight by the end of the night.

Of course, rather than being alarmed or amused, many women find the sight of their husband wearing lingerie just too good to resist! After all, being a woman doesn't make you immune to the erotic connotations of such clothing - far from it. Just as wearing something sexy yourself helps you to feel sexy, so too does seeing such clothing on someone you're already naturally attracted too. That doesn't mean you have to question your sexuality, however, as might be the case if you were aroused by seeing other women in their underwear - all that's happening in the case of your husband is that his lingerie is enhancing the natural feelings you have towards him. Admittedly, it emphasises the more feminine aspects of his personality, but these can be just as stimulating, intriguing and exciting as his more traditional, masculine side.

Regardless of any initial qualms you may have, both you and your husband should soon grow used to the effects that lingerie can have on your sex life, coming to appreciate just what it can do to spice things up in the bedroom. It's well worth making an effort to persevere past any early uncertainties, whether on your part or on his, allowing a little time for the true power of erotic feminization to make itself known. Whether it's something you choose to do occasionally, or as a more regular part of your bedroom repertoire, you'll soon find that dressing him up becomes second nature, allowing you both to you enjoy the benefits that come from a little extra lingerie in your lovemaking.

After he's dressed

However much you may hope to use erotic feminization to encourage your husband to show more attention to your own needs in the long run, the emphasis should be on his pleasure to begin with, especially if he's expressed any kind of reluctance about wearing women's underwear for you. It's vital that your husband is left with a positive impression about wearing lingerie for you, and thus it's worth going out of your way to ensure he has an especially satisfying experience the first few times you dress him up - all the better if you can involve his new underwear in the process. Fortunately, such intimate attire easily lends itself to being used in this way, allowing you to caress his body through its delicate satin and lace, as well as sensuously fuss and fiddle with whatever frills, straps or elastic it offers with the aim of teasing and tantalising the wearer in the process!

Panties are perfect for this. Instinctively aroused by the intoxicating combination of erotic context and clothing, your husband is sure to have quite a bulge in his - and if not, he soon will have! Even the skimpiest of panties will restrain his erection to an extent, giving the impression of a tent pole, but a tighter, more feminine cut will pull his shaft back more, perhaps even holding it flat against his body. Either way, it can be fondled through the soft material, gently stroked with your fingers or nuzzled with your lips in order to awaken the cloaked animal, or more vigorously stimulated by grinding your body against his. With a low-rise style, the head of his penis may pop out over the top of the waistband, and with a skimpy thong his entire member may escape from time to time - both opportunities to manhandle his manhood back into place, or to take advantage of it in a more traditional way.

The empty cups of your husband's bra can be rubbed against his nipples, a erogenous zone that's sadly often overlooked on men. Even he may be unaware of just how much fun you can have with his male breasts, and the more you play with them, the more sensitive they'll become. You can trace the outline of his bra with your nails over his back and chest, or run your fingers under its elastic before letting it snap back into place. If his bra straps slip during the course of proceedings, you can fuss with putting them back into place, or you can pull them down further, making out that they're pinning his arms to his body such that he's helpless to resist your further advances. You don't need to do this by hand - if you're feeling adventurous, your lips, tongue and teeth can do the business, sensuously caressing his skin in the process.

If he's wearing stockings, you can run your hands up his nylon clad thighs with electrifying effect before moving on to fondle his buttocks or groin, or simply fuss with the welts of his hosiery, inserting your hands between them and his skin. Should his stockings be held up with suspenders, you can toy with their elastic, running your fingers underneath as you might with bra straps. Far more powerful, however, is to rub your own legs against his, or intertwine them during your lovemaking, especially if you're wearing nylons too - you'll each feel the same tactile stimulation as the other, something that can be highly arousing, both physically and psychologically. Finally, don't forget his toes, which may be very prone to being tickled as you innocently set about sorting out the feet of his stockings to line up imaginary seams. Sitting on his chest with your rear practically in his face as you do this can drive your man wild.

However you choose to involve his lingerie, let him know about it as you use his underwear to arouse him, providing a verbal reiteration of whatever you're doing physically as well as a commentary on his reaction. “You must really like your pretty panties”, you can tease him as you stroke his erection through them, “and you look ever so cute in them! I love the way they make your cock bulge, but it's not coming out, not until I say so! Not until I'm really ready for it”. Similarly, if he's wearing a bra, you can exclaim “Ooh! Your nipples are getting hard! Fondling your breasts is so much fun, especially when you're wearing such a sexy bra for me. Now it's your turn to touch mine, nice and slowly, just like I've shown you”. Not only does such dirty talk serve to enhance the erotic effects of his lingerie, it also sets out other, less obvious expectations as to how his underwear will affect your lovemaking.

You don't have to restrict yourself to practicalities - it's a perfect time to share naughty fantasies, especially if they're related to him wearing lingerie. There's no reason why these fantasies should necessarily be desirable, let alone achievable, in reality - outrageous suggestions can work just as well provided they serve to get you both in the mood. “I'm going to keep you as my sex slave”, you can insist. “I'll make you wear lingerie all the time, nothing else. You'll have to quit your job, of course. You're going to be spending far too much time between my legs to ever leave the house”. Of course, not every fantasy need be quite so unlikely - sometimes they can be a great introduction to something else you have in mind. “I'm going to make you wear those to work, you know. You'll have to keep them hidden, of course, because I want you all to myself, my naughty panty wearing husband!”.

Coupled with the naturally submissive mood that wearing lingerie engenders in a man, such talk makes it far easier to guide proceedings in the direction you'd like them to follow, encouraging your husband to pay more attention to foreplay rather than getting down to business before you're really ready for it. After you've explored the contents of his lingerie a little, he can be encouraged to reciprocate by doing the same to you, caressing your body with his hands and lips under your instruction, emulating your earlier efforts. Flick your tongue over the bulge in his panties before beckoning him to do the same, or nuzzle his nipples through his bra before guiding his mouth to your own breasts, encouraging him throughout to continue his efforts. Even a man who has never shown much enthusiasm for such foreplay will soon get the hang of it - his lingerie makes complying with your wishes an almost natural consequence of wearing it, practically powerless to refuse once he's all dressed up for you.

Taking control in such a manner is quite a different experience to letting your husband drive things, but you're sure to find it pleasurable nonetheless - whether as a warm up to more regular intercourse, or simply as a way of playing in and of itself. You can slowly divest him of his lingerie before allowing him to do what comes naturally, or keep him in it throughout - it's up to you! For something different, you can suggest that you make love as two girls would - rightly or wrongly, the thought is sure to arouse your husband, even if all you had in mind is him going down on you whilst dressed in his frillies. You can do the same for him, or simply bring him off with your hand in his panties. All that matters is that you both have a good time, and putting your husband in women's underwear is remarkably effective at doing just that.

Afterwards, it's worth taking a moment to discuss how he felt about things - which bits he liked, which bits he wasn't so keen on. Encourage your husband to be open about his feelings, providing a supportive environment in which he can be honest about things rather than being critical or judgemental. It may take a while for a man to feel comfortable discussing such intimate matters, even with his wife, but the submissive state of mind that comes from wearing women's underwear should make it easier for him to do so. Emphasise the positive aspects of his experience, and assuage any guilt or unease he may feel, letting him know that there's nothing wrong with him being turned on by wearing lingerie and that you really enjoyed yourself too.

Not only does such pillow talk serve to strengthen the bond between you, it also allows you to focus on those aspects of erotic feminization that really work for the two of you, making it even more effective in the future. Moreover, you can use the opportunity to remind him of the power of lingerie, spelling out its effects so that even if he wasn't consciously aware of them at the time, he's left in no doubt as to what wearing it for you means. “I love the way your panties bring out your softer side”, you can tell him, “the way they make you take your time until I'm really ready for you. They certainly got you all hot and bothered, didn't they? When I finally let you out of them, you were like a beast”. Such suggestions intimate that putting him in panties puts you in control whilst denying none of his natural masculine prowess, thus reinforcing the effects of erotic feminization all the more.

Taking things further

Once your husband has grown used to donning lingerie in the bedroom, there are all sorts of ways you can enhance his erotic feminization. For starters, you can add to his wardrobe - it's nice to have a range of clothing to choose from, with even a couple of sets of panties and bras enough to let him be all cute and girly in pastel pink one night, yet sexy and slutty in smoky black the next. Then there's virginal white, whorish red and a host of other options, whether in satin or lace, and all before you start looking beyond a basic bra and panties. Each allows you to create a subtly different mood in the bedroom, especially if you wear a matching or indeed contrasting choice yourself - his innocent purity versus your wicked seduction, for instance.

If you've started him off with just panties, the obvious next addition is a matching bra, and following that, stockings - either supported by a suspender belt or simply hold-ups. Beyond that, there's a wealth of other options just waiting in your nearest lingerie shop for you to explore with your husband, whether it be a sexy nightdress or something more figure hugging such as a basque. We'll be looking at all of these in more detail in the latter half of this book, along with more vintage foundation wear you might never have considered before, but that can be just as much fun to play with. Like a choice of different panties, a variety of lingerie allows you to explore different aspects of what it's like to wear women's underwear.

Never underestimate the possibilities of simply playing dress-up. “What shall I have you wear tonight?”, you can ask, rummaging through his lingerie, or even yours if you feel like it. “What about these?”, holding up a pair of panties. “Let's see you in them, shall we?”. “No, I think I want you in something more revealing tonight. Which of these thongs do you like best?”. You can lie back and watch as he puts things on, or take a more active role in dressing and undressing him, sneaking the occasional opportunity to caress and fondle him before reverting to a more businesslike approach - something that's sure to drive him wild. Of course, you can change into and out of a variety of outfits yourself in the process, even modelling and posing for him before having him do the same for you. It's great fun whatever you do!

Lingerie doesn't have to be restricted to the bedroom, of course. We'll be looking at how you can have your husband wear women's underwear in less intimate circumstances over the next couple of chapters, but you can also extend your foreplay by having him getting dressed up well in advance on the main event. If you're planning an evening in together, perhaps watching a romantic movie together before heading to the bedroom, have him wear panties and a bra first! You can leave them out for him to find with a suggestive note if he's headed for the shower first, or hand them to him in person with a naughty wink that lets him know what might be in store later if he plays along. His imagination is sure to do the rest, with the constant reminder that his lingerie offers guaranteeing that he'll be in the mood when the time is right - especially if you idly toy with it whilst snuggling together in front of the television. He can be fully clothed on top, or merely in a dressing gown to give you easy access to everything while still letting you undress him later.

A candlelit dinner for two is equally enlivened when he's hiding women's underwear under otherwise ordinary attire, whether at home, or at an expensive restaurant. It's easy for a man to wear lingerie in public without anyone ever discovering his embarrassing secret, as we'll discuss in much greater detail later in this book, but being out of sight doesn't make it out of mind for him - quite the reverse! With no possibility to release his ever heightening sexual tension until he's back in the privacy of your own home, being out and about with you whilst trapped in lingerie is a great way of getting your husband all hot and bothered, something he'll be sure to thank you for in due course!

Of course, there's nothing that says you have to be with him for this to work - he can just as easily wear lingerie in your absence, as a prelude to seeing you again. Sending him out on an errand wearing something naughty under his regular attire is a great way to get your husband's blood racing, whilst simultaneously giving you time to slip into something more comfortable yourself in order to greet him on his return. In the next chapter, we'll be looking at having your husband wear lingerie to work for the purposes of lingerie discipline, but putting him in panties for the day works just as well for erotic feminization too, working him up for the evening ahead. Regardless of how long he's gone for, a flirty text message or phone call is a great way of adding extra fuel to his fire, reminding him just what he's wearing and what that'll mean for him later on. You don't have to be explicit, although sometimes that can work a treat - a cryptic reference or in-joke can work just as well too.