put him in panties


This is a book about lingerie and the fun that can be had with it.

You're sure to know the effect that sexy underwear can have in the bedroom - the idea of a woman wearing something sensual to seduce a man should need no explaining. Lingerie is exciting, erotic, pleasurable and, above all, powerful, no matter whether it's a naughty nightdress, a curvy corset or simply pretty panties. While the sexual significance of more everyday attire may be harder to appreciate, there's no denying the amorous appeal of a woman wearing nothing but her underwear, regardless of how plain or provocative it may be.

Seeing his wife adorned in luscious lingerie is far from the only way in which such intimate attire can affect a man. As you're about to find out, there's much, much more to women's underwear - both in the bedroom and beyond! Not only can it spice up your sex life in ways you might never have imagined, it can also make your husband1 kinder and gentler, instilling an improved attitude in him and encouraging better behaviour - not just during intimacy, but in the wider surroundings of everyday life as well. Best of all, you'll find it deepens your relationship with him, serving to strengthen the bond between you thanks to a sexy secret that only the two of you will ever share.

By the time you finish this book, you'll see lingerie in a new light, allowing you to join the countless other couples who have already discovered just what women's underwear can do - for both parties! All that's required is an open mind, and the amazing power of lingerie will do the rest. However unlikely it may seem to begin with, once you give the ideas in this book a try, you won't look back - as any woman who enjoys the benefits of lingerie on her man can attest!

[1] We'll be referring to husbands and wives throughout this book, but this is simply out of a desire for consistency - you don't need to be married to your man in order to benefit from what lingerie can do for him. All that's required is a loving relationship, so whether you're wife and husband, girlfriend and boyfriend or simply partners, read on!

Why am I reading this?

Many men find the concepts we'll be looking at surprisingly appealing, not just erotically arousing but emotionally and practically attractive too - as you're about to discover, the benefits of wearing lingerie are far from one sided! Nevertheless, it can be difficult for a man to know how to raise the subject with his wife, perhaps wanting to give things a try but not knowing where best to start when it comes to explaining his desires to her. While the overwhelming femininity of lingerie ordinarily acts to its advantage, its distinctly unmasculine connotations make many men reluctant to broach such matters for fear of rejection - even if they knew exactly what they wanted to say! Using a book that covers these ideas in depth helps avoid any unfortunate miscommunication - not only does it act as an ideal starting point for discussion, its contents may be taken in at a pace that suits you, the reader, and referred to at your leisure thereafter.

If you're reading this book at the suggestion of your husband, therefore, rest assured that there's nothing wrong with you or your relationship, let alone him - he would merely like to know what you make of something he thinks might be interesting and exciting to give a go. By doing so, he's suggesting some ideas that you might like to play with, but where you take them is entirely up to you. Why not read the next chapter and let him know what you think?