he's the secretary

Chapter 3: What can a sissy secretary do?

While looking the part is a prerequisite for a candidate wanting to work as a secretary, almost all employers expect rather more! Outside of men's fantasises, personal assistants do not get dressed simply so they can take off their clothes, but are instead expected to fulfil other duties in between. The same is true for sissy secretaries, no matter how much some might want to focus on what they wear. Although there's plenty of fun to be had from having your husband model unlikely outfits, for him to really feel like a secretary, such dressing up is best regarded as merely preparation for him performing tasks of one sort or another. Indeed, for the most part, secretarial activities can be separated entirely from secretarial attire, despite the two being complementary.

In the next chapter, we'll look at less professional activities that a sissy secretary might engage in, but for the moment, we'll restrict our discussion to tasks that bear at least a passing resemblance to those a real secretary might perform, taking advantage of the associated connotations just as we did with clothing. Like the garments we considered in the previous chapter, many of these activities are highly stylised, with their purpose being rather different to the office work that they draw inspiration from. The duties of an actual assistant are unlikely to have been chosen with the aim of affecting her, however much she might love or hate particular assignments, but you might very well set your husband a secretarial task with the express aim of making him feel a certain way.

Such tasks can be divided into three main types:

A particular task may achieve more than one of these to a greater or lesser extent. Continuing our examples involving typing, consider a man required to type a humiliating line a hundred times as a punishment. If the words that he's been set are sexually charged, he might find himself turned on by having to type them, but that won't make the task any easier if he must do so without making any mistakes! As well as ensuring that he'll be eager to please at the end of it, such an exercise will also improve his typing proficiency as a side effect, even if only infinitesimally. Although typing lines might be regarded as primarily punitive, it can nevertheless be both provocative and purposeful too. The latter aspect can go beyond mere typing practice, however - not only can such lines serve as a symbolic penance, benefiting both parties by clearing the air in a way that a less formal means of apologising would not, they can also help teach a man a lesson if they relate to why he is having to type them.

Many secretarial tasks have the benefit of being interruptible, if not open-ended - that is to say that there is no obligation for your secretary to complete them in a single sitting, beyond your desire for him to do so. That allows such tasks to be used to fill time, even where they yield a final result. A lengthy exercise can be completed over the course of a series of sessions, whereas a shorter one can be extended should a sissy secretary finish it too soon. You might even make use of a timer to ensure that your husband works for as long as, but no longer than you want - for instance, if he's practising typing. The completion of other tasks, not least punitive lines, can be presented as a necessary condition for ending a session, providing motivation for a man should he not want to stay as a secretary all night! Of course, that doesn't mean your husband can cut corners, it always being possible for you to reject his efforts if you're unsatisfied with them.

If your husband is attracted to the idea of becoming a secretary, he may well have thoughts about what he might do as one, but that doesn't mean you need to humour him - in real offices, secretaries generally don't get to decide! Some submissive men harbour fantasies about being expected to perform excessively difficult, dreary or degrading work, albeit being more excited by the idea than the reality of doing so. We'll discuss the reasons for this in more detail in the next chapter, noting for the moment that you shouldn't take everything your husband says at face value, even if you adopt aspects of his suggestions.

What sort of tasks can a sissy secretary do?


Typing forms the basis of many other secretarial activities, such that if your husband doesn't know how to do so, then he needs to learn! In truth, most men are able to type to some extent, thanks to the prevalence of computers, but far fewer can do so properly. Even those whose work requires them to use a keyboard often don't use all of their fingers optimally, with some still having to find keys by sight, consequently needing to repeatedly turn their attention away from the screen. This is known as the “hunt and peck” approach, and will always be inefficient, no matter how adept an unconsciously taught typist may become.

Conversely, touch typing sees the typist keep their eyes on their work. In this method, each of the fingers is assigned specific keys, with all of them playing their part in entering text quickly and accurately. Although this might seem impossible at first, no less so to a man who has become comfortable with his own approach, like any skill, it can be learned - after all, practice leads to proficiency! Because of its benefits, there are a wealth of typing tutors available, with both online courses and standalone software sparing a man from having to attend a special class, as would have been the case in bygone days. If it amuses you, however, you can pretend that your husband is taking formal lessons, scheduling times for him to sit down with his electronic teacher. Any capable website or application should take care of the rest, even those that are free of charge, not only providing a series of suitably graduated exercises, but also tracking and reporting his progress.

As we discussed earlier, taking a course in touch typing is a productive use of a man's time, but that doesn't mean that it can't be put to other uses. It's hard to cheat a typing tutor that reports results, such that a sissy secretary will need to concentrate if he's to achieve a satisfactory score. That means you can set your husband a typing lesson as a way of keeping him occupied for a while, not needing to do more than check up on him occasionally to ensure he's doing what he should. You can even reserve such lessons as a punishment, requiring a misbehaving man to forsake more pleasurable, yet less profitable activities in favour of ostensibly improving himself. Alternatively, you might make progress more difficult for him by imposing distractions or inconveniences of the sort that we'll be discussing shortly.

The nature of such courses means that their exercises are arranged for their intended purpose, particularly at the beginning, where the student of typing will be limited to words that are formed solely from letters on the middle row of the keyboard. The endless, yet very limited variations will quickly become tedious, encouraging the typist's thoughts to wander, especially if he has been set an overly simple lesson. Even the most experienced of typists will make a mistake sooner or later, which can be turned to your advantage if you demand nothing less than a perfect score. A single error can provide a pretext for adding extra time to a typing lesson, even if you'd been planning that all along, something that you can impose repeatedly if you're feeling wicked.

Rather than exercises intended to train his fingers, however, you might consider setting your sissy secretary lines. Here the emphasis is less on how he types, and more on what he types, with your choice of words allowing you to make a point that he must consider again and again. If you're wanting to get your husband in a suitable mood for selflessly satisfying you, you might have him type lines that assert his sexual submission, whereas if his behaviour has disappointed you, the lines might require him to acknowledge his failings and promise to do better. He's sure to think twice about letting you down if he knows that he'll have to apologise for it not just once, but as many times as you decide. No matter how mindless typing lines might seem, the mere act of typing the same thing again and again will drill it into a man's subconsciousness, with repeated line writing exercises capable of having a powerfully cumulative effect.

Although it's possible to have your secretary type lines into a regular word processor, a cunning man might be tempted to use the copy and paste functions to make short work of what should be a time-consuming task. To avoid your husband missing the point like this, it's preferable to use a tool specifically designed for line writing - again, these can be found online. As well as preventing cheating, they can also emphasise mistakes - either to report them afterwards, to add additional lines as a penalty, or simply to make a sissy secretary more aware of them by flashing the screen or making an admonishing noise. Depending on your husband's proficiency, you might configure such a tool to require him to type at a certain speed, or challenge his concentration with distractions.

Periodic messages announcing how he needs to do better can be enough to disconcert a man, let alone more provocative images. The Internet is replete with pornographic videos that can be left playing in a separate window, not that a typist with a strict target to meet will be able to watch them from more than the corner of his eye, any more than he can ignore them completely. That makes for a perfect punishment for a man caught watching such material without permission, especially when combined with lines acknowledging his crime. You might also require your husband to watch examples you want him to emulate, choosing clips of submissive men providing selfless pleasure. Merely having to listen to the audio from such a video can leave a man feeling thoroughly flustered, not to mention frustrated, but if you don't fancy provoking your husband's passions even to that extent, any recording of people talking will do. You might have him wear a pair of headphones, then set whatever you want him to listen to playing in the background, or alternatively, insist that he type while you're watching the television!

Distracting a typist isn't the only way that you can make a seemingly simple task more difficult. While few real secretaries would type at anything other than a desk or table, a sissy secretary can be expected to undertake his work in the most impractical of positions. A laptop can be put on the floor, perhaps even in front of your feet, in order to stress your secretary's inferior status, but demanding such a humble position doesn't necessarily give him permission to sprawl himself out if you'd rather he present his behind! Alternatively, you can have your secretary position his laptop so that he must kneel or stand, the latter being no more comfortable should he have to balance on stiletto heels for the duration of the exercise. A separate keyboard offers further possibilities, not least the ability to turn it around so that it is facing away from him. Adding such a twist will take no more than a moment of your time, yet will flummox even the most capable of typists, proving particularly wicked after he's been promised either a reward or a punishment depending on his performance.

A man who is familiar with one keyboard layout will be slowed down by a different one, even if only a couple of keys have changed places. In many countries, the QWERTY layout is the norm, taking its name from the letters along the top row, but others use AZERTY instead. If that isn't challenging enough, the Dvorak layout puts all of the vowels on the middle row, with only one consonant remaining in the same position as the QWERTY layout. Ironically, this alternative arrangement was designed to permit increased typing speed, but learning a new pattern will take a typist time. Even when a man becomes proficient with an alternative layout, using it will require a mental shift, which can be used to help deepen his sense of becoming a secretary. Don't be deterred by the technicalities - on most systems, changing the configuration is very straightforward, taking only a few moments of your typist's time!

When we were discussing how you might dress your husband as a secretary, we made no mention of gloves, because women generally don't wear anything of the sort for office work. That doesn't mean that a sissy secretary can't, for no other reason than to make his typing harder! A pair of satin gloves won't hamper a man's fingers excessively, however much he might be distracted by something more suitable for the opera. You might impose these to complement a similarly silky blouse, or else on the pretext of wanting your secretary to keep his keyboard clean. Thick padded gloves will make it much more challenging for a typist to hit only the right keys, with their impracticality making a man less capable. Alternatively, you might require your secretary to type one-handed, whether because you want him to caress something with the other, or merely because you've cuffed it to a leg of his desk or chair. To make things really unfair on a sissy secretary, you can have him wear mittens, or even tie both of his hands behind his back, not that even the latter will make typing completely impossible.

If you're looking to set your husband up for a predetermined punishment, you might also consider turning the screen of his computer away from him, or even turning it off altogether. Laptops that don't have a switch for this can be covered, or used with a separate keyboard. Neither will stop a typing test from taking input, however much not being able to see any mistakes will make correcting them harder. Again, while it's all but inevitable that blind typing will fall short of perfection, there still remains a slim possibility that a man could succeed, such that you can say that your secretary has only himself to blame when he fails. Such an unfair exercise will make lesser challenges seem easier in comparison, but can also be used to make otherwise straightforward tasks much more difficult. Combining these two ideas, you might impose hindrances of varying degrees depending on your secretary's performance in other areas, while maintaining the same targets and consequences for not meeting them. He'll rue having previously disappointing you when not being able to see what he's doing dooms him to failure, with whatever might come as a result!

Transcription and dictation

The typing exercises we have considered so far generally use short sentences, if not sequences of words or letters, repeated with only limited variation in order to train either a man's fingers or his mind. Such tasks have the advantage of being able to occupy as much time as may be required, but beyond confirmation of their completion and perhaps some statistics about accuracy and speed, they don't leave the typist with any tangible results at the end. While it can be satisfying to have your secretary work with nothing to show for it, you might prefer that his efforts were more productive, if only to create a portfolio of material that you can subsequently make use of.

Transcription is the process of converting words from one medium to another. The term is often used with regard to speech or audio, but written or printed material can also be turned into text in order to make it more convenient to use. Although there is software that is capable of doing this with an increasing degree of accuracy, many businesses make use of transcription services, which in turn employ poorly paid workers to undertake what can be a tedious and time-consuming task - an ideal occupation for a sissy secretary, even if he only does so in an amateur capacity. Although accurate transcription requires concentration, it can nevertheless be performed by a man with only modest typing abilities, if one accepts that he will not be able to produce as much output as a more proficient typist. Fortunately, it is the process that matters for our purposes, with this apparently straightforward task not only capable of improving your husband's skills, but also teaching him things at the same time.

Absolutely anything with words can be transcribed, with material not needing to have any meaning for it to be suitable. All that matters is that your secretary can type it, although care should be taken to ensure that he can't source the text in other ways. For instance, it might amuse you to have him transcribe a magazine article, but many publications make their content available online, from where it can be copied - albeit generally not without tell-tale signs of its origin, such as unexpected formatting. Conversely, if you're sure that your typist can't get up to such tricks, you can print out a web page for him to transcribe. A chapter from a book is another possibility, but even flyers for fast food restaurants can be put to good use, provided they have enough words, with long lists proving no less challenging than paragraphs of text. An entertaining option is something that your secretary has written himself - perhaps one of the reports we'll consider shortly, giving him the opportunity to reflect on any mistakes he may have made as he types them out again.

To make a sissy secretary's transcription more provocative, you might choose material that men wouldn't ordinarily read, or that relates to the role that he is playing, requiring him to consider matters from a more feminine perspective. A women's magazine will provide plenty of articles that a typist must consider, even if only unconsciously, in order to duplicate, thus seeing him acquire a knowledge of unmanly subjects in the process. Articles about the latest trends in lingerie or tips and tricks for becoming a better lover will challenge more than a man's fingers, all the more so if the text is accompanied by pictures, but less stimulating pieces about the problems women face can also have an impact. Rather than expecting your husband to relate to such material, however, you might have him transcribe parts of a raunchy men's magazine, requiring him to compare its exaggerated stereotypes with how he's dressed.

The turgid pages of a textbook offer the same potential for transcription as a saucy romantic novel, but if you're wanting to set something as a punishment, you might consider even duller material. A dictionary could be regarded as educational, however much the thought of having to work all the way through from “aardvark” to “zymurgy” might fill a man with dread, but an old-fashioned telephone directory lacks even that benefit. Advances in technology mean that these are largely consigned to the past, but they can nevertheless still be found online. Transcribing even a single densely packed page is a tiresome task, with its pointlessness hardly needing to be stressed if you pick one that has long since fallen out of date. A sissy secretary will have great trouble not losing his position in an endless list of similar names, even without other distractions, but if that isn't challenging enough, you might have him transcribe text in a language that he doesn't understand - not with the aim of him learning it, but merely to make the transcription more dreary. Latin is a good choice for a novice typist, thanks to its lack of diacritics and the availability of ancient texts, but you might also consider Dutch.

Written or printed text has the benefit that a typist can tackle it at his own pace, making such transcription suitable for sissy secretaries of any proficiency. Transcribing speech is a different matter, however, requiring all but the most capable of men to listen to what is being said many times if the source can't be slowed. If you're simply wanting to have fun, you might humour your husband by doing just that, perhaps dictating sexually charged lines for him to type one word at a time. Alternatively, you might make no allowance for his limited abilities, instead rattling off sentences with the intention of scolding him for not keeping up. Either way, having your secretary take dictation is great for stressing his subordinate position, if not other aspects of his submission, with his role requiring him to dutifully record whatever you say - no matter how provocative that may be! Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't subsequently use what he's typed to your advantage, especially if you dictate promises to please from his perspective, then insist that he read them back to you.

Dictation can be more purposeful, of course. Rather than having to type an email yourself, you can instruct your secretary to make your words appear on the screen, perhaps leaving parts for him to complete if you don't want to have to worry about exactly how to say something. You might even have your secretary construct a first draft, requiring him to read it out before you tell him how it should be amended. Such asymmetric collaboration can make a letter of complaint more effective, not to mention more enjoyable to write, but it can also be used for personal correspondence too. The recipient need never know about your husband's role in writing something you sign yourself, let alone how he was dressed, but that doesn't mean you can't tease him about the possibility. Regardless of whether or not such a letter achieves the desired result, you can have further fun with any reply, not least by having your secretary take the place of whoever wrote it, and then dictating suitable corrections. Instead of being fobbed off by corporate platitudes, you might pretend that a company was genuinely remorseful, with a certain secretary taking full responsibility!

If you'd rather leave him to his work, simply pick one of the countless videos that can be found online, and instruct him to make a transcript of everything that is said in it. Again, you can choose almost anything, so long as it has a reasonable amount of speech, such that if you're merely wanting to keep your husband busy, you could just use the first suggestion that's recommended to you. To make your secretary's task more provocative, you might consider a superficially sexy subject such as bra fitting, which will require him to disregard distractions if he's to make progress rather than mistakes, while also giving him a greater appreciation of issues he might otherwise be oblivious too. Such videos needn't be very formal - indeed, casual speech can prove as challenging as any lecture if you insist on all the elisions being transcribed accurately. Having to hang on a woman's every word while she chats about trivialities is extremely emasculating for a man, especially if the woman in question is one whom he wouldn't ordinarily listen to, with there being a wealth of enthusiastic speakers to choose from.

For a transcription task with a more professional feel, consider a financial report featuring a fast-talking newsreader and plenty of numbers. This needn't be current, but you can pretend that it is, concocting a scenario where your secretary's slowness, if not his inaccuracy, costs the company money. How might he make things up to his boss? If you're looking for a way to have your husband show that he's sorry more seriously, there are lengthy lectures available on subjects ranging from abstract mathematics right through to feminist theory, with their specialist terminology adding to the challenge. You can pick one that looks particularly tedious, or simply suggest a subject and leave the choice to your secretary, requiring him to transcribe something without knowing whether it will meet with your approval. More purposefully, there are also videos that promise to teach beginners how to transcribe speech, although those suggesting an effortless source of income should be regarded with scepticism - as a sissy secretary will soon discover, transcribing a recording of any length will take several times its stated duration, not to mention require a lot of work!

Fortunately, you don't need to spend more than a few moments reviewing the output, it being enough to check the occasional part while paging through it. With a dictionary or telephone directory, it's straightforward to consider a few entries at random, but with other material, you might instruct your secretary to note page numbers or times at appropriate intervals in order to make appraising his work easier for you. This isn't all that you can have him add, however, if you want to make the exercise more time-consuming for him. Properly paragraphed text is the very least you should expect, with transcription from a book benefiting from being formatted the same way as the original - using bold, italics, headings and bullet points, to name but a few of the things that distinguish between amateur and professional. Similarly, a video with more than one speaker should ideally indicate who is saying what, perhaps with brief notes about what is happening on screen. In short, a transcription should be accessible to its reader, even if you give it only cursory consideration before having your secretary file it away. If his efforts don't make the grade, there's no reason why you can't have him start again from scratch, albeit making sure to move his previous attempt off his computer, so as to prevent him from making any use of it!

Research, presentations and reports

Neither typing lines nor transcription requires a man to think beyond the material in front of him, with these mindless tasks instead shaping his thoughts as he works. Many men in high-powered positions welcome such a contrasting change of pace, but real secretaries don't have the luxury of being brainless blouse-wearing machines, as attractive as the stereotype of the airheaded assistant might be to those craving a simpler role. Rather, they are often required to think on behalf of their bosses, albeit only about matters that those in charge regard as being beneath them. We might consider here the collation and summarisation of information, processing data into a form that's easier for an executive to use when making a decision. Even if that merely involves fetching files, the secretary still needs to think about which files are needed and where they can be found, perhaps going so far as to arrange them in the order they'll be used.

You don't need filing cabinets full of paperwork in order to have a sissy secretary collate data - indeed, for a similarly old-fashioned approach, you can make do with a dictionary or telephone directory, setting your secretary the task of finding words or names that have certain properties. Depending on the mood you're wanting to encourage, that might mean those that sound suggestive, those that relate to office work, or those that have precisely twelve letters, to mention just a few possibilities. Producing a formatted list of definitions or details can be regarded as a transcription exercise, albeit with the twist of requiring the typist to consider the subject matter more than if he were merely working his way through the entries. Unlike transcribing a page of text, however, such a task need not have a definite end, unless you choose to limit it to a certain length. Even then, your secretary will be faced with the dilemma of whether he's found the ten best answers, or however many you've asked him for. He won't want to finish too soon for fear of being told to try again - an instruction that you might give him anyway, for no other reason than to emphasise his subordinate position! It's up to you whether you have him extend his list should that be the case, or whether you take exception to its contents, perhaps even changing the criteria unreasonably in order to make a point.

The march of technology means that the modern secretary has access to far more information than a fifties counterpart could ever imagine, needing only to go online to find all manner of material, but that presents its own problems - picking through the results of a search can often prove laborious, not least because of the sheer volume of poorer quality and paid-for pages. Thankfully, laborious work is ideal for a sissy secretary, such that you might have yours summarise restaurant or product reviews, not with a view to him making any sort of recommendation, but simply to save you the trouble of having to plough through them yourself. Of course, you don't need to be seriously considering purchasing anything to set your secretary such a task - indeed, you might have him research something solely to give him a greater understanding of it, or conversely, to gain your own insight into how he regards the subject matter.

Researching potential purchases can be provocative - for example, if you instruct your secretary to investigate the availability of women's underwear, whether in your size or his. Having to scroll through pages of panties and bras will surely affect a man even if he isn't wearing anything similar, let alone if he's been told to find lingerie that he could plausibly wear to work. Requiring your secretary to put together one or more complete outfits from the offerings of online stores is a great way of encouraging him to consider female clothing more realistically, regardless of whether or not he's a crossdresser. At the same time, it will also reveal which particular styles appeal to him, especially if you have him explain his choices, perhaps with reference to articles about fashion. Will he have to buy and wear what he picks, or will you treat him by dressing up yourself? You can leave that ambiguous until after you've reviewed his work!

Even more provocatively, a sissy secretary can be instructed to find erotic images or videos featuring a certain theme, whether for subsequent discussion or simply to get him hot and bothered. Again, you can use such an exercise to better understand his desires, or alternatively, to steer them in a particular direction. That might see your husband looking for material that's more to your taste than his own, requiring him to think about what turns you on if he's to complete such an assignment successfully. Don't dismiss pornography involving secretaries and bosses, however, because even clichéd scenes of suggestively dressed female assistants offering themselves to their male superiors can be used to explore feelings and fantasises, quite apart from material where women are in charge. You might instruct your secretary to find examples of acts that you'll afterwards ask him to perform, whether explicit or mundane, or else have him to look for secretaries who are dressed in a certain way. You can even have him search for something as unlikely as specific items of furniture! Having to dispassionately consider pornography in search of such details can be very challenging for a man, especially if there are consequences for him getting distracted, thanks to such material not being categorised by more obscure criteria.

Regardless of the material, you might be content with your secretary producing a simple list, perhaps even regarding the process of searching as being more important than the results. A folder of images or a collection of bookmarks will offer more than enough basis for a discussion, let alone merely filing away, but you can have your secretary take such a task a stage further by asking him to put his results together into a presentation. If your husband works in an office, he's likely to be familiar with the necessary software, but if you don't have that to hand at home, there are freely downloadable packages that will serve the purpose. Depending on his proficiency, you might expect an all-singing, all-dancing affair, but even the addition of a few headings will make the result seem more professional. It's up to you whether you page through your secretary's work while he watches, put it to one side to be considered later, or have him deliver it as though to a room full of people, sitting back while he speaks about whatever subject you've chosen. The latter can lead into a more in-depth interview if you like, allowing you to confirm that he hasn't simply copied material without thinking about it.

Rather than a presentation, you might prefer a report, needing your secretary to write rather more in the way of words - indeed, you might specify a precise number of them. Having to hit an exact target while still remaining relevant is harder than it might seem, but a word processor will make swift work of counting if you don't choose to use a tool specifically for this purpose. Alternatively, you might set a number of pages for your secretary to fill, requiring him to balance text with illustrations and citations, again expecting everything to be perfectly formatted - just as it would need to be if a junior office worker were submitting such a report to their superior. You might review the results on screen, or have your secretary email or print his efforts, maybe making a scene out of having him present them to you, even if you never read them.

If you're feeling playful, you can request a report on how your secretary would like to please you, either as a prelude to having him do what he has written about, or merely a means of getting him hot and bothered. Lots of fun can be had with sexual fantasies, as well as embarrassing or emasculating confessions, even when these are tongue in cheek. Returning to the pornography we discussed earlier, you might instruct your secretary to consider such material from the perspective of the submissive party, but you can equally ask him to analyse it more dispassionately, contrasting its ludicrous caricatures with the realities of the workplace. To overcome any initial reluctance, you might dictate the start of such a report, prompting your secretary to suggest words or complete sentences on the grounds that it's an assistant's role to take care of such details, but it shouldn't take too much encouragement before he can be left to get on with the rest - assuming you don't want to stand over him throughout!

Prior to ending a secretarial session, you might have your husband write a journal entry, detailing what he did and how he felt about it. What was his favourite part, and what was the biggest challenge? Was he looking forward to or dreading anything? Did the experience differ from his expectations in any way? How would he have changed things, given the choice? Did he learn anything about himself? You can provide such questions as prompts, or leave him to write whatever comes to mind. A similar exercise may be set before a sissy secretary begins any other work, perhaps extended back to the previous session, allowing you to compare how he feels before and afterwards. Such journal entries can be used when considering what to do with him subsequently, as well as recording how his desires change over time. Rather than judge the results as critically as you might a regular report, it's better to encourage your husband to write whatever is on his mind, no matter how ungrammatically! Some men find it difficult to open up in this way, at least to begin with, but requiring your husband to write a certain number of words before you allow him to move on may help him past such hesitancy - any words will do, provided he fills the page!

A report can also be set as a punishment, providing a means for your husband to consider his actions and their consequences, especially if you choose that as the subject. Whereas a single sentence may not show that a man is really sorry, the greater reflection required for a thousand word apology will encourage more genuine contrition. You don't need to specify exactly what your husband has done wrong, but can leave that for him to state. Developing this concept, you might ask him to write about how and why he should be punished, whether with regard to a penalty that you have already chosen, perhaps even one you have already carried out, or something that you won't decide until after reading his report. As well as connecting actions and consequences more closely, such an approach can be used to put your husband in a provocative no-win position, in which he must propose a suitably discouraging punishment in the hope of avoiding earning it!

Being overly specific about what you want can be just as challenging for him as being overly vague, both providing opportunities for you to be picky should your secretary stray from a very precise subject in order to fill the allotted number of pages, or else misunderstand your desires because you were deliberately unclear. A single spelling or grammar mistake can also serve as grounds for humbling him, especially since any word processor worth its salt should catch the most basic of these, as can repetition or lack of clarity. Requiring your secretary to run his report through an online checking tool will have the beneficial side effect of encouraging better English should you punish him for any errors, but if his report requires introspection rather than research, you might otherwise insist that he complete his report offline, thus avoiding any distractions. Indeed, if you're not looking for useful information, you can instruct him to exercise his imagination and make up plausible details where necessary, which you can subsequently use to put him on the spot should you take them more seriously.

It's worth noting that you don't need to know anything about a subject in order to ask for a presentation or a report about it. Indeed, you can take advantage of your husband's greater knowledge, especially regarding submission or crossdressing, should he be more interested in such activities than you. What can a man do or wear in order to feel like a secretary? What would affect him the most? While this book discusses these very subjects, you might have your husband propose possible answers or explain such matters in his own words, sparing you from having to work everything out yourself. If you're just starting out, he might put together a list of clothes, along with costs and where to purchase them, whereas if you're wanting to keep him busy, he might create his own schedule of work, even suggesting further topics to write about - subject to your approval, of course! “Make me a list of secretarially themed report titles that I can use when I decide that I want you to write for me” takes no more than a few seconds to give as an instruction, but the results can keep a sissy secretary occupied for countless hours afterwards!

Even if your husband doesn't know anything about a subject before he starts work on a report or presentation, he will by the time he has finished! That means that you can choose any topic that comes to mind, no matter how obscure, or even request something impossible or contradictory, leaving the details to your secretary to sort out. There's no need for you to check every last word, or indeed, to check anything that he writes at all, although you might make a show of doing so, perhaps picking parts at random and challenging your secretary to justify them. If he can't, then you have a suitable subject for another exercise, if not a pretext for playing with him or punishing him a different way, but you might merely send him away to improve the sections that fail to meet your desired standard, as many times as might amuse! Just as in business, a secretary's report or presentation can develop iteratively, requiring multiple sessions before you deem it finished. If you're feeling particularly wicked, you might even demand changes only to have him undo them when you decide don't want them after all!


Reports aren't the only sort of paperwork that secretaries process, with most businesses having their fair share of bureaucratic forms. Distinguishing between the two can sometimes be difficult, but whereas reports are sometimes written from scratch, forms are much more structured, often requiring whoever might be completing them to follow precise instructions. Even something as apparently straightforward as ticking a box isn't necessary easy, let alone when a form prompts for countless cryptic codes. What is a secretary to do when the space that a form provides is too small for the text that must be entered in it, or else when none of the options it offers are appropriate? Forms can be frustrating, but the system that expects their completion doesn't care - no matter how pointless the form, it needs to be filled in, with consequences if everything isn't absolutely correct!

All this offers plenty of opportunities for secretarial role-play. If you're wanting to give a sissy secretary a greater appreciation for a particular privilege, you might require him to fill in a form applying for permission in advance - permission that you need not grant without him making corrections, assuming you do so at all! Having to explain why he thinks he should be allowed to do things that men would ordinarily take for granted can be very emasculating if your husband is wearing women's clothing as he completes such paperwork, but you can even have him ask for approval for crossdressing - maybe retrospectively! Does he know every last detail about what he's wearing? He might need to if you're not to reject his request, but you can also insist that he provide information about how, when, where and why. The questions that a form asks needn't be relevant, however - it can prompt for things that you want your secretary to memorise, or require him to make humiliating admissions.

Forms can also be used as part of a punishment, whether as a means of showing that he's sorry, or a prelude or postscript to other discipline. Merely putting his signature on a piece of paper acknowledging that he's in the wrong can be powerful, even before your husband considers what he has or hasn't done in more detail. Still more humbling is having to tick boxes about how he will be, is being, or has been corrected, quite apart from writing the details down in words, both adding to his apprehension prior to discipline and his appreciation of it during and afterwards. The slightest mistake might serve as grounds for you increasing the severity of an impending punishment, or for repeating one that has already been delivered, a fact which you can stress when presenting him with the form in order to increase its impact. Alternatively, you might make no mention of paperwork until the time comes to object about its absence, either because you expect your husband to fill the appropriate form in without having to be asked, or simply because you're feeling unfair - after all, he should have known that one was needed!

Few secretaries are offered jobs without formally applying for them. Before being appointed to even the most junior of roles, a man can be asked for all sorts of details, whereas one who already has the privilege of an assistant position can be subject to regular appraisals that require him to provide similar information in advance of an interview. To add realism to such a process, you might avail yourself of application forms for actual secretarial positions, which can be found online and easily adapted to be more provocative. Alongside work experience and career history, such an application form might request particulars that no company ever could, whether to give you insight into your husband's most intimate thoughts, or merely to help him adopt a more submissive state of mind. How would he seek to please you if you employed him? Would he prefer a position under or over your desk? Which is more important, his pleasure or yours? His bra and panty sizes, the dates, times and nature of his last five orgasms, and whether he prefers stockings or pantyhose are all fair game, with any answer or failure to answer capable of being turned to your advantage. Might you be open to him persuading you to offer him the position by less professional means? There's lots of scope for exciting role-play here!

Continuing with this playful theme, you might combine a form with a dictation exercise, telling your secretary exactly which boxes he needs to tick and what he needs to write where. This can be entertaining as part of an assessment, whether of his clothing, his attitude, or the results of another exercise, where he must not only submit to your scrutiny, but simultaneously record the results. Being expected to state how he has fallen short of your expectations will stress his submission, even before you have him complete a section about consequences. It's up to you whether you concoct failings in keeping with your husband's adopted character, or employ such a technique more seriously. To give such proceedings greater authenticity, you might purchase some rubber stamps with which to mark your approval or rejection of what your secretary submits, which can be acquired at a modest cost from stationers if you don't want to have them custom-made. Few things are more humbling for a frustrated man than to have to fill in a form applying for permission for pleasure only for it to be stamped “rejected”, but paper isn't the only thing that such stamps can mark if you're wanting to humiliate a sissy secretary - after checking whether the ink will wash off, they can be applied to his hands, his buttocks or even his forehead!

You don't have to make any forms yourself, but can delegate their creation to your secretary, having him save a template or print blank copies depending on your preference. A submissive man may be very eager to put together paperwork when there's the possibility of a reward for doing so, only to regret his eagerness each and every time he subsequently has to fill it in. If you're looking for inspiration, some examples are provided in this book's appendix. Of course, you can change what a form asks for whenever you feel like it, perhaps rejecting a request because your secretary hasn't used the latest version, even though that doesn't yet exist! Rather than throw away the older one, however, you might instruct him to file it away. A folder full of forms not only makes a wonderful prop if you fancy putting your sissy secretary through a mock interview, appraisal or disciplinary proceedings, but can also be used to humble a man when the file recording his punishments is much thicker than that detailing his privileges! You might leaf through either as a show of authority, perhaps pulling out pages for review, making it vitally important they're correctly filled in!

The association of paper-pushing with secretaries can be put to more purposeful use should you have your husband complete his tax return or other requirements of officialdom while suitably dressed. Despite risking stiff financial penalties for not meeting the deadlines, many men drag their feet when faced with demands they perceive as tedious, time-consuming or mentally taxing, but a secretarial session can provide much needed discipline. If your husband enjoys crossdressing, you might make doing so contingent on him sitting down to work once he's dressed as a secretary, whereas if he's less enamoured by wearing women's clothing, you can tell him that he won't be taking anything off until he's completed what he needs to. Even forms that a man is expected to fill in for his day job can be given this treatment if he absolutely must bring them home with him, adding a little spice to the bureaucracy that so many companies inflict upon their employees. Rather than allowing him to submit the results straight away, however, you might have him recheck them when you're sure he isn't distracted!

Spreadsheets and accounts

It's not just tax returns that require accurate accounts to avoid unwanted consequences - household budgets also benefit from knowing where all the money goes. Although the principle of itemising income and expenditure is simple, the practicalities of accounting for every penny can prove a deterrent to those who don't want to plough through piles of receipts. Fortunately, a sissy secretary can take care of such work, needing only to be given the raw information and instructions on how it should be processed. Whether you're interested in a broad overview of your spending, perhaps by categories such as food, fuel, clothing and entertainment, or want to be able to dive into the data to determine where you might get better value for money, having your secretary take care of the numbers is sure to prove profitable - as well as keeping him usefully busy!

A spreadsheet permits all the necessary details to be collated in one place, whether copied from electronic sources such as online banking, or manually entered from statements. Either way, you needn't concern yourself too much with the process, perhaps leaving even the categories used for classification down to your secretary to decide. As with everything else we consider in this chapter, if you don't like the results, you can simply send him back to redo them, working out what you want along the way. The only extra effort required on your part is to obtain full receipts where possible, a discipline that you should expect your husband to adopt too, so that costs can be split into individual items. Although it's useful to know that so much was spent in the supermarket in a given month, being able to divide the figure into food versus drink, if not meat versus fish versus wine versus beer, is well worth the trouble - especially since you won't need to go to any trouble yourself!

Some companies have no compunction about billing for services that haven't been used, perhaps as a result of long forgotten subscriptions, or even goods that were never received. If only they were as enthusiastic about returning money owed to customers! Paying bills blindly risks being ripped off, as does assuming that refunds will actually be refunded in a timely fashion, if at all. A sissy secretary can be tasked with checking the necessary paperwork, confirming that the details are correct even if you don't let him transfer any money. If your husband lacks financial confidence, you might delegate a single bill to start with, perhaps only having him explain his understanding of it, but it shouldn't be long before he can take responsibility for more. Naturally, discrepancies warrant discipline, regardless of whether your secretary or the other party is to blame, although you might be more playful about punishment if your husband can prove he isn't at fault! Tracking down where an error lies can be surprisingly time-consuming, but short of someone making a mistake, there's no reason why the numbers shouldn't balance exactly - money does not go inexplicably missing! You can encourage diligence by demanding that your secretary remain at his desk, perhaps suffering increasingly uncomfortable indignities, until he can account for everything, or alternatively, add pressure by setting a deadline for him to be done by.

Showing that income equals expenditure plus savings is very satisfying, not least for the secretary who has sweated over a set of accounts, but you don't have to stop there. Once all the necessary numbers have been collected, you might have your secretary use them to make tables or graphs, whether to summarise your financial situation or to illustrate how aspects of it vary over time. If you're wanting to save money, you might ask your secretary to find areas where you could cut back, having him present a list of options for you to consider. You don't need to do so seriously, however much you might give him that impression, although asking speculative questions can sometimes yield unexpectedly profitable results. Indeed, you can even use the accounts to provoke your husband, for instance, by telling him to figure out how much of your lifestyle he could afford if he really were a poorly paid assistant. Where would he economise in order to balance the budget, assuming that he was expected to treat you a certain amount every month? Similarly, a man who has spent money that he shouldn't, if only by snagging his stockings, might be punished by having to find comparable savings, perhaps multiplied by him doing so every week or month over the course of a year.

Money isn't the only thing that you can ask a sissy secretary to account for. Many companies require their employees to complete time sheets, ostensibly so that work can be charged accordingly, but inevitable conflicts between reality and expectations mean that these often become works of fiction - ironically, wasting the very resource they are meant to monitor! You might use a time sheet such as the example in this book's appendix as nothing more than an impossible form, stressing your secretary's submission by making him fill in countless little boxes, complete with made-up codes, before seizing on real or imaginary mistakes. Requiring your husband to think about what he's done over the course of the previous week or month allows time sheets to be used more purposefully, however. What proportion of his time does he devote to himself and his work, rather than to you, and what can he do to make up for the latter being too low because of how often he comes home later than you like?

It may not take very long for a submissive man to chart his climaxes if he's kept denied, but you can still have your husband keep track of his orgasms, as well as your own, if only as a way of frustrating him further. You might set him a target ratio between providing and receiving satisfaction, having him work out exactly what he needs to do, or not do, in order to meet that number. Alternatively, you might instruct him to record how aroused or submissive he feels, whether at the time or retrospectively, together with details of when he has certain desires or engages in particular activities. It's all data that can be fed to a spreadsheet, then analysed to extract patterns. Does his eagerness dip after he's been permitted pleasure? Conversely, are there things that he thinks he hates that are actually good for him? You can extend such scrutiny to include other health matters, such as eating, exercise and sleep, perhaps having your husband avail himself of an appropriate application or electronic assistant to help monitor these. Having the facts to hand will not only help decision-making, but can also give your husband motivation to stick to a plan, backed up by the associations of being your secretary.

Handwriting exercises

So far, we've made the assumption that a sissy secretary will follow the lead of his contemporary counterparts and complete his work using a computer - after all, modern technology is so ubiquitous that it's easy to take it for granted. While you might not want to go to the trouble of sourcing an old-fashioned typewriter so that your husband can experience the difficulties that secretaries used to have to face, such as jamming ribbons and smudging carbon papers, there's a readily available alternative that will make any exercise more time-consuming, not to mention more challenging - pen and paper!

Many of the tasks we've previously considered can be written, rather than typed, just as they were back in the day. Without the luxury of a delete key, let alone copy and paste, reports and transcripts will require rough notes to be made before being written out again in your husband's best handwriting, but this doesn't mean they can't include modern embellishments such as web addresses. Forms can be copied out by hand, perhaps with the aid of a ruler, whereas accounts can be balanced with nothing more than mental arithmetic. With a little creativity on your husband's part, even presentations can be created on paper! As for dictation, there's something very satisfying about having a submissive man scribble down your every word, with the demands of such a task leaving him no time to question whatever you might say. Regardless of what you have him do, however, denying your secretary access to modern technology is likely to be very humbling for him, not least because of highlighting his mistakes. Unless you permit him to use correction fluid, any errors must be crossed out, with a single such blemish providing grounds for having him rewrite a piece of work should you be feeling uncharitable.

Writing lines is a punishment that you might associate more with schools than with offices, but it can nevertheless be a very effective means of having your husband make amends. Similar to punitive typing, having him write lines will not only occupy his time in a humiliatingly tedious manner, but also require him to repeatedly acknowledge whatever words you have given him. You might set him a certain number to complete, perhaps requiring him to fill so many sheets of ruled paper, or alternatively, expect him to write as much as he can before you return to check on him. Over-reliance on technology means that many men's handwriting is not what it should be, even to start with, with fatigue hardly improving the situation, but that's no excuse for illegible scrawl - as a red pen slashed across any substandard lines will swiftly make clear! To address such a weakness, you might have your secretary practise individual letters before moving on to connecting them into words, an exercise that might seem punitive, but will eventually yield the benefit of beautiful cursive. Your husband won't forget who's in charge after writing your name a thousand times, if not words deliberately chosen to provoke him, with his hand remembering the pattern as much as his mind does the meaning.

Continuing this theme, a man who can't add two numbers together without resorting to a calculator can be given sums to complete as an exercise. Again, this is hardly an adult activity, but being expected to perform arithmetic can have a profound effect on a sissy secretary's state of mind, especially if he's impeded by distractions. Even the easiest of mathematics can prove surprisingly challenging when combined with an unforgiving time limit and the prospect of punishment for any errors, with the latter increasingly likely the more you require. There are websites that offer pages of sums, either in a printable or online form, but if you'd rather use something you have to hand, look no further than a pile of old receipts - ideally those with many items, such as from grocery shopping. You need merely tear off the totals from the bottom of the receipts, then instruct your secretary to calculate them again from the other numbers, perhaps after he has copied out the entries onto paper. For multiplication, a telephone directory provides an inexhaustible list of numbers that you can demand the product of, either with a smaller number that you have chosen, or in pairs. You can also use these as the basis for long division or subtraction. No matter how long it takes for your secretary to figure things out by hand, a calculator will make swift work of checking his answers, but you can delegate even this to him, scrutinising one or two at random to keep him honest.


Many secretaries are expected to field telephone calls for their superiors, with some doing little else, their every conversation needing to start with “How may I help you?”. There's even a disparaging term for the smiling women that companies seeking to persuade people to ring often use in their publicity material, “headset hotties” - a stereotype that can be put to provocative use in role-play, but might seem to have rather less potential if you're wanting to keep your husband out of your hair, let alone make his alter ego useful.

Fortunately, no-one need know how a man is dressed when he makes a phone call, such that you can have your secretary ring organisations on your behalf - if not to actually conduct business with them, then at least to navigate the interminable menus that less caring companies insist on putting between their customers and anyone who might actually be able to help. If you're expecting your husband to have to spend a long time on hold, you might set him a task to work on while he waits, but you can equally instruct him to adopt a submissive position until he's finally connected with a representative. Once the company in question stops treating him with contempt, he can simply hand the phone over to you, there being no need for him to explain what he's doing. Nevertheless, a polite “One moment, please, while I pass you to my wife” can hardly be said to be inappropriate, being easily laughed away in the unlikely event that a call centre operative expresses curiosity. Only you and your husband need know how he's acting as your secretary, even if you expect him to wait until you conclude the call so that he can take the phone away again.

Similarly, a man's skirt and blouse can't be seen when he answers the phone. Indeed, unless the other party is in the know, they'll assume that he's joking should he announce himself to be your secretary, with the onus being on him to maintain a tongue-in-cheek impression if you have him field calls from your friends. You might make it a standing rule that your husband answers the phone in this way regardless of whether he's dressed the part, perhaps going so far as to ring him anonymously in order to put him through his paces. “Mrs Masters's secretary, how may I help you?” can be heard as nothing more than a husband expressing a slight frustration at having to answer a call that he anticipates will be for his wife, yet will have a more profound meaning to the man saying it.

Should cold callers make a nuisance of themselves, you can have your husband turn the tables on them by continuing in a similarly professional way. “I'm sorry, but I'm not permitted to make that sort of decision, I'm just a secretary”, he might say when asked whether he's interested in a questionable product or service - a response that is likely to challenge the script of whoever might be hoping to part him from his money, yet can be repeated as many times as might be necessary. “I'm sorry, but I'm unable to put you through to anyone else at this moment”, he might go on - not only infuriating for the cold caller, but stressing his submission too. Wasting the time of such blights on society is something that a sissy secretary can rightly be praised for, with the time that these annoying pests spend talking to him being time that they can't prey on vulnerable people, such that you might encourage your husband to keep them on the line for as long as possible, albeit with him remaining maddeningly polite throughout!

Formal courses

Although many of the tasks we have considered might seem straightforward, if not simple, their successful completion requires more than just a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort, as crucial as that is. As we have seen, even something as mindless as typing lines benefits from knowing how to use a keyboard correctly, whereas a man putting together a presentation or a report needs to be familiar with the appropriate software, not to mention have a solid grasp of spelling and grammar, if he's to produce a professional result. While having your husband figure things out as he goes along may be enough if you're just fooling around, looking at job specifications for real positions will make it clear that employers expect more formal experience, if not actual qualifications, which in turn means that there are courses aimed at aspirants seeking such. Some of these are no more than cynical attempts to extract money from desperate job seekers, and others require more commitment than either you or your husband may be comfortable with, but there nevertheless remain options suitable for anonymous study at no more than a modest cost, if not for free - whether online, or in the more traditional form of a textbook.

Again, you don't need to concern yourself with finding something appropriate, as this can be set as an exercise for your secretary - as, indeed, can considering which subjects he would most benefit from having a better knowledge of. Many of the skills that are essential for secretaries are also advantageous in other professions, such that you might instruct your husband to make himself more desirable as an employee in both your role-play and reality - for example, by improving the software and language skills mentioned in the previous paragraph, which will serve him well even if he never makes any claims about them. Being able to produce a professionally formatted document or presentation, make a spreadsheet spit out the right numbers, or craft an email using flawless language will impress people, if only unconsciously, giving your husband an edge over rivals who can't. Other subjects that are profitable for both businessmen and secretaries include communication skills, time management and foreign languages. Knowing how to deal with difficult people is useful regardless of whether a man is negotiating a deal with an important client or merely answering the telephone as a receptionist, whereas organisation and planning are important no matter how big or small the area of responsibility.

Alternatively, you might have your husband study a subject that is only of relevance to his adopted persona, such as shorthand. Is it likely that he'll ever need to jot down what someone is saying at speed? If the primary purpose of learning such a skill is simply to occupy his time, then it doesn't matter that he won't use it beyond taking dictation as part of your role-play, but that doesn't mean he can't be expected to become proficient nonetheless! You might even insist that he learns about something that has been made obsolete, taking advantage of forgotten books that would otherwise be consigned to the past. Ironically, the same digitisation that makes many of these freely available means that fewer records are stored physically, but even if your secretary never has to retrieve anything from a real archive, he can still learn about old-fashioned filing systems, to name but one possibility. Some such books not only include exercises for the student to test themselves with, but also the corresponding answers, making them ideal if you don't want to study yourself!

Wasting his time

Rather than have your husband do anything useful, you might intentionally make him waste his time with an obviously pointless task, whether as an explicit punishment or on some concocted pretext. A box of paperclips provides several ways of keeping a submissive man busy, especially if it contains different sorts. Although the packaging will give an approximate number, a secretary can be told to provide an exact count of the contents, or alternatively, link them together into one or more chains, which in turn can serve as material for the reverse exercise! If all the paperclips are the same, they can be mixed with a box of different ones, rubber bands, or even push pins - something that will take only a moment of your time, but will require rather longer for a sissy secretary to separate. Should he complete such a humbling task more quickly than you'd like, you need merely give the results a quick shake for him to have to start all over again, something you can do at any stage to stress its inconsequentiality.

Other items suitable for tallying include pieces of paper in a pile and sheets of toilet tissue on a roll, the latter proving even more challenging should you insist that they be rerolled perfectly. Regardless of what you set your secretary to count, you don't need to know the actual number yourself, but can instead remove a smaller, more easily countable number of items before having him repeat the exercise. So long as he doesn't know how many you've taken, he'll be unable to use his earlier answer as anything more than a rough approximation, but you only need to subtract the two in order to check his accuracy. Any discrepancy gives you grounds for dismissing both numbers, or you might use the difference, if not the numbers themselves, as the basis for an alternative punishment,

If office sundries aren't numerous enough for your needs, then consider having your secretary count grains of rice or dried beans, a task that is fiddly enough thanks to their small size without you demanding that they be arranged in neat lines. Counting and arrangement of all kinds can be made more humbling, not to mention more time-consuming, by requiring additional actions between items. You might, for example, scatter paperclips over the floor with the strict instruction that only one may be picked up and returned to a box on the desk at once, requiring your secretary to repeatedly crouch. Alternatively, you might put two boxes at either end of a room, perhaps with one containing smaller paperclips and one containing larger ones, necessitating an endless back and forth between them in order to create or dismantle an alternating chain. Even the most ardent lover of tight skirts or high heels will soon come to hate how they hamper him, without the imposition of further restraints, but you might make such an exercise still harder for your secretary by tying his knees or ankles together. As well as serving as a humiliating punishment, this can be presented as helping a man become more proficient at walking in women's shoes - an essential skill for any secretary, not that many would find themselves so pointlessly occupied in a real office!

If you'd rather your secretary remained sitting at a computer, a folder of images or a collection of emails provides all the material necessary for an infinite number of sorting tasks. These needn't be meaningful, such that you might instruct him to separate files by the number of vowels in their name - a task made even more pointless by the knowledge that the results will never be used. It's easy to have your secretary work on a copy so that he doesn't mess up anything important, and just as easy to delete it afterwards, assuming that you don't decide you want everything arranged differently. To make such work more provocative, you might use suggestive pictures of the sort that we've discussed previously, which have a delicious ambiguity should you ask for them to be ordered by, say, colour of lingerie, despite the task permitting no leeway. Which folder should a woman wearing a mixture of black and white be put in? Your secretary will have to choose if he's not to leave the task uncompleted, but no matter what he does, you've a pretext for telling him that he got it wrong!

What else can a sissy secretary do?

Job descriptions aren't exhaustive, with many secretaries expected to undertake tasks too minor or mundane to be mentioned in a formal list of duties, perhaps ones that fall under a catch-all clause about performing any other work that may from time to time be required. Even if a secretary isn't specifically employed to make the boss's coffee, it can be hard to say no, especially once doing so becomes customary practice. Although working women might only reluctantly humour what has been termed “office housework”, knowing that it does nothing for their career prospects, a submissive man may be more receptive to menial, if not outright demeaning tasks for that very reason. Indeed, you can go much further with a sissy secretary, making requests of him that would be considered completely inappropriate in a professional environment.

While making your coffee may not take more than a few minutes, it still requires your husband to acknowledge your authority. It doesn't matter what else he might be doing, because if his boss wants something, he needs to put everything else to one side until you're satisfied - even if he has previously been set a task with a strict time limit and severe consequences for not meeting it. Would you like your secretary to serve as a human table for your tea and biscuits, or would you rather that he fetched the latter one at a time, repeatedly breaking his concentration as you interrupt his work? Perhaps you'd prefer a shoulder massage or a foot rub to help you relax, or perhaps you simply want him to stand and wait until the cup that he brought you is ready to be taken away again. As your secretary, he must do as you say without protest, juggling his other work accordingly!

Regardless of whether your make-believe office is the study, the bedroom or the lounge, you can still instruct your secretary to tidy it, not only having him pick up anything that might be scattered across the table, chairs and floor, but also requiring him to set to work with a duster and vacuum cleaner. You can frame this as preparing the room for an important meeting if you want to make it part of your role-play, or you can tell your secretary that, as a result of restructuring, his responsibilities have been extended to include those of the cleaner. A sinkful of dirty dishes can become an office kitchen that a sissy secretary must sort out because senior executives selfishly believe that rinsing their own cups is beneath them, whereas the boss's toilet provides a chance for him to show what he's willing to do to keep his job - unless you'd rather pretend that it's a communal one, left in such a state that no self-respecting woman would ever want to use it without first giving everything a good scrub!

You can have lots of fun with such scenarios, even if you don't take them too seriously, but you can also use them to introduce the idea of your husband working as your maid, adding another productive facet to his alter ego. A smart skirt and blouse might not be a woman's first choice of clothing for more strenuous chores, but the inconvenience of such an outfit can add an emasculating excitement to otherwise humdrum housework, or alternatively, be presented as a punishment. Moreover, it isn't the end of the world if your husband gets a bit grubby in the process, however much you might scold him for allowing himself to become even slightly unkempt. After all, his clothes will need to go in the laundry sooner or later anyway, and since he's the one who has dirtied them, perhaps he should take care of their washing and ironing - just like a real secretary would need to do in order to ensure that there's always something clean for work! Once he's proved his proficiency with his own blouses, you might extend your husband's responsibilities to include yours as well, even though few actual assistants would perform such a chore for their superiors!

Suggesting that a secretary might work as the boss's maid might stretch the bounds of plausibility somewhat, as exciting as such a combination of these two quintessentially submissive, yet feminine archetypes might be for some men. So long as you achieve your aims with what you have your husband do, however, it doesn't really matter how unlikely it might be in a real office. We'll return to the subject of realism in the final chapter of this book, seeing how language, among other things, can make any task feel more secretarial, but before that, we'll be considering some rather less professional activities that a sissy secretary might engage in, either as an active or a passive participant!